Derek: 217, yeah, I'm here. Where are you? You're hunting it? How do you
know it's not hunting you? Hello? Hello? Sarah? You're breaking up. Hello?
Whoa, hey, easy, easy, easy. Sarah Connor sent me, okay? I'm here to help.

Lauren: Sorry. I thought...

Derek: I know what you thought. You'd be dead already. All right. How
far along?

Lauren: Thirty-four weeks.

Derek: Okay. All right. Looks like a through-and-through. Caught her lung.

Lauren: I know, I need to put the tube in.

Derek: Look, you... Just hold her still. You stay still also.

Lauren: I'm fine, okay? I'm fine.

Derek: Okay, ready? There you go. You wanna tell me what happened?

Lauren: That thing. The cyborg. It's been tracking us for six months.

Derek: How'd it find you? How do you know Sarah? Hey.

Anne: Lauren, we don't live in a barn. We close the door and we wipe
our feet.

Cameron: They're alive.

Sarah: Are you the Fields?

David: Lauren, go to your room and lock the door. What do you want?

Sarah: I'm here to help. Are you the Fields?

David: Anne, call 911.

Sarah: No, no police. Go get the girl back. I need to get you out. Someone
is coming. I'm not here to rob you.

David: Then put down the gun.

Sarah: You don't understand. You're in danger. We need to go. Just stand
there. We had a hit of a name on the list. Alpine Fields, it's a family.
Everything's under control. We might be late. Can you handle dinner? John,
just put the alarm on. Teenagers, huh?

Lauren: Don't move.

David: Put the gun down. Who are you? What are you doing here? Tell me
the truth.

Sarah: The truth? In the near future, a computer system called Skynet
takes over the world. It sends humanoid machines back in time to
eliminate anyone who's a threat. I have a target list. Your name is on
it. A machine is coming to kill you. It found your house in the city,
now it's coming here. Your house sitter's dead, by the way.

David: Call the police. Tell them there's a crazy woman in the house
with a gun. You. Stand over here with her.

Sarah: Hey, we're going, now. Now.

Lauren: What about Charles Barkley? Sarah and Cameron: No.

Anne: Why would you keep a gun in the house?

David: Maybe for a situation like this. Or a bear.

Cameron: This wouldn't work in a situation like this.

Anne: Why didn't you tell me?

Cameron: Or a bear.

David: Because I knew you'd react like this and this is not helping.

Anne: Does your son know you kidnap people?

Sarah: Yes.

Anne: Then you know he'll be prone to delinquency himself.

Lauren: Mom, I think it's obvious she's well beyond Dr. Phil.

Sarah: Hey, you know, this is none of your business.

Cameron: Sarah.

Lauren: Come on. Come on, Dad. Let's go.

Sarah: Out. Get back to the cabin, now.

David: Let's go.

Sarah: Run!

David: I'm coming, I'm behind you.

Derek: I'm sorry. You should keep that covered.

Lauren: It's a Saint Jude's medal. It's my grandmother's.

Derek: It's a target.

Lauren: Where'd you get it?

Derek: One of them.

Lauren: Oh. Do I wanna know?

Derek: Not really.

Lauren: You sound so used to all this.

Derek: You don't get used to it. You live through it.

Anne: You sound like David.

Lauren: We were outside a motel in Eiko when it found us. Dad emptied
the Mossberg into that thing. And then he went after it with a table
lamp and a curtain rod. Just long enough for us to get out. She told
us to call if it came back.

Anne: Do you think David could be all right?

Derek: Anything's possible.

Lauren: What?

Derek: Nothing, I just know that look.

[Serrano Point resistance base - 2027]

Derek: Your plan sucks. You can't use metal for this.

Perry: Look, they hit Eagle Rock Bunker with a bioweapon that killed
everybody inside. Only one person survived out of 200. Now, we need her
back here alive. Metal's immune to disease, so we're sending a metal...

Derek: Tin cans are immune to disease, but not immune to going bad
and putting a bullet in the skull of the person who could save us from
this plague. I'll find the survivor. I'll bring her back. Just hope
like hell she can help us.

