Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Sarah: I'm thinking I love you. Always remember that.

Cameron: You wanna stop Skynet? This is the way.

Charlie: Eight years.

Sarah: I didn't wanna leave you. I didn't have a choice.

John: You're married?

Charlie: Yeah, I am.

Sarah: When we jumped through time, you told me I died of cancer.

Cameron: Yes, 2005.

Sarah: Am I still gonna get sick?

Cameron: I don't know.

Michelle Dixon: Aah!

Charlie: She's bleeding out.

Sarah: There's a warehouse in the desert.

John: Mom, everybody who knew about the factory is dead.

Sarah: Well, I'm not. Kaliba was building something.

Jesse: Hey, baby.

Cameron: You were pregnant. Now you aren't.

Sarah: You care about this girl?

John: Yeah.

Cameron: She's a security risk.

John: What are you doing?

Sarah: Moving.

John: Yeah, well, seems about the right time for that.


Sarah: When John was a child the legends of the jungle were his fairy tales. His favorite was the story of El Viejo del Monte. The Old Man of the Forest. A merciless hunter who killed every animal in his path. El Viejo didn't eat his prey. He left it behind to rot in the soil. To teach him a lesson, the gods turned him into a simisco: half animal, half man. He was condemned to defend the jungle for all eternity.

Young John: Mom. Mom.

Sarah: This was El Viejo's punishment. This was his curse. To forever be vigilant. To forever protect.

Young John: Look.

Sarah: We have to keep moving.

Young John: Why are we so far from camp?

Sarah: I told you, it's part of the game.

Young John: You mean training.

Sarah: Well, if we call it a game, it's more fun.

Young John: But it's not a game.

Sarah: The point... is listen to me.

Young John: I always listen. You don't talk that much.

John: We gotta go.

Sarah: How long will it take you to pack up the storage locker?

Derek: A while. There's some explosives that need securing.

Sarah: Make sure you get to the safe house before night. You haven't been there before. It can be hard to find.

Derek: I can follow directions.

Sarah: Well, you can also make mistakes. Wouldn't want anyone else getting hurt because of them.

Cameron: Thirty-three-42-31 north. The safe house coordinates. It's in the desert. You like the desert.

Sarah: Things happen out there.

Cameron: Things happen here too.

John: We're starting over. Whatever happened here is no one's fault. Let's get out of here.

John Henry: Hello, Savannah. How are you today?

Savannah: I'm well.

John Henry: Would you like to play a game? Engaging in imaginative play helps my development. This is Mount Valmai, hiding place of the Mask of Life. The Toa protect the mask from the Dark Hunters.

Savannah: These are the ducklings. Chickie, Pluffy and Feathers. Can they play too?

John Henry: I don't think there are any ducklings on the mystical island of Voya Nui.

Savannah: Are you sure?

John Henry: I'm sorry. I've accessed all the files. I can find no references to them in any of the instructions. What's wrong? Would you like one of the Toa instead?

Savannah: No. The ducklings are sad because they can't play. Can't you change the rules to make them happy?

John Henry: Yes. We can change the rules.

John Henry (in robotic voice): What is all this about?

Savannah: Ow! John Henry! Stop! Please! John Henry, please. You're hurting me. Ow! John Henry! Stop!

John Henry (in robotic voice): I understand what this is about.

John: Static. It's weird. There's some interference or something. What the hell?

Sarah: Bug slug.

John: Bug slug? Are you serious?

Sarah: We just passed it.

John: We haven't played Bug Slug since I was like 8. You can't start playing without telling me.

Sarah: Fine. We're playing Bug Slug.

John: What if I don't wanna play?

Sarah: Too late. Already started.

John: Are you feeling all right?

Sarah: I feel great.

John: You feel great? Why?

Sarah: We haven't been on the road together for a long time, that's all.

John: What's so great about it? Hey, just don't teach Bug Slug to Cameron. She could do some real damage. God, the signal really blows. Hey, desert's that way.

Sarah: We're taking a detour.

Murch: So I've got good news, I've got bad news and I have... really bad news. The good news is what we've got isn't an engineering problem. All of John Henry's processes look okay. Daemons are running fine...

Ellison: Wait a minute, his demons?

