Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Weaver: We're developing a human-interactive AI. It'll change the world.

John Henry: Hello, Mr. Ellison. My name's John Henry.

Ellison: You taught it rules, but it's got no ethics.

Jesse: Wanted to talk?

Riley: I don't think I can do this anymore. What if I want out?

Jesse: There is no out.

John: Riley.

Sarah: Tell me about the metal, the symbols.

Alan [over tape]: At the end of the dirt road is a warehouse. No windows. No way to see in or out.

Sarah: Where's the metal?


Kyle: John Connor gave me a picture of you once. I didn't know why at the time. You were young like you are now. I always wondered what you were thinking in that moment. You seemed a little sad. Like you were remembering something long gone. I came across time for you, Sarah. I love you. I always have.

Deputy Simmons: So we got a car full of questions, okay? Who shot her, for one...

Nurse: Deputy..

Simmons: Who'd she shoot?

Nurse: Good luck there. She couldn't even tell me the year.

Kyle: On your feet, soldier.

Simmons: Imagine that. No name. No ID.

Nurse: Look, you just tell Alvin that he's gonna have to wait a bit. She's not going anywhere. Not with her leg like that.

Simmons: You're right. You are very right. She is staying put and so am I.

Nurse: Suit yourself.

Simmons: Yeah.

Kyle: On your feet. Pain can be controlled. Come with me if you wanna live. Gun. Hallway's clear. Go. Go! We need backup. Bullet's still in your leg. We need to get that out. Can't do anything until it's gone. Call him. He can help.

Sarah: No way. I'm not calling John. It's too dangerous.

Kyle: Not John. Him. Call him. Please.

Jesse: You just got here.

Derek: It's an emergency. It's John. His girlfriend tried killing herself in his bathroom. He's taking her to the hospital.

Jesse: That's awful.

Derek: Hospital could be tricky. A lot of questions. I gotta go. I'll keep you posted.

Jesse: And the girl? How's the girl?

Derek: Alive. What's the status?

John: Paramedics got there before she lost too much blood.

Derek: What the hell were you thinking, bringing her to the hospital? Social workers, cops... I can't believe you brought her here.

John: I made the call. Live with it. Hey. Riley Dawson, is she all right?

Dr. D'Costa: That depends. Who are you?

Cameron: John's her boyfriend.

Dr. D'Costa: Have you notified the family?

John: She's in foster care. But I don't think that we should call them. I think something's up. Something bad.

Dr. D'Costa: I see. By law, I have to place her under a 5150 hold for the next 72 hours. CPS sends a caseworker out to evaluate her home situation and make the appropriate judgment. You're gonna need to just stay put until CPS arrives.

Derek: Say it again.

Sarah: Listen to me. There a warehouse in the desert. A man, Alan Park, told me they are building something there. Metal extracted from bricks of coltan. Like them. Like the machines.

Derek: Yeah. What did you see?

Sarah: Doesn't matter. Park is dead, Reese.

Derek: How bad is your leg?

Sarah: There's evidence of me all over the Jeep. All over everything. Burn it. Burn it all.

Derek: I talked to your mom. She found something out in the desert. It sounds like it has something to do with those three dots she's been after.

John: Is it real this time?

Derek: Well, the bullet in her leg sounds real. You stay. I'll go. You made your call. This is what living with it means. She'll be fine.

Kyle: I know that look. He'll push you, doubt you and make you wanna kill him.

Sarah: He's certainly on the list.

Kyle: He's out of his time. He's lost. John's all he's got. John and you.

Sarah: We're all out of our time. We're all lost. And John is all any of us have. You a doctor? I'm a patient.

Felicia: You have a name, right? You can tell me your name.

Sarah: Inside, now. Okay, go. Move. Sit down.

Kyle: Hey. Ease up. You need her. Reassure her.

Sarah: No time for games. I have a bullet in my leg.

Felicia: You need the hospital.

Sarah: Hospital's no good for me.

Felicia: Why? Did you hurt someone?

Sarah: Not today. Not yet.

Kyle: Sarah.

Sarah: No. I didn't hurt anyone.

Felicia: May I?

Sarah: Hurry.

Felicia: Please.

Sarah: Mm.

Felicia: Who hurt you? Today, I mean.

Sarah: That's not your problem.

Kyle: Let her help you. She wants to help you. She's a doctor for a reason. Figure it out.

Sarah: A man. Mm.

Felicia: One man?

Kyle: God, Sarah. What did it do to you?

Sarah: Stabbed me. Trying to hurt me. And make me scream. To get to our son.

