Sarah: I'm gonna be sick. [vomiting] [gasps, breathing heavily]

Cameron: What's wrong with her?

John: I don't know. She's-- She's burning up.

Sarah: I'm fine.

Cameron: Is she pregnant?

John: Why in the hell would you even ask that?

Cameron: Kacy vomited when she was pregnant. You're vomiting. It's
morning. That's when it happens.

John: Just shut up.

Sarah: It's a bug or something. [vomiting] [gasps] Stomach flu or

John: We'll be home soon, okay? Here. [sighs]

Sarah: Wait.

[car door opens]

John: How do you feel?

Sarah: How do I look?

John: [sighs] Like crap.

Sarah: I wish I felt that good.

[spoon clanking]

Sarah: What's that?

Cameron: It's rehydration fluid. Drink one cup every half hour or right
after you vomit.

[liquid pouring]

John: No, no, no. Where are you going?

Sarah: We have to go back now.

John: Back where?

Sarah: Mexico. There's thermite in the garage. We need to burn Cromartie's

John: Cromartie's dead. You destroyed his chip.

Sarah: You have to incinerate him, John. It's the only way to be sure.

John: He's buried in a hole in the middle of the Mexican desert, And his
chip has been obliterated. I think we're pretty--

Cameron: Safe? It's not safe.

John: Oh, god, she's starting to sound like you.

Sarah: She's right.

[cell phone ringing]
[cell phone beeps]

Derek: Hey.

Jesse: Hey. I need to see you. Now. Bring a gun.

Derek: Jess? Hey.

Jesse: I was over at the shopping mall this morning, right? And I just--
I-I don't know. I can't stop eating the crappy Chinese food In the food
court there. So I'm there, and I'm just waiting for my food, and I look
across the way, and I see him. I just see him.

Derek: You see him who?

Jesse: Fischer. I see Fischer.

Derek: Who's Fischer?

Jesse: Charles Fischer.

Derek: I don't--I don't know who you're talking about.

Jesse: You do. You know him. Charles Fischer, sent back from the future,
and he works for the machines. And he's gonna die.

John: What are you doing?

Cameron: Feeling what it's like to get away from it all.

John: I don't think you are.

Cameron: What do you mean?

John: If by feelings you mean emotions, I'm pretty sure you still don't
have any of those. And if by feeling you mean what it feels like to have
the wind blow through your toes or your hair... [sighs] I'm pretty sure
you can't feel that either.

Cameron: I don't think you understand how we work. I have sensation. I
feel. I wouldn't be worth much if I couldn't feel.

Derek: So go through this again.

Jesse: I've been-- I've gone through it again.

Derek: One more time.

Jesse: I told you. I'm at the mall--

Derek: Just skip to where you follow this man to the parking garage and
hit him with a brick.

Derek: He's a grey, Derek. At least tell me you remember the greys.

Derek: Of course I remember the greys. They were traitors. The worked for
Skynet. Helped the trip-eights act more human.

Jesse: You don't remember him? He was on the top of the list. Tell him!
Tell him who you are and why you're here!

Charles Fischer: I don't know what you're talking about. My name is Paul
Stewart. That's my license. Look at my license. Please. I'm not who she
says I am!

Jesse: Liar!

Charles Fischer: It's a mistake!

Derek: For your sake, brother, I hope you're right.

Charles Fischer: I told you. Paul Stewart. I-I-I repair watches. I have a
shop in Pasadena. That's my license.

Jesse: What are you doing here, Fischer?

Charles Fischer: [sighs] Paul Stewart. I was looking for an Omega .321
movement. There's a secondhand store. Aah. Aah.

Jesse: Tin cans didn't send him back here to fix watches. I think we all
know that. Why don't you save us the trouble And tell us the truth? Why
are you here?

Charles Fischer: I'm Paul Stewart, I live on Blackburn Avenue.

Jesse: Your name is Fischer.

Charles Fischer: No.

Jesse: You work for Skynet.

Charles Fischer: Skynet? No.

Jesse: What are you doing here, you murdering bastard?!

Derek: Hey, hey, hey. Hey.

Derek: Do I know you?