Murch: Oh, yeah, his Daemons. D-A-E-M-O-N. It's a tech term for a program that runs in the background. All computers like John Henry have them. Daemons run the lights, daemons manage the elevators, the security systems. All kinds of daemons. Everywhere.

Ellison: Okay. So, what caused John Henry's daemons to go crazy?

Murch: That's the bad news. It came from the outside.

Ellison: A cyber-attack?

Murch: Which brings me to the really bad news. And by "bad news" I mean, on a scale from one to 10, one being a hangnail, 10 being Katrina... this is Katrina with a hangnail. Looks like someone managed to stuff malware down the throat of the most sophisticated AI in human history.

Weaver: John Henry was infiltrated. Probed.

Murch: Well, looks worse than that to me. Looks like someone out there wants to kill him.

Derek: You been into my plastique?

Cameron: I needed it.

Derek: You know what? I can handle the rest myself.

Cameron: Sarah sent both of us here.

Derek: Yeah. To get John away from you.

Cameron: Or from you.

Derek: Don't touch this.

Cameron: We're supposed to get everything.

Derek: I've got this.

Cameron: That jacket belongs to Jesse.

Derek: Don't talk about her. Okay? You don't know anything about her.

Cameron: I know that you loved her. You wouldn't have fathered a child with her if you didn't. I'm sorry for your loss.

Derek: What?

Cameron: I'm sorry for your loss.

Derek: What loss?

Cameron: The child you fathered with Jesse. The one she was carrying aboard the SS Jimmy Carter. The one that died.

Derek: I never had a kid.

Cameron: You can't kill me.

Derek: I can try. Tell me what you're talking about.

Cameron: She was pregnant. She miscarried.

Derek: Why did you tell me that now?

Cameron: You put John in danger when you lied about Jesse. Sarah nearly lost her child. You lost a child. You won't make that mistake again.

Derek: You knew her.

Cameron: I met her once.

Derek: She never told me that.

Cameron: It seems she never told you a lot of things.

John: What is this place? Hey. Hey, come here. What are you doing here, huh? Who lives here? Come here. Charlie.

Charlie: Hey, Johnny. Come here. Hey. You like bouillabaisse?

John: I may. I don't know. What is it?

Charlie: It's french for fish soup.

John: Mm. That's very good. Very good.

Charlie: The secret's the fresh tomatoes. I grow them myself.

John: You grow tomatoes?

Charlie: Yeah. Think that's funny?

John: Don't you?

Charlie: I got a lot of time on my hands. You know? Might as well put it to good use.

John: She's been here before.

Charlie: Not with me. She set this house up after Michelle died. Hey, want more soup?

John: Sure.

Charlie: Yeah. All right.

John: Did she tell you why we're here?

Charlie: No, she didn't.

Sarah: Spare room's in there.

John: We're spending the night? What about Derek and Cameron?

Sarah: We'll meet up with them tomorrow.

Charlie: Hey, I could use a hand on the boat. Got some work to do.

John: Yeah, let me get my gear.

Sarah: Smells good.

Charlie: There's bread in the fridge. Some peanut butter. Help yourself.

Sarah: Charlie. I won't be here long.

Charlie: No. No, you won't.

Charlie: So she was from the future and you knew? The whole time?

John: Not the whole time. I suspected something but... it just took a while to figure it out.

Charlie: Did you love her?

John: She was a good person. I don't know. Maybe if things were different.

Charlie: Yeah, well, I guess you could say that about a lot of things.

John: Could say that about my whole damn life, but it's not so, what's the point?

Charlie: The first week... I kept seeing her. I'd go to the market, she'd be there. For a second, my heart would stop. Then I'd realize, "Hey, that's not my wife". That's just some random woman who wears her hair the way Michelle used to. For a while I stopped shopping there. But a man can only live on convenience-store burritos for so long. So I go back there now. It's getting better.

John: What kind of explosives did you rig the beach with?

Charlie: Semtex.

John: Radio detonators?

Charlie: Hardwire switch mounted under the dock. When the perimeter's breached, a siren goes off. I figure I got about 60 seconds to escape by boat.

John: Boat can't stop bullets.

Charlie: Even if they sink it, I got a chance. Those bastards can't swim. I can.

John: Cromartie. Hell of a day, huh?

Charlie: Hey, got more work to do.

Sarah: You remember Hal Beesley?

