Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Weaver: What is it you wanted to show me

Ellison: We need to learn how they work. How to fight them.

Weaver: We're developing a human-interactive AI. The name is Babylon.
It's going to change the world.

Sarah: Dr. Boyd Sherman.

John: He's on that wall for a reason.

Dr. Sherman: Guess I'm still fuzzy as to why you called me here.

Weaver: AI needs to be trained.

Sarah: You care about this girl

John: Yeah.

Sarah: Then leave her alone.

John: You're pissed off because I found someone I like spending time with...
and it's not you.

Derek: Jesse.

Jesse: Hey, baby.

Sarah: What does this mean to you? I keep seeing it in my dreams, John.
It means something.


Cameron: Go back to bed.

Derek: Hi.

Hotel worker: Hey.

Derek: Keep it running. We'll be back.

Hotel worker: You got it. Sweet.

Derek: Right place?

Sarah: Right place.

Derek: Should've brought John?

Sarah: Don't need to know much about computers to know how to do this.
Get the ones over there.

John: It's the same as the rest. It's vaporware.

Sarah: There's nothing there?

John: I didn't say that. It's a design for an AI. Built to handle big
problems. But you need a server farm to run it, and they've got zip.
Less than zip, after you lobotomized their desktops.

Sarah: But they have a design.

John: It's like those articles about how terrorists have the plans for
nuclear bombs... and all they're missing is the plutonium.

Derek: It's another dead end. You're chasing phantoms and smudges on a
wall. Again.

Sarah: Artificial intelligence. The company logo. The three dots...

Derek: Are fingerprints left by that poor bastard while he was
bleeding out in the basement. That's all. It's just blood.

Sarah: Everything on that wall has meant something. It's all blood.

Cameron: Cromartie's body is not in Ellison's yard.

Derek: Nobody's saying to stop looking. But this, it's not the Turk.

John: You've been looking really hard, Mom. Maybe too hard.

Sarah: Hey, if you're gonna start in too, don't, okay?

John: Morning.

Sarah: Morning to you.

John: Well, I did some digging on the drives. Dakara Systems is
hunting for start-up money. They need investors for the server
farm they're gonna build. Big investors. I made you an appointment.
Here's your cover.

Sarah: I'm a rich divorcée looking to put my money into tech start-ups.

John: That's right. I also made you a cheat sheet so you wouldn't sound
like a total moron when you're asking about neural networks and emergent

Sarah: I have no idea what you just said.

John: Yeah, that's my point.

Sarah: Were you up all night doing this?

John: Dakara Systems is a start-up. Okay. So was Cyberdyne, once.
Andy Goode was building a chess program. Barbara Chamberlain was trying
to solve a traffic problem. It always starts small.

Derek: You've got 30 seconds. Go.

Jesse: Funny Derek.

Derek: Twenty-five. I'm not joking.

Jesse: I was sent back to find him.

Derek: You could have told me.

Jesse: You could have told me you were living with him. With her. It.
Metal. He wasn't talking to anyone anymore. Just her. He's making
questionable decisions, getting people killed. Good people.

Derek: Ten seconds.

Jesse: She's taken over. It's sick, is what it is. Imagine if he spends
the next 20 years with her. Imagine what he'll become. What she'll turn
him into. Just try. I'm here to stop her. I'm here to save him.

Derek: I've gotta think about this.

Jesse: What the hell are you doing here? Why'd Connor send you back?

Derek: I love you... but don't push it.

Police officer: 10-97, Dispatch. We're at Zeira Corp.

Detective: James Ellison. Been a long time. Heard you lost some weight.

Ellison: Yeah, well, too much iron in your diet's not good. What you got?

Detective: Heat wave blew a transformer on Sunday, blacked out half of
downtown. Single guy, working the weekend... spent eight hours in a sealed
room, no a.c., no ventilation. Heated up until it easy-baked him to death.
Not a happy ending.