Perry: Once exposed, there's no way to know how long you've got.
Could be four hours till the symptoms hit, 20 before the bug kills you.
This could be a one-way trip.

Derek: We're all one-way trips.

Perry: He's not out there, you know. Your brother Kyle. He's gone, Reese.
Now, either you learn to live with that... or die from it.

Lauren: She's sleeping now.

Derek: So you wanna tell me how it found you? It's best if I know.

Lauren: It was my fault. I used the phone. I called a friend. Roger.
I guess... I needed to feel normal, you know? Like a person.

Derek: So you broke the rules.

Lauren: Yeah. And rule number one is: there is no normal.

[Six months earlier]

David: Down, down, down.

Lauren: I think I messed up my ankle.

David: What the hell was that?

Sarah: The thing from the future I mentioned.

Anne: We need to get him to a hospital. We need to call the police.

Sarah: No. You call the police, police come, that thing kills them. I
need tape.

Anne: We have to get out of here. Your car's outside. We can just take
your car.

Sarah: The road's blocked. It's out there. We won't be going that
way. Is there another road out of here?

David: No. Schafer's got a road, but it's a mile through the woods,
and I don't think he's there.

Anne: Oh, God.

Sarah: Can you stand?

David: Barely. Leave me. Head for Schafer's place. See if you can get
down that way.

Anne: David, we're a mess. We can't run a mile through the woods.

Sarah: No one gets left behind.

Anne: What about your daughter?

Sarah: She's not my daughter. She's one of them from the future.

Lauren: No freaking way.

Sarah: She's on our side. I need to know which one of you that thing
is after.

David: What do you mean which one?

Sarah: That thing wants one of you dead. I need to know why. Either of
you deal with computers, technology, the military, anything like that?

David: I'm a banker. She's a housewife. She's nothing.

Lauren: Hey.

David: You know what I mean.

Anne: It's a mistake. We're normal people. Here, do you want your Oxy,

David: I have a bulging disc. L4. Look... we don't know what we did,
all right? We can't help you. I'm sorry.

Sarah: What's this door handle made of?

David: It's oil-rubbed copper. Why?

Lauren: I wanted to see if I could help.

Sarah: You can look for flashlights.

Lauren: What are you gonna do?

Sarah: I'm gonna set a trap. Do you have any hole-saw bits? A metal
cylinder with teeth?

Lauren: Like for making holes for birdhouses?

Sarah: I don't know. I don't make birdhouses.

Lauren: Me and my dad have made a million. We are still waiting for
our first bird family to move in. That sounds so lame, right?

Sarah: Why would that sound lame?

Lauren: Because you're running around with guns, fighting robots.

Sarah: Cybernetic organisms. The outside is very real.

Lauren: You're fighting cyborgs, and we're building birdhouses.

Sarah: I'd trade for birdhouses any time.

Lauren: What's it like? I mean... doing what you do. It must be....

Sarah: Why'd you come out here? You stand there like you're gonna tell
me a secret, but you don't. My son does that.

Lauren: You really do this? With a kid?

Sarah: He's why I do this. Is that it?

Lauren: It's my dad. There's something he's not telling you.

Sarah: Syndyne. Tell me about it. Syndyne Cybernetics, the company
you've been working with.

Anne: Cybernetics? What are you talking about? David?

Sarah: Computers, cyborgs, the future. Your husband's been holding out.

David: Okay, yeah, the tech company is one of my clients.

Lauren: These are the e-mails.

Sarah: This is what I asked for. Why didn't you tell me?

David: It's just business. It doesn't have anything to do with robots.

Lauren: Cyborgs.

Sarah: What were you doing?

David: Business. Banking. Why do you need to know?

Sarah: Because I'm not here just to be nice and help your nice family.
I'm trying to stop the end of the world from happening and save my family.
So I need to know what Skynet's doing and why they'd want you dead.

Anne: Why don't you just tell her, David?