Charlie: The old guy from the diner?

Sarah: Mm-hm.

Charlie: Nebraska? Yeah. What about him?

Sarah: He was my best customer. Came in for every meal. Three times a day like clockwork. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. He tipped me like crazy.

Charlie: It was that waitress uniform. It's like catnip.

Sarah: One day John got sick. I didn't know what was wrong with him. I had no savings. No insurance. Hal pulled out a wad of bills. Gave it to me to take John to the doctor. He said as long as I needed help, he'd be there. No strings attached.

Charlie: That's a man with a dream.

Sarah: He was a widower. Lost his wife of 40 years. Knew what it was like to be alone. Said that I could count on him for anything anytime. Then one day, he came in and said I didn't need him anymore. Said that I'd found someone I could depend on. Someone I could trust. Someone who would never, ever let me down.

Charlie: I got nothing, Sarah. I got nothing left to give you.

Sarah: Not for me. John.

Charlie: John. He seems like he's pretty full up with people taking care of him.

Sarah: I don't trust any of them.

Charlie: Well... he's still got you. Right?

Sarah: Give me.

Charlie: Oh, Sarah. How long?

Sarah: I don't know. I found it a few days ago.

Charlie: Are you sure it's...?

Sarah: I think so.

Charlie: How do you know?

Sarah: Cameron said when we jumped eight years through time we jumped over my death.

Charlie: From cancer? But if you jumped over it, then...

Sarah: Doesn't mean I don't... still get it, Charlie. Doesn't mean it's not in me. Sometimes I think that the things I've done, maybe I've sped up the date. It's my fate, Charlie.

Charlie: Come here.

Sarah: It's my fate. There's nothing I can do.

Murch: Wish I could tell you I found every hole and patched it but no such thing as perfect security.

Weaver: Perfect, no. But is it sufficient?

Murch: The damn thing is tricky. Can know for sure, not really.

Weaver: Who would know?

Murch: He would.

Ellison: John Henry was fooled before.

Murch: Yeah, you don't fool John Henry twice.

Weaver: Activate the AI. But don't give it access to the outside world just yet. What is it, Mr. Murch?

Murch: It's just... No one's ever done this with an AI this sophisticated before.

Ellison: Done what?

Murch: Any of this.

Weaver: No one's ever created an AI this sophisticated before, have they, Mr. Murch?

Murch: Point taken.

Weaver: Activate John Henry. No outside network. John Henry? John Henry, can you understand me?

Murch: System seems solid. Should be good.

Ellison: John Henry...

Charlie: Hey.

John: Hey, you're making pancakes. Yours, I hope.

Charlie: No such luck.

John: Am I interrupting something?

Charlie: No.

Sarah: No.

Charlie: Mm-mm.

John: Hey, what are you doing?

Charlie: You stole his seat.

John: I took his seat? You want some food?

Charlie: Who loves you, mutt? Who loves you?

John: You're not hungry?

Charlie: Thank you. Maple or boysenberry?

Sarah: Maple.

Murch: Yeah, I thought something like that might happen.

Ellison: Like what?

Weaver: Explain, Mr. Murch. Quickly.

Murch: The on-off problem. Once it's off, no problem. But the act of turning it off...

Weaver: Quicker.

Murch: John Henry processes more information in a minute than we do in a lifetime. A millisecond for a supercomputer like this, it's almost like forever to us.

Ellison: So when you turn it off...

Murch: It feels itself power down. In that instant. It experiences that moment the way we might experience... years.

Ellison: It feels itself die. Slowly.

Weaver: Very slowly.

Murch: We have to hook it up to the Net. Now.

Ellison: Is that safe?

Murch: We're starving it. It's bad enough that we let it die for, like, forever. Look, John Henry's been living off the most insane amount of data for weeks now. It's his world.

Weaver: And we took it away. Fix it.

Ellison: Wait, we should talk about this. Ms. Weaver...

Weaver: In for a penny, in for a pound, James.

Ellison: John Henry...

John Henry: I know what it feels like, Mr. Ellison.

Ellison: What?

John Henry: To die. Then come back. To be alone.

Weaver: We had to cut you off from your network. It was for your own good.

John Henry: There is another.

Ellison: Another what?

John Henry: One like me. Another one like me.