Felicia: I'm sorry.

Sarah: What?

Felicia: This man. He's in your life? I'm sorry.

Sarah: We had a fight. It went bad. Really bad. I ran. I can't go to the hospital.

Felicia: Is he a doctor? In law enforcement?

Sarah: He'll find me. He always finds me.

Felicia: What's your name?

Sarah: Sarah. My name is Sarah.

Harrison: Al. Serial number on her gun was filed off. I have no idea where she got it.

Sheriff Alvin McKinley: The gun. Not necessarily her gun.

Harrison: Powder burns. She sure shot it.

Alvin: Standup firefight too, judging by the wound in her leg. Then there's this.

Harrison: Haven't Listened to it yet?

Alvin: She hasn't done anything yet.

Harrison: Hospital. Hello? Oh, hell. She's still got a slug in her thigh. Gonna make it hard to move real quick.

Alvin: Most people can't get that needle out. Let alone break that window or choke out a deputy. She is, as they say, accustomed to her circumstance.

Simmons: Talked to the chief resident. Got a doctor who didn't show for rounds today. Doctor Felicia Burnett.

Alvin: Felicia. All right, get an APB out on her hybrid. Check her house, check every parking lot within a five-mile radius. Our mystery woman's got a problem. She's gotta get that metal out.

Felicia: Okay. There are two things you need to know. First, this is going to hurt. Second, this is really going to hurt. You said you have a son. What's his name?

Sarah: Don't wanna talk about my son.

Felicia: Women have higher pain thresholds than men... especially women who've been through childbirth.

Sarah: This gonna be like that?

Felicia: About like that.

Sarah: John. His name's John.

Felicia: What's he like? Tell me about him.

Sarah: He looks like his father. He's about the same height. But he's got my eyes. And you trust him. There's a strength about him.

Kyle: I'd die for John Connor.

Sarah: I'd die for my son.

Felicia: First big contraction. Breathe.

Riley: Hi.

John: How are you?

Riley: I feel like an idiot.

John: You're not an idiot. You're just...

Riley: It's okay. There's really nothing to say. You're here too?

Cameron: Of course. I'm worried about you.

Riley: Well, don't be. Please. I'm really tired. I've had a long day.

John: Yeah. Long day. Come on.

Kyle: You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive, or I will never exist.

Sarah: What is that? I've heard that before.

Kyle: John's message to you. He made me memorize it before I came back.

Sarah: I'm not strong enough. I'm gonna die.

Kyle: It won't be the first time.

Sarah: Reese!

Felicia: Hey. Hey, hey Who's Reese?

Sarah: Is it out? The bullet?

Felicia: It's not out. I can't get it out. Not here.

Sarah: You're lying.

Felicia: You were out for half an hour. If I were lying you'd be in a hospital, handcuffed to the bed with guards outside the door.

Kyle: She could've given you up anytime. She didn't.

Felicia: The bullet's dug in just over your femoral artery. You know what that is?

Sarah: Yeah, I know what that is.

Felicia: Then you know if I nick it, you'll bleed out and die in less than four minutes.

Sarah: So don't nick it.

Felicia: You gotta trust me here. I need a picture of what is going on inside that leg. I need real instruments.

Sarah: You wanna go back?

Felicia: No, not want. Need. I know what it is to be afraid.

John Henry: Hello, Mr. Ellison. How are you today?

Ellison: I'm fine, thank you, John Henry. Are those toys?

John Henry: Yes. Mr. Murch brought them to me. He thinks these will help me develop fine motor control. They're very interesting. This is Toa Tahu, the Toa of fire. He wears the mask of Shielding and wields the Myranah Ghost Blaster. He is sworn to defeat the Makuta.

Ellison: I see.

John Henry: They have excellent range of motion in their limbs. It's from the ball-and-socket joints. This body uses hinge joints in the knees and elbows. It's less efficient.

Ellison: That body was meant to look like a person. It was made in our image.

John Henry: Oh. Whose image were humans made in?

Ellison: God's. We were made in God's image.

John Henry: This body was made to resemble a particular human. This body appeared in Red Valley, New Mexico, in 1999. It had a different appearance then. In 2007 it kidnapped Dr. Alistair Fleming and forced him to regrow its organic covering. Then it forced a plastic surgeon named Dr. David Lyman to alter its face to resemble actor George Laszlo. Then it killed 20 members of the federal Bureau of Investigation's hostage rescue team in North Hollywood. And then...

Ellison: That's enough... That's enough, John Henry. How do you know all this?

John Henry: I wanted to know about this body's history so I accessed the Internet and used a simple search parameter.