David: Because it's not exactly legal, okay?

Anne: Why didn't you tell me, David?

David: What part of "secret" and "illegal" do you not understand?

Anne: So this was an actual crime?

David: And what are you doing on my computer?

Lauren: Looking at lesbian porn. What's the difference?

Lauren: You're gay?

Anne: Lauren?

Lauren: God, people, no. Thanks for knowing me.

Anne: Well, I'm sorry, but apparently your father is some sort of
criminal mastermind.

David: Anne, you have no idea what it...

Anne: Is any of this real?

Sarah: Quiet! This is very real.

David: What is it? Is something happening?

Sarah: They're hunting.

David: Hunting what?

Sarah: Each other.

Anne: So are we safe?

Lauren: No one is ever safe. I'm sorry. I need some air.

Derek: You know how to use this? If you do, take it. If you don't,
leave it. You don't go outside without it.

[Eagle Rock bunker - 2027]

Derek: Hello? Hello? Oh, jeez.

Woman: Excuse me. Your fly's open.

Derek: Sorry. This keeps reopening. You need to lie still.

Anne: Where is she? Where is Lauren?

Derek: She went out for some air.

Anne: And you let her? With that thing out there?

Derek: Your kid will be fine.

Anne: Lauren? She hasn't been a kid for months.

Derek: It's easy to think, and it's easy to say. It's not always so.

Anne: What do you know about it?

Derek: I know she's protecting you. I know that story she told me
about calling that Roger guy was crap. She's too smart to call anybody.
But somebody called Roger. And I'm guessing it was you. Kids can adapt
to all this. It's harder for adults.

David: Is it necessary to destroy the entire house completely?

Anne: David, you got us into this. Let her do her job.

Lauren: What can I do?

Sarah: In the bag, give me the black tape.

David: And you never asked where the money came from.

Anne: I assumed you were earning it.

David: Now what?

Anne: I'm going to the bathroom. Is that okay?

Lauren: What'll that do?

Sarah: There's a chip in their head. The shock will trigger a reboot.
If one of them touches this door handle, we have two minutes to get the
chip out.

Lauren: Does that work?

Sarah: I've only tried it on the girl. And, no, it doesn't always work.

David: So, what guarantees he comes through the front door?

Sarah: They always come through the front door.

Anne: I didn't know the lights worked.

Sarah: I switched the breakers back. Who you calling?

Anne: No one. Sorry. I'm just checking the phone line. I'm scared.

Sarah: Hawaii?

Anne: Yes. Are you married to your son's...?

Sarah: No. Barely knew him.

Anne: Lucky you. You think you're getting this, then you realize you
got that.

Sarah: Don't worry about the past.

Anne: It's easy for you to say. I'm not like you. I'm just normal.

Sarah: I was normal. All this I had to learn.

Anne: I thought crisis was supposed to bring a family closer.

Sarah: Don't confuse close with happy.

Lauren: Hey, I see something. I saw something. I think someone's coming.
It's not her. It's a man. I think it's Mr. Schafer.

Sarah: Who?

David: It's Roger from the next property over.

Anne: It's okay. We know him.

Sarah: These things can look like anyone. Friends, neighbors.

David: I told Roger we were camping this weekend.

Lauren: Charles!

Sarah: Dogs can smell these things.

Anne: No, it's him.

David: What would he be doing?

Anne: That's him.

David: How could you know?

Anne: The shock will kill him.

Sarah: Wait.

David: Anne, you don't know...

Roger: Hey, Annie.

Anne: Roger, get inside! He's coming to see me, okay?

Lauren: She never goes camping. She keeps the home fires going.

David: With Roger?

Anne: Don't confuse close with happy.

Anne: I know it was stupid... but I needed... to let him know...
and now he's dead. And David is dead. I know he is. I had no idea
what happy was. It's funny, the things you say to yourself. "Oh, I've
seen worse". "It'll be fine". "Can't happen to me". But the worst is
always out there, isn't it? And it can happen to you, and it isn't fun.
Even after everything, she's still trying to cover for me. Protect my
dignity, I guess.