Weaver: His name is Dr. Boyd Sherman. He was a consultant on a project
here. He worked downstairs.

Ellison: Downstairs. The basement?

Weaver: We call the project Babylon. It's a sophisticated computer
program. An artificial intelligence. During the blackout, the AI reserved
generator power for itself... and in doing so, shut down the building's
other systems.

Ellison: This AI, it has control over the building?

Weaver: You make it sound like a monster movie. The facility and the AI
are interconnected only to the extent that the AI needs the facility's
resources to help it grow.

Ellison: And does growing... involve allowing the agonizing death of an
otherwise-healthy man?

Weaver: I don't know what its intentions were.

Ellison: Intentions? Now it does sound like a monster movie.

Weaver: Which is why we need to find out.

Alex: Thank you, colonel.

Colonel: Good to see you.

Alex: Sarah Gale? Alex Akagi. Welcome to Dakara. You'll have to bear with
us. We had a break-in last night. They took our drives. Industrial
espionage, for sure. There's a lot of money in AI. A lot of money.

Sarah: Aren't you worried they've got your software now? That they'll
pass it off as their own?

Xander: No.

Alex: My son built security measures into the code. Anyone tries to use
the system, it'll attack.

Cameron: Is that why the Air force wants it?

Alex: Air force has been interested... in AI applications for a long time,
as far back as the '80s.

Sarah: Strange you call the '80s "far back".

Alex: I know, isn't it? You a music fan? That's how I mark the decade. For
me, the '80s will always be Duran Duran.

Sarah: Duran Duran. I loved Duran Duran. We used to go dancing. I miss
dancing. We'd dress up.

Alex: Headband? Big hair?

Cameron: It's the hardest thing to get right. Hair.

Alex: Right.

Sarah: So. The Air force.

Alex: Spreading money all over. R&D, industry cofinancing, prizes.

Xander: I call her Emma. My AI. Her name is Emma. Like my mom.

Alex: He never knew her.

Xander: She died in a car crash in 1984.

Alex: Coffee always helps me think better. You?

Sarah: Always.

Cameron: Do you like chess?

Alex: I don't pretend to know what goes on in that big brain. He operates
in realms that you and I can't imagine. He just has trouble with this one.

Sarah: He needs you. I bet sometimes it feels like he always will.

Alex: You have any kids?

Sarah: Just one. Just my son.

Alex: Also challenging?

Sarah: Yeah. In his own way.

Alex: Well, then you get it. We'd do anything for our kids. Throw our
lives out the window if we had to.

Sarah: Tell me what you need.

Alex: Well, last night, I would have said 100,000 and a little patience.
This morning, I need 10 times that and a miracle.

Sarah: That's a hell of a morning.

Alex: Xander's design is so good.

Sarah: How much time do you have?

Alex: Two weeks.

Sarah: You need more than I have, Mr. Akagi.

Alex: Call me Alex.

Sarah: Sorry, Alex.

Alex: Well, I'm sorry too, Ms. Gale.

Sarah: Call me Sarah.

Aaron: Hey! Ha! Rawr.

John: Hi. I'm looking for Riley.

Aaron: Yeah, sure. You must be John. Kay, this is John.

Kay: Hi, John. Come in. Riley's upstairs.

John: So your foster parents. Not really what I imagined.

Riley: Yeah, they're nice. They're too nice. They're aliens. You see those
kids down there? They're not theirs. They're just losers and castoffs and
rejects. They run a loser camp here. So, what about my posters? What's your

John: Uh, I don't know. I like Yosemite. I've been there. With my mom.
What about you? I'm gonna guess the bear. You seem like a bear person.

Riley: It's not a poster of a bear. It's a poster of a fish being caught
by a bear. Just swiped out of the water, totally at random. Do the other
fish even care? Do they even notice? No. They just keep swimming like
nothing happened. Because nothing important did.

John: You know what? I think I'm gonna go.

Riley: No. No. Stay. I mean, you came here for a reason, right? Stay.