Jesse: No, you don't know me, and I don't know her. I-I-I don't. For the
love of god, I-I-I'm not Charles Fischer. I'm not.

Derek: I need you to be sure.

Jesse: Sure of what?

Derek: Him.

Jesse: I am sure. You don't trust me?

Derek: It's not that I don't trust you. It's-- [sighs] I knew the greys.
Jesse, I knew them just like you did. They were war criminals. We caught,
what, four of them?

Jesse: Right, but we couldn't find Fischer. They kept him hidden. He was
too valuable. You really don't remember?

Derek: Listen, if he is who you say he is, then he deserves whatever is
gonna happen to him in that room, but not until he tells us who he is and
what he's doing here. Do you understand?

Jesse: He is who I say he is.

Derek: I want to hear him say it.

Jesse: He will. I'll show you.

[babies cooing, laughing over baby monitor]
[cooing and laughing continue]
[cooing and laughing continue]
[alarm blaring]

Cameron: Where's the rest of him?

John: It's not here.

Cameron: Not possible. We destroyed his chip.

John: He didn't walk out of here, but he's gone. There's only one other
person who knew about this. And only one other person crazy enough to dig
him up.

Derek: You hungry?

Charles Fischer: Not hungry.

Derek: You a vegetarian?

Charles Fischer: No, I just--I don't know what's in that.

Derek: Cheeseburger's in that. Eat.

Charles Fischer: Where's your friend?

Derek: Out.

Charles Fischer: I'm not who she thinks I am.

Derek: I sure hope not.

Charles Fischer: I fix watches. I used to be an engineer, But it got old.
I was just a guy in a cubicle with a bunch of other guys in cubicles, So I
decided to go to Bern to learn... Watch repair. It's in Switzerland. You
ever been to Switzerland?

Derek: That's a nice story.

Charles Fischer: You don't believe me.

Derek: I've told a few myself.

Charles Fischer: Is she your girlfriend this, um, woman? Do you love her?

Derek: It's complicated.

Charles Fischer: Oh. Well, I-I-I know complication. I'm a watchmaker.
[laughs] It's a-- it's a watch joke.

[bag hits floor]

Derek: If I were you, I'd eat.

Charles Fischer: Listen to me. People do crazy things when they're in
love. Well, I do. But this is insane. She says that you know me, and--and
clearly you don't know me. There's something wrong with her.

Derek: So what'd they get you for?

Charles Fischer: D-did you hear what I just said?

Derek: It's prison ink. Where'd you do time?

Charles Fischer: I haven't done any time.

Derek: Yes, you have.

Charles Fischer: No, it's a ta-- it's a tattoo, 'cause I-I fi-- I fix
watches. It's a clock. [laughs]

Derek: With no hands. It means till the end of time. Life sentence.

Charles Fischer: If I had a life sentence, what would I be doing here?

Derek: That's what I'm trying to figure out. Lunch is over.

[changing stations on radio]
[cell phone ringing]
[cell phone beeps]

Cameron: Hello?

Derek: Hey. It's Derek.

Cameron: Is it?

Derek: Yeah, I know. Shocks the hell out of me, too. Listen, I need to

[cell phone beeps]
[cell phone ringing]

Cameron: Hello?

Derek: [sighs]

[cell phone beeps]

Derek: I need to talk to you.

[cell phone beeping]

Cameron: So talk.

Derek: I'm sending a picture to your phone.

[cell phone beeps]

Cameron: I got it.

Derek: Who is it?

Cameron: I don't know.

Derek: You've never seen him? He's not in your memory banks or whatever?
There's no record of him?

Cameron: No. Who is he?

Derek: He's... He's just this guy. I thought maybe I knew him.

Cameron: He looks hurt.

Derek: Don't worry about it.

[cell phone beeps]

John: Who was that?

Cameron: Derek.

John: Derek. What'd he say? Is everything okay? Is mom okay?

Cameron: Everything's okay. Don't worry about it.

Dr. Sherman: Can I help you?

Sarah: I was waiting. I heard... [sighs] Do you remember me?

Dr. Sherman: Of course I remember you.

Sarah: I have, um... It's possible I have an emergency.

Dr. Sherman: You came to my office over a month ago, and you said your son
needed help-- Therapy. I never saw Either of you again.