Derek: She needs it to be normal. She needs it to be good... or seem
that way. All right. I'm done. No more talking, okay? It's gonna get
your heart rate up. It's not good.

Anne: Doesn't matter. Lauren matters and this baby matters. They're all
that's gonna be left of me after this is over. A mother knows.

Jesse: You the one? Who sent the signal?

Derek: No.

Jesse: My shore party picked up a coded SOS about 45 ticks back. Sent me
to fossick around.

Derek: What's that in English?

Jesse: Means someone's still alive inside. Probably a civilian. Probably
hiding. Radio room, I'm guessing.

Derek: I didn't go in that far. What'd you say about a shore party?

Jesse: Been making troop and supply runs back and forth from Perth
for months. Seawolf sub. The Jimmy Carter.

Derek: You've got a nuclear sub? Who drives it?

Jesse: Not who. What. We got a scrubbed Trip-8 for a captain.

Derek: You've got metal running a sub. Huh.

Jesse: Well, you find me a sub commander who survived J-day, I'll switch
him in. Have a little faith, mate. She'll be apples. Means we'll be
all right.

Derek You believe that?

Jesse: Sure as my mother loves me.

Derek: My mother's dead. Here.

Jesse: Gas?

Derek: Bugs.

Jesse: This gonna work?

Derek: Probably not. Come on, come on.

Lauren: We need to get her to a hospital.

Anne: This isn't like last time.

Derek: It's not gonna happen.

Lauren: She needs a doctor. A real doctor.

Derek: She needs you to keep it together.

Lauren: Oh, yeah? Who put you in charge?

Derek: You did, just now. Until Sarah Connor comes through that door,
the safest place in the whole damn world is here.

Lauren: They can't kill it. They couldn't kill it before, they can't now.

Anne: Baby. Baby, I'm sorry.

David: When did this whole affair thing start?

Anne: You wanna talk about this now?

David: Was it last summer when I couldn't travel because of my back

Anne: You have a bulging disc from sleeping on your stomach.

David: I slipped and fell.

Anne: You have a weak core.

David: Well, at least my core isn't a slut.

Anne: Hophead.

David: *****!

Roger: Hey. That is your wife.

David: Hey, don't you...

Roger: Hey.

David: Hey. Damn It.

Sarah: Fuses are fried. Not sure I can get the power rerouted.

Roger: And who is this, again?

Lauren: Sarah. She saved our lives.

Roger: From the guy who looks like a guy but is a robot?

Anne: It's real, Roger.

Roger: A real man, maybe. But, Anne, robots?

David: The correct term is "cyborg".

Sarah: Roger? Did you drive here?

Roger: No, but I got the 540 at my place. A mile away, and we're out
of here.

David: In our condition with that thing out there, we'll never make it.

Roger: Fine, David. I'll carry you.

Sarah: Huh, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Roger: Oh, right, right. Cyborgs. Anne, look at me. She's a crazy woman.
The guy in the woods is probably her meth-head boyfriend or something.
This is what we're gonna do. Come to my place. We'll head into town, get
everyone fixed up... and then we'll talk all this through like adults.
What the hell is that?

Anne: It's one of those things.

Roger: Is it dead?

Anne: I hope not. This is a good one. Is she?

Sarah: I don't think so.

Lauren: Can you turn her back on? It's coming !

Anne: Roger. Roger! David, what are you doing?

David: I'm the one it wants. Somebody's gotta do something.

Sarah: I can't let you do that.

David: Lady, I don't give a damn about Skynet, or whatever the hell
it is you're selling. I'm trying to save my family. So let me go out
there and do it, or I'll do it right here.

Lauren: Daddy.

David: I'm sorry. For everything. Hey. I'm David fields, the one
you want. Take me. Leave my family. That's right. Do me a favor.

Sarah: It's not him. It's after one of you. Someone's not telling
me something. I can't help you both run. Anne?