John: Back in Mexico, I promised to explain everything. The truth. But
the truth is there's nothing I can explain. Nothing I can say.

Riley: You don't have to say anything, John. It's okay. You can just sit
here with me. I'd like that.

John: I'm sorry.

Sarah: Okay, we've got three dots, an AI with a name and a strong sense
of self-preservation, plus the United States Air force. What does this add
up to for you?

Cameron: Not the Turk. Xander doesn't play chess. He prefers Go. It's a
game. The Chinese invented it 5000 years ago. Xander said it's been
calculated there are more possible Go games than atoms in the universe.
He's offered to teach me how to play.

Sarah: Did he offer to tell you about his AI?

Cameron: It's not the Turk. I told you, Xander doesn't play chess.

Sarah: But it could be a piece of the puzzle. We've seen that before.

Cameron: Strange things happen at the one-two point. It's a Go proverb.
It means the usual rules don't always apply.

Sarah: It's always the same rules. They always apply.

Cameron: Dakara has no money. They'll miss the Air force's deadline.

Sarah: They'll find the money. Everything they need. Every penny.
They'll get their miracle.

Cameron: How do you know?

Sarah: I know because it's written in blood on my basement wall.

Jesse: Cute top. You wanted to talk? You look tired. You sleeping enough?

Riley: He came to visit me today... and I thought he was gonna tell me
everything. I think that's what he wanted to do. And then... nothing
happened. He just left. Something's wrong. Off balance.

Jesse: Steady him. He's reaching out.

Riley: He ran away from me.

Jesse: He's a boy.

Riley: There's a lot of mirrors in this world. Did you notice that? I
don't think I can do this anymore.

Jesse: I'm sorry. It's not easy. I understand. Maybe you even have some
real feelings for him. Who wouldn't? He's John Connor. There's a reason
people follow him all over hell.

Riley: Well, what if I want out?

Jesse: How would you do that? Where would you go? There is no out. You
can do this. You have to do this.

Derek: Take a look at this. You see them? The three dots. On the belt.

John: If you're gonna talk about my mother when she's not here...

Derek: I'm talking about the three dots on this belt. I'm seeing them
everywhere now. It's got me thinking how crazy this can make you. Seeing
things in every corner, on every wall. Pretty soon... you forget what it
was you were looking for in a first place. All of us. Everyone.

John: I remember. I always remember.

Derek: Do you? Are you sure?

John: Derek, what the hell?

Derek: Nothing. I just need to know that you're seeing clearly. I need
to know someone is, but especially you.

Alex: How old did you say your son was?

Sarah: I didn't, but he's 16.

Alex: Guess we had our kids at about the same age. Had mine when I was
21. You?

Sarah: Nineteen.

Alex: Nineteen. My wife, Emma, was 19 when we first met. It was the debut
performance of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena.

Sarah: I remember that. I wanted to see it so bad.

Alex: That was 1980, so you were 9?

Sarah: I was very young.

Alex: This morning I told you I needed a miracle.

Sarah: Did you get it?

Alex: Do you remember the chess tournament the Air force sponsored? Couple
of months ago? A friend works for a company that sponsored the winners.
The Japanese. They have a chip prototype. Twelve nanometers.

Sarah: A chip.

Alex: It's a supercomputer small enough to fit on the end of your finger.
They wanna license it to us. We quietly put it through its paces... they
get a real-world test, and if it works, we're all geniuses. Very rich

Sarah: What do you need? For this chip.

Alex: A deposit. Our Japanese friends are very risk-averse. They want half
a million to demonstrate seriousness.

Sarah: And you think it works, this chip?

Alex: It's the future.

Ellison: I've been in warmer morgues.

Murch: Gotta keep the temperature around freezing or the towers would fry.
A computer's like anything else. More you ask, the more power it needs.
Power generates heat, requires cooling, needs more power. Babylon, it's
kind of a pig.

Ellison: Babylon. You know the story?