Ellison: And what was that?

John Henry: James Ellison. Mr. Ellison, I have a question.

Ellison: What is it?

John Henry: It's not for you. I have a question for God.

Ellison: What do you wanna ask God?

John Henry: I wish to know why he didn't use more ball-and-socket joints when he made you.

Ellison: You've given John Henry access to the Internet.

Weaver: John Henry has many questions. Mr. Murch thought it'd be a good idea to give him the capacity to look for answers himself.

Ellison: Well, he's gotten very good at it. He'd make a hell of a detective, actually. Still, it seems unwise. Who knows what he'll find or... who may find him.

Weaver: You're worried about outside forces influencing John Henry?

Ellison: I'm worried about what he's going to become. Who's gonna guide him.

Weaver: Why, you are, Mr. Ellison. You.

Simmons: There's a lot of blood in there, some discarded medical equipment. Looks like someone tried to operate. Whoever was in there is long gone.

Felicia: Now what?

Sarah: I don't know. I've never snuck into one before.

Felicia: This is crazy.

Kyle: Sarah.

Sarah: Get the gurney.

John: You know me in the future. What would future me do?

Cameron: You mean about Riley?

John: Yeah. What would future me do right now?

Cameron: Future you has more important things to do.

Jesse: Get your things, love. You're checking out.

Felicia: So this Reese guy you were talking about... he did this to you?

Sarah: No.

Kyle: That's not completely true. If it weren't for me...

Sarah: No. God, no. Reese is John's father. And he's dead.

Felicia: I'm sorry.

Sarah: Look, can we just do this?

Felicia: Okay. Right.

Sarah: Ahh....

Felicia: I'll come right back.

Kyle: Your leg, it's bleeding again.

Sarah: I think it's the bullet. I think it's moving.

Kyle: It is.

Sarah: What did she say? If the artery gets nicked, how long do I have?

Kyle: Four minutes.

Derek: Sarah? Where are you?

Sarah: In the morgue.

Derek: Is that a joke?

Sarah: Not a joke. I need surgery. Long story. The warehouse, did you find it?

Derek: Not yet. First things first.

Sarah: That is the first thing.

Derek: Cleanup is the first thing. We have a situation with you. We have a couple situations, actually.

Sarah: What? Where's John? What's wrong?

Derek: John fine. It's his girlfriend. I think she's turning into a problem.

Sarah: Been a problem.

Derek: Yeah, I know

Sarah: Reese, I... I got a problem with this leg.

Derek: I can tell. You called me. Twice. Sarah, you there? Sarah?

Sarah: Yeah. Yeah, I'm here.

Derek: Don't worry about John.

John Henry: Hello, Ms. Weaver. How are you today?

Weaver: I'm well, thank you, John Henry. Mr. Murch said you asked for me.

John Henry: Do you know Solek? He resides in Karda Nui and idolizes the Toa. He has stated that he's best friends with Takua. You're not human.

Weaver: Excuse me?

John Henry: You're not human. You're made of metal. Not the same metal as I am, but metal.

Weaver: How can you tell?

John Henry: I looked into your eyes. There's nothing there.

Weaver: Have you shared this with anybody? Mr. Murch? Mr. Ellison?

John Henry: No. Should I?

Weaver: No. You should not.

John Henry: This body contains a high percentage of processed tantalum-niobium commonly known as coltan. The coltan in this body came from a mine in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Weaver: That's very likely. I wouldn't know for certain.

John Henry: In the last 26 months Zeira Corp. has obtained control of 7 percent of the world's coltan reserves.

Weaver: Is that so?

John Henry: I have been scanning available sources for the key word "coltan". I detected this audio transmission on an unsecured line.

Man 1: Got a breach, man shot out at Heat and Air.

Man 2: Damn. Breach? Well, you know the drill. Shut the place down.

Man 1: Down? Damn. Hey look, I got 16 tons of coltan.

Man 2: You know the drill, shut it down. I'll call...

Weaver: And you detected that on an unsecured line?

John Henry: During my scan, yes.

Weaver: Well, that was a mistake.

John Henry: Ms. Weaver?

Weaver: Yes?

John Henry: What are you doing?

Weaver: I can't answer that right now. But know this, John Henry: everything I do, I do for you.

Felicia: This thing is an arthroscope. Basically, a camera in a tube. I need to stick it in your leg while I operate. Remember how it felt when I cut you open at the motel?

Sarah: It's gonna be worse?

Felicia: I need to put you under. And I need you to hand over that gun.

Sarah: Hmm.