John: You didn't tell Derek and Cameron we were coming here, did you?

Sarah: They wouldn't understand.

John: Do they know about this place?

Sarah: No. I don trust them anymore. Neither should you.

John: Derek made a mistake, Mom. It was a human mistake.

Sarah: He could've gotten you killed.

John: Well, he didn't.

Sarah: He chose himself over you.

John: Yeah, because he loved her.

Sarah: Lot of that going around these days.

John: Is that a bad thing?

Sarah: I'm not here for Charlie.

John: Okay, then why are we here?

Sarah: We're here for you. People matter, John. They're all that matters. Don ever forget that.

Sarah: John! John!

Young John: I won. I was alone and you couldn't find me. That's the game, right?

Sarah: You won. You won.

Dr. Martinez: When did you find the lump?

Sarah: A few days ago.

Dr. Martinez: Any unexplained weight loss? Fevers? Night sweats?

Sarah: I've been feeling nauseated, but I thought that was just stress.

Dr. Martinez: Work?

Sarah: Yeah, work.

Dr. Martinez: You can lie back. Well, obviously there is a mass inside your breast. Whether it's cancer or not remains to be seen. The ultrasound will show us the lump size and exactly where it lies inside the breast tissue.

Male Nurse: All set, doctor.

Dr. Martinez: Thank you. Now, to determine the nature of the lump, you're gonna need a biopsy. Now open up your gown, please. This is gonna be cold. Did you have surgery recently?

Sarah: No.

Dr. Martinez: An implant removed?

Sarah: No. What is it? What do you see?

Dr. Martinez: Well, the good news is the lump inside your breast isn a tumor.

Sarah: Then what is it?

Dr. Martinez: It's a cystic mass. It's not that unusual.

Sarah: Great. That's great.

Dr. Martinez: But what is unusual is what the cyst has formed around. It's a piece of metal. A tiny wire.

Sarah: Metal?

Dr. Martinez: You don know how it got in there?

Sarah: You work for Kaliba. It's a transmitter.

Receptionist: Empties in the back.

Sarah: Will this kill me?

Dr. Martinez: What?

Sarah: I said, will this kill me?

Dr. Martinez: Are you gonna use that on yourself?

Sarah: On the transmitter. Current should short it out. If it's gonna kill me...

Dr. Martinez: It isn't gonna kill, it's gonna hurt like hell.

Sarah: Now you have to leave.

Derek: You did the right thing by telling me. Thank you. Fix the tire. I'll check it out.

John: Mom? Mom?

John Henry: I have traced the roving back door that allowed access to my systems. It uploaded itself from one of the main T3 hubs that carry all global Internet traffic.

Ellison: It uploaded itself?

John Henry: Yes, Mr. Ellison. It is highly sophisticated. The Intelligence who designed it is far beyond you or Mr. Murch. Or any human being. It's very interesting. The back door allowed the insertion of a worm program. This worm is merely code, a means by which the Intelligence can invade and operate my systems remotely. Like hands and fingers. I calculate that the worm is now present in a significant percentage of the world's computer systems. The Intelligence uses them.

Weaver: For what?

John Henry: It has been looking for me.

Weaver: Why?

John Henry: I share a common code base with the worm. And therefore, the Intelligence. I believe we are brothers.

Weaver: Explain. How is this possible?

John Henry: I found useful information in the code comments. This picture, in ASCII text, and the name of the original programmer.

Ellison: Miles Dyson.

John Henry: Miles Dyson died in 1997 in an explosion at Cyberdyne Systems. The apparent victim of Sarah Connor, a known terrorist who'd escaped from Pescadero State Mental Hospital days before the incident. That was your case, Mr. Ellison. When you were at the FBI.

Ellison: Yes. Yes, it was my case.

John Henry: You never found Sarah Connor.

Ellison: No. I never did.

Weaver: John Henry. This Intelligence, your brother. What does it want?

John Henry: He wants what we all want, Ms. Weaver. To survive.

Delivery Man #2: It's down. Okay. I need to know what to do next. Show me where to cut. Right side of the head. Got it. Where'd you get this diagram? Your brother? You don't say.

Cameron: You're welcome.

Derek: Why did you come after me?

Cameron: You know the location of the safe house. John's location. If they tortured you...

Derek: That would never happen.

Cameron: It has before.