Murch: Uh, I.... I was a comp-science major. I minored in beer-bong
engineering. I didn't read a lot of stories.

Ellison: It was a marvel. God destroyed it.

Murch: God gave it a shot yesterday. Blackout should have shut it down

Ellison: Should have?

Murch: Babylon routed every watt from the generators to keep itself

Ellison: So it broke the rules.

Murch: It invented new ones.

Ellison: Ms. Weaver said Dr. Sherman worked on the AI.

Murch: Yeah. Touchy-feely B.S., if you ask me.

Ellison: How did it feel about him?

Murch: I'm sorry?

Ellison: Babylon. How did it feel about Dr. Sherman? I know how that

Murch: It's a computer. I mean, how does a coffeemaker feel about coffee?

Ellison: Humor me.

Murch: You're asking if it knew it was killing Sherman when it threw the
switch? Impossible. I hope.

Cameron: It's not enough.

Sarah: What would be enough?

Cameron: Everything.

Sarah: Everything, then.

Cameron: You're certain?

Sarah: Certain is a luxury.

Cameron: The rules do not apply.

Sarah: No, I guess they don't.

Alex: You okay?

Sarah: Just impatient.

Alex: Sorry for the big prologue. You have to use the full range of tools
on a guy like him before you can close. You're lucky you and your tech
there aren't his type.

Sarah: You're kidding.

Alex: A little bit. Are you sure you wanna do this in cash?

Sarah: I don't like banks.

[Minamoto speaks in Japanese]

Alex: Return the toast. Proper etiquette.

[Minamoto continues speaking in Japanese]

[Cameron speaking in Japanese]

Xander: They used to think that 12-nanometer scale was impossible. The
circuits are so tiny, you're all but in the quantum realm. It's the most
sophisticated processor on earth. If you could take your memories, your
consciousness... everything that makes you a person, turn it into pure
data and download it onto a machine, that chip could run it. Are you
gonna eat that?

Minamoto: America. I love it here. No pressure. No expectations. Good

Sarah: So, Hideo, how long do you estimate before we stop screwing around
here... and you hand over the chip?

Minamoto: A pleasure doing business with you, Ms. Gale.

[Sarah speaks in Japanese]

Alex: I didn't know you spoke Japanese.

Sarah: I was into Styx before Duran Duran.

Gina: It's my turn to watch TV.

Byron: No, it's not, it's my turn.

Gina: Whatever. It's my turn. Hand me the remote.

Byron: You missed dinner again.

Gina: Leftovers are in the fridge.

Byron: All right, give it back.

Gina: Give what back?

Byron: The remote. You took it, and I know you did. Riley saw.

Gina: I did not, you liar.

Byron: I'm gonna tell Mom.

Gina: Tell Mom what?

Byron: Gina took the remote because she knows that Shark Week is on and
she wants to watch some pillow biters sing and dance.

Kay: I know you're upset, but we don't use those words in this house.

Byron: But she started it and Riley saw.

Riley: He's crazy.

Kay: What?

Riley: I said, he's crazy. You're all crazy. Every one of you. You just
sit here in your cozy little house with your cold sodas and your facebook
pages like it all matters. Like it's even real. But it's not. It's all
gonna burn, and you're gonna be nothing but bleached skulls. Don't you
get it? You're dead. All of you are dead!

Kay: Honey, don't...

Riley: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Alex: Thank you.

Sarah: Look at them. So many dreams. We're about to burn those dreams to
the ground.

Xander: Connections are up. It's drawing full power. Loading the program.

Sarah: What's going on?

Xander: Core dump. Processor-register error in the CPU memory.

Alex: I'm sure it's just a hiccup.

Xander: The data. Should have been like a postage stamp on a pool table.
It's trying to push a watermelon through a garden hose.

Cameron: It's 40 nanometers, not 12. This chip is an older design,
disguised to appear more advanced.