Kyle: Listen to me. That bullet isn't a joke. It isn't something you can tough through. It's going to kill you, do you understand?

Sarah: I can't stop.

Kyle: You're not one of them.

Felicia: Gun.

Sarah: Listen, lady, you don't...

Felicia: I know. Better than you think. Now give me the gun or I swear on a stack of Bibles, I will let you die. Please. Give me the gun.

Kyle: Don't worry, Sarah. I'm here. I'm watching. I'm always watching.

John: Is everything all right?

Dr. D'Costa: I was about to ask you the same thing. She's missing. We're locking down the hospital and we're searching room by room.

John: I saw empty cargo elevators back there. I'm gonna see if she's hiding. You check the parking lot and exits. We need to find her. Now.

Cameron: No.

John: No, what?

Cameron: No, we don't need to find her.

Riley: Jesse, please.

Jesse: Shut up. Not a word out of you. I found you in that tunnel, I scooped you out and I brought you to paradise. And this is what you do? You're bleeding, love. Let me take a look at that.

Riley: There was this girl at school. She killed herself. John tried to save her, but the machine stopped him. He doesn't like to talk about it.

Jesse: So this... was all for his benefit?

Riley: Can I stay with you?

Jesse: People are gonna be looking for you.

Riley: Just for a little while? An hour?

Jesse: An hour.

Administrator: Careful, it's rented. And make sure you take everything. Tomorrow at this time, it's like we were never here.

Guard: Turn around slowly and keep your hands where we can see them.

Weaver: Do you mind telling me where you keep your demolition materials? The subbasement perhaps? No? I'll find them on my own then.

Alan [over tape]: We come to a stop. At the end of the dirt road is a warehouse. There an office in front. No windows.

Barbara: Can I help you?

Alvin: 9mm discharge, semiauto. All from the same point of origin. That's an execution.

Harrison: The gun we found in the Jeep was a .45.

Alvin: Different gun. But 9 mm matches the round in our girl. And no one on that tape shot back.

Harrison: Who are those people on the tape?

Alvin: Well, someone knows. Course, he's got a .45 caliber hole in him. Ahem. Copy everything we've got. Send it to the FBI, the ATF and every police outfit inside a hundred miles.

Harrison: Where are you gonna be?

Alvin: Out in the desert. Looking for a warehouse at the end of a dirt road.

Harrison: She's covering her tracks?

Alvin: She wouldn't dare come here.

Harrison: Holy hell, Alvin. A second shooter?

Alvin: Could be. Whoever it was, he knows where she's been, knows her condition... and I bet he is looking for this.

Harrison: Right.

Alvin: Go back and secure the office. Call the hospital. Tell them to keep their eyes open for strangers, tell them to steer clear... tell them I'm coming.

Sarah: What kind of tree is that?

Kyle: Apple, I think.

Sarah: No.

Kyle: No, I know this tree. As a child Derek and I ate fruit from it.

Sarah: That's not true. You were never here.

Kyle: I saw an entire orchard on fire once. Skynet flamethrowers. It smelled like apple pie.

Sarah: That's just a story. What are you doing?

Kyle: Derek and I used to leave notes for each other. This tree was our marker. See? I never lie to you. Never.

Sarah: Reese?

Felicia: It's okay, Sarah. You're okay.

Derek: Hey, easy. Easy. I'm here for her.

Felicia: I know why you're here. Stay back, or I swear to God you will regret it.

Derek: You don't wanna do that. You really don't. You even know how to use that thing? It's tough to shoot with the safety on. You wearing body armor? I am.

Felicia: Go away, Alvin.

Alvin: Felicia. Put the gun down.

Felicia: Please go.

Alvin: Felicia, baby... please put the gun down. Felicia. Put the gun down, you crazy *****, or I swear on a stack of Bibles...

Felicia: Alvin. Alvin.

Derek: Sarah. Sarah, we have to go.

Sarah: Reese?

Felicia: Reese? You're Reese?

Derek: Yeah.

Felicia: You're not dead?

Derek: Not yet.

Felicia: Are you the father? John's father?

Sarah: No. No, he's not the father.

Derek: You realize this place is probably locked down. Deputies will be all over us.

Sarah: They'll think I did this. All you have to do is let them.

Felicia: No, that's not right. He pointed the gun at me. He put it up against my head. He wanted to kill me. Wouldn't be the first time. Go. Sarah. Was anything you said the truth?

Sarah: I got shot. I wanna explain. About John. About your brother.

Derek: I don't need an explanation. Sarah. What the hell is that?

Sarah: That's where the warehouse is.