Sarah: Wait. Dr. Sherman, please. I've had some bad luck with shrinks.

Dr. Sherman: Well, you could stop calling them shrinks. That might help.

Sarah: Sorry.

Dr. Sherman: It's okay. My assistant will be here tomorrow morning at
7:00. Make an appointment.

Sarah: I'm here now.

Dr. Sherman: Sarah, make an appointment, please. We'll see what we can do.

Sarah: I've been sick... Flu or something. [chuckles] I'm exhausted. I
can't sleep, and when I do, I have dreams. Nightmares, actually. I walk in
my sleep.

Dr. Sherman: Where are you walking to?

Sarah: What do you mean?

Dr. Sherman: I mean, where do you go when you walk?

Sarah: I'm chasing someone, or I'm being chased.

Dr. Sherman: But where do you go?

Sarah: Out. I get the hell out.

Dr. Sherman: You're here. Come on in.

Cameron: There are many things I don't understand.

John: Like what?

Cameron: The tortoise.

John: What tortoise?

Cameron: It was on its back by the side of the road in Mexico. Your mother
turned it over.

John: She was helping it.

Cameron: I know. But why?

John: 'cause that's what we do. When we, uh... When we see something
that's, uh, in pain, or in trouble, or whatever, we try and help it.

Cameron: Empathy.

John: Something like that.

Cameron: But not everyone would turn the tortoise over.

John: No. Some would just leave it there.

Cameron: Some would probably drive over it and crush it.

John: Yeah, I guess they would. Is that what you'd do?

Cameron: It didn't seem like much of a threat. We're not built to be

John: Yeah, that's one for cyborgs.

Cameron: Yes. That's one for us.

[toilet flushing]

John: Cameron.

[coughing, gasping]

Ellison: What are you doing?

John: The body is gone.

Ellison: What?

John: Cromartie's body is gone.

Ellison: That's impossible.

John: You are the only one who knew where we buried it. We need it. We
have to destroy it.

Ellison: What would I possibly want with it?

John: Cameron.

Cameron: He's lying.

John: You don't know that.

[choking, gasping]

Ellison: Please, John.

John: If you know, you better tell me right now.


Ellison: I don't know.


Ellison: I don't know.


John: Let him go.

Cameron: Why?

John: He's telling the truth.

Cameron: We could find out for certain.

John: Let him go. Sorry.

[door opens]

Derek: What the hell?

Jesse: He doesn't want to tell us who he is. I brought proof.

Derek: Proof?

Young Fischer: Please, please don't hurt me. Don't hurt me, please.

Jesse: That's up to him.

Young Fischer: Who's he?

Jesse: Who are you?

Young Fischer: Uh, my name is Charlie Fischer. You were at my-- my job--
S.R.F. Uh, we do seismic retrofitting. I'm a service technician. That's
all. I'm--I'm nobody. I don't even know what I'm doing here.

Jesse: Tell him who you are.

Charles Fischer: I've already told you who I am. This is a trick, some
crazy trick, And you're all in on it, and you too. What do you want from

Jesse: I want you... To tell me... The truth!

Young Fischer: Oh, god! [panting]

Derek: If he is who you say he is--

Jesse: He is!

Derek: All right, fine. He is. We need to know what he's doing here.
Unless he's awol, like you.

Jesse: He's not. Not this guy, not Charles Fischer. He's been sent back by
them for a reason. You need to beat the hell out of him. You need to get
him to talk.

Young Fischer: Aah!

Charles Fischer: Aah!

Young Fischer: Aah! Aah! [panting]

Young Fischer: No, please. Please, please.

Derek: I'm sorry, Really.

Young Fischer: Aah!

Jesse: Derek!

Charles Fischer: Don't-- don't hurt the boy. Don't--

Derek: Some people, you can beat them and beat them, and they'll take it.
Whatever pain you give them, They absorb it, Like it was theirs all along,
and all you're doing is giving it back to them. [breathes deeply] You see,
deep down, they hate themselves, and they use that hate to eat the pain.
See, we were all good once. We all loved ourselves once, as young men
trying to get through the day, or as kids playing in the park. Okay.