Anne: David doesn't know. It's not his.

Sarah: You're pregnant? Go. Stay in here. Don't make a sound. I'm
gonna help your mom get to Roger's car.

Anne: Wait. No, you can't.

Sarah: It's after you. She'll be safe here.

Lauren: Mom, I get it. I'll be okay.

Sarah: You sure?

Lauren: I mean, I'd rather be making birdhouses.

Sarah: Me too. Okay, Anne. Let's go.

Anne: I did this to you. I'm sorry.

Lauren: What is this about?

Derek: You wanna know what this is about? This is about your mother
and your baby sister... and they need you right now.

Lauren: My baby sister? What?.. How do you?.. Oh, God. You're from
the future.

Derek: Your sister's name is Sydney... and I knew her.

Sydney: Those gas masks, they won't help. You're already infected.

Derek: Sun's up. We can't move out till night. That's when the tin
cans switch to infrared. Guess we'll just have to sit it out and wait.

Jesse: When we get to Serrano Point, they can cure this thing?

Derek: Let's just get to Serrano first.

Sydney: What is this?

Jesse: Plumpy'nut. Peanut butter mixed with baby formula and vitamin
powder. Slept on top of a pallet of it on the trip over from Perth.

Derek: You guys are growing food again?

Jesse: Yeah. Beats chasing rabbits.

Derek: Rabbits? Thought Australia was all wombats and wallabies and

Jesse: No. Some whacker brought them over in the 1800s. We've been
overrun with them ever since. Tried everything to kill the things.
Trapped them, shot them, poisoned them. Built a fence across half
the country to keep them out. In the 1950s, they even introduced a
virus to wipe them out forever. Killed most of them, but a couple were
immune... so 10 years later, Oz was up to its eyeballs in rabbits again.
Tough little bastards. That's why you have to cook them longer. Can you
pass me your water? I'm parched.

Derek: Let's go.

Jesse: In broad daylight? Just because you're death-crazy doesn't mean
we've enlisted.

Sydney: It starts with a dry mouth. And then the sweats. Then the
fever and shaking starts. And then your lungs fill up with fluid,
and then you die. You don't have much time. It's coming.

Derek: Let's go.

Anne: So you're... from the future, like them? Like those machines?

Derek: Yeah. Yeah, like them.

Derek: And in the future, you know my baby. So does that mean she
makes it?

Derek: Your daughter Sydney has an immunity in her blood. She helps us
cure a deadly disease. She saves a lot of lives.

Anne: Sydney. And Lauren? Does she save her too?

Cameron: He's human?

Lauren: Yes, of course.

Cameron: My mistake.

David: Come on. Come on, get in. Go around, go around.

Lauren: She's fully dilated.

Anne: You have to do this, baby. You have to do this.

Lauren: My sister's coming.

Jesse: You know what Oscar Wilde's last words were? "Either the wallpaper
goes, or I do".

Derek: I thought it'd be over by now.

Jesse: You're ready for it.

Derek: No. No, I'm not.

Jesse: Then what were you doing when I found you outside Eagle Rock?

Derek: I think... I was waiting for you.

Lauren: Thank you for saving my sister.

Derek: I've been where you are. There are days when you don't think
you can go on, but you will... because she needs you to. We all do.

Lauren: But even if they kill that thing, there's more, aren't there?
Does it ever end?

Derek: I don't know. We're trying. Come stay with us.

Lauren: I don't know.

Derek: Think about it.

Lauren: I have to do this.

Lauren: Did you get it? I mean, when this happened to you... how long
until you knew everything was gonna be different?

Sarah: Right away.

Lauren: I don't know if they get it.

Sarah: They'll need your help.

Lauren: They always have.

Derek: Sarah. Hey. Yeah, I'm still here. Did you get the Triple-8? Are
you sure? Yeah, that does sound pretty sure. Um... Baby's fine.
Girl's a tough kid. I told her she could come stay with us. Well, it
can't get much worse, can it? Yeah. Yeah, call me when you get back.
Lauren, I...