Alex: Minamoto screwed us. My family used to run a dry-goods store in
Azusa, before the Second World War. After Pearl Harbor, when they were
all rounded up for internment at Heart Mountain the neighbors offered to
watch our home and business for us. "Just sign this little piece of paper,
Mr. Akagi". But what Grandpa didn't know is that while his son was
fighting his way across Italy with the 442nd... the neighbors were
getting the property condemned and deeding it to themselves.

Sarah: You couldn't have known about Minamoto.

Alex: I'll fix it. I'm gonna make it right. I don't know how long but
I'll pay you back. Every dime.

Sarah: It's not important right now. I'll talk to him.

Alex: You don't just talk to someone like him. Minamoto is old country.
Yakuza. You know what yakuza is?

Sarah: Yakuza. A gangster.

Alex: You hit him, he'll hit you back. Only he'll hit you back tenfold.
He'll mail what's left of you to your son one piece at a time. COD.

Sarah: And you trusted him?

Alex: Most of these guys are mobbed up.

Sarah: You didn't buy that chip. You were paying him to steal it.

Ellison: All we know are the facts. Means. Opportunity. But intent? Not
even Mr. Murch can guess.

Weaver: Well, why did you ask him? Ask the Babylon AI. Ask John Henry.

Ellison: John Henry? It has a name?

Weaver: That was something Dr. Sherman did... give it that name.

Ellison: It's not a person.

Weaver: No. But it's a mind. Talk to John Henry.

Murch: The AI communicates through images. Symbolistic responses. We
thought about using a natural-language interface... but decided against
it. Too creepy. But it has voice recognition. Just talk to it.

Ellison: John Henry. I'm James Ellison. Okay. You know who I am. Good.
Do you know Dr. Boyd Sherman?

Murch: Oh, it's a yes. Binary. One is yes, zero is no.

Ellison: Did you work with him yesterday? Did you work with him today?
Why is that?

Murch: Null operator. No operation. Could mean dead, could mean waiting
for input. Just rephrase it.

Ellison: Show me what happened to Dr. Sherman.

Weaver: He was in the lab when the power went out. Biometrics showed
normal. Generators came online. Power went to the server farms. Dr.
Sherman tried to leave, but the electronic door failed. His pulse
increased. There was only enough power to run and cool the servers.
Security and biometric monitoring went off-line.

Ellison: John Henry. Show me security video and biometrics for the lab
at the time external power returned.

Weaver: His heart had stopped. His body temperature had risen with the
room to almost double standard ambient temperatures. Well above human
survivability levels. He was dead.

Ellison: But John Henry says, "Medical attention required". John Henry...
was Dr. Sherman alive at this time? But you called the paramedics. You
thought they could help? Am I alive? Am I dead? Null operator.

Murch: It doesn't understand the question.

Ellison: John Henry, how did you feel about Dr. Sherman? Do you understand
that redirecting the power to the server farms caused Dr. Sherman to die?
What image do you associate with that information? John Henry. What image
do you associate with that information? It has no feeling for what it did.
It has no opinion. That's what it's telling you. Sure, you taught it
procedures. You taught it rules. But it's got no ethics. No morals. Whether
it had any feeling about Dr. Sherman shouldn't matter... if you had taught
it to value Sherman's life. Someone killed the man. And it wasn't John Henry.
Excuse me.

Weaver: What would you teach it? What would you teach it if you could?

Ellison: You wanna teach it commands? Start with the first Ten.

Derek: Get down on the ground. Now. Get down on the ground. Now!

Minamoto: I don't have your money.

Sarah: Your English got good. Real good.

Minamoto: Oh, God. You're gonna kill me.

Sarah: If I were you, I'd talk me out of it.

Minamoto: What do you want me to say? I'm an actor. I'll say whatever you
want me to say. I'm just an actor.

Sarah: An actor? Who hired you? The real Minamoto or yakuza?

Minamoto: The real..? Lady, I told you.

Sarah: I want the chip. The real chip.

Minamoto: I just handed back what was handed to me by Akagi. That's all,
I swear.

Derek: Hey.

Sarah: Don't lie to me.

Minamoto: Please.

Derek: Hey,

Sarah: What?

Derek: He's not lying.

Sarah: And how the hell do you know?

Derek: I know.

Sarah: You never saw my face.

John: Did you get it?

Sarah: Something's going on here. We have to dig deeper.

Derek: The guy's an actor. You know who hired him and you know why.

John: Someone gonna fill me in?

Sarah: It all adds up. The dots, the AI, the Air force, the chip.

Derek: The nothing. Listen to yourself. first it's the dots, then the AI,
now it's the chip. Whatever you've needed it to be, that's what it is. You
got played. It happens. Welcome to the human race.

Alex: Xander? Xander?

Sarah: Who you working for?

Alex: Sarah, what..?

Sarah: You heard me.

Alex: I don't know...

Sarah: Don't lie. I hate liars.

Alex: Sarah, I'm not working for anybody. It's just me and Xander. What
are you...

Sarah: I spent a couple years in a nuthouse. You wanna know why? Men like
you. Time was, I'd have blown this building sky-high. So don't lie to me.

Alex: I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.

Sarah: What for? What did you do?

Alex: The money. I'm sorry about the money.

Sarah: It's not about the damn money.

Alex: Where's Xander?

Sarah: Tell me about the chip. About the Al. About the three dots.

Alex: Please don't hurt my boy. Please.

Sarah: Stop changing the subject. Making this about your wife, your poor
grandpa, your son.

Alex: Please, it is. It's all about him. It's all about Xander.

Sarah: Three dots.

Alex: It's just a logo, you crazy *****.

Sarah: You wanna see Xander?

Alex: Oh, please.

Sarah: You wanna see your son? Please don't hurt him. I'll kill you.

Alex: Tell him. Tell him what you won't tell me. Tell him the truth.

Xander: Dad?

Alex: It's okay. I won't let her hurt you.

Sarah: Tell your son what you've done, or she will throw you both through
that window. Don't think she can't.

Alex: There was no chip. I made it up. To get her money.

Xander: What?

Alex: No chip. I mocked it up and hired Minamoto to sell it to us. We
couldn't make the Air force deadline, Xan. No chance. I had to make sure
you were taken care of. I just couldn't take that chance.

Xander: But it can work. My design can work. Daddy.

Alex: I hope you're right. I do. I have faith in you. It's just...
sometimes I barely understand what you're saying... and I wonder if you
understand me. The money is under my desk. And it's just a logo.

Jesse: I'm gonna regret giving you a key. Aren't I?

Derek: John Connor is my nephew. Three people know that fact. You're the

Jesse: I see.

Derek: I came here to fight a war. To do whatever it takes to stop Skynet.
Now. Today. If we're gonna do this... there's no more room for secrets. If
there's anything that you haven't told me, I need to hear it now.

Jesse: Remember when we were stationed at Serrano Point? That whole time...
I was using your toothbrush.

Derek: The one in my mess kit?

Jesse: Mm-hm.

Derek: You know, I wasn't using that to brush my teeth.

John: Mom? It's Riley.

Sarah: I'm okay.

John: Knocking. How not like you.

Riley: Sarcasm. How not like you. Oh, wait. That's exactly like you. I
just wanted to stop by to let you know that I reject your rejection. Do
you wanna go for a walk?

John: Mom. I'm going out for a while.

Weaver: I thought about what you said. About rules. The Ten Commandments.
I'm not qualified to teach John Henry those things. I don't know how.
That's why Dr. Sherman was here. I want to show you something. In
folklore, John Henry raced a steam drill through a mountain. One man alone
challenged the machine, armed with an iron hammer. They say he was born
with it in his hand.

Ellison: His heart gave out and he died. I know.

Weaver: John Henry defeated the machine... but he couldn't stop progress.

John Henry: Hello, Mr. Ellison. My name is John Henry. How are you today?