Charles Fischer: Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it. My name is Charles
Fischer. I'm Charles Fischer. Now let him go. He's got nothing to do with
this. Just let him go.

Young Fischer: This is impossible! Can't you people see that this is
insane?! [breathing heavily]

Derek: Why are you here? Why did they send you back?

Charles Fischer: They didn't. I'm not here on a mission.

Jesse: Nobody comes back without a mission.

Charles Fischer: This is my reward. When the bombs dropped, I was locked
up in Pelican Bay. Solitary confinement.

[pliers hit floor]

Derek: Life sentence.

Charles Fischer: If I hadn't been in prison, I never would've made it
through judgment day. Once they got their hands on me, it was either I
teach them everything I learned inside or say good-bye.

Derek: And what'd you learn?

Charles Fischer: I learned what makes people tick. [groaning, breathing

Dr. Sherman: So the fever that brought on the dreams was caused by
something you ate, you think, in Mexico.

Sarah: Yes.

Dr. Sherman: What were you doing in Mexico?

Sarah: Vacation.

Dr. Sherman: Family vacation?

Sarah: Yes.

Dr. Sherman: Has anything happened since I saw you last?

Sarah: [chuckles] What do you mean?

Dr. Sherman: I mean, have you suffered a trauma? Um, has there been a
crisis in the family, something more between you and John since I've seen
you last?

Sarah: I came to you for help in understanding my dreams.

Dr. Sherman: Well, the problem is, without knowing the details of your
life, I'm not sure what I can tell you, beyond generalities. I can tell
you that dreams tend to mirror the central conflict in the dreamer. Would
it be accurate to say that the central conflict in your life is your son?

Sarah: [chuckles] Yes.

Dr. Sherman: And your daughter, you have less conflict with.

Sarah: [inhales deeply] It's different with her.

Dr. Sherman: What is? Conflict, uh, type of conflict, The--the nature of
your relationship, what?

Sarah: Everything.

Dr. Sherman: Specifically.

Sarah: I don't want to talk about her.

Dr. Sherman: Then why are you here? I mean, you come in here pretending to
want to talk about your dreams, and refusing to talk about John and
Cameron, which, in my opinion, is what your obsession with the three dots
is all about. So if you only want to talk about one of those dots, there's
not much I can do.

Sarah: I have no one else to talk to.

Dr. Sherman: Nothing is going to happen in here until you decide to be

Charles Fischer: You seem surprised.

Young Fischer: Judgment day... Machines... And you.

Charles Fischer: You have no idea what you'd do. What's the hardest
decision you've ever had to make? Huh? Whether to stay with Rebecca Or
take a chance on Christine? Whether to ask for time off for grandfather's
funeral because you're too afraid you'll be fired if you just take it? You
think you know who you are? You don't have a clue.

Young Fischer: Can't you just tell them what they want to know? What does
it matter now? You're here. You're safe.

Charles Fischer: Are you?

Jesse: No, he's playing with us, he's making us think he's weak. He's not

Derek: How do you know?

Jesse: I know, all right? I know. You may not remember, but I know. He is
the worst of them. He's the worst. He needs to die, Derek. Forget why he's
here. Forget whatever the mission is. He just needs to die.

Derek: What did he do? Jess, what did he do to you?

Jesse: There was a raid on a bunker. Metal was everywhere. They took out
our command, killed everyone over 30, killed the children. They took the
prisoners to this place.

Charles Fischer: I will demonstrate...

Jesse: He was there.

Charles Fischer: How to extract information out of people. In essence, we
will explore what makes people tick.

Jesse: He said he was gonna teach them how to talk to people, How to get
information from people, how to be people.

Charles Fischer: There are many different tactics you can employ, all of
which will give you a deeper insight into the human psyche.

Jesse: It was a kind of perverse theater, like... Like he was teaching

Derek: How long did it go on?

Jesse: Weeks. Months. There were drugs... And starvation. And he talked to
you... For hours... For days...

Charles Fischer: Tell me about the bunker.

Jesse: Just to break you down, just to get to your in--

Charles Fischer: Tell me the location, please.

Jesse: To get to you.

Charles Fischer: Tell me the location.

Derek: How'd you get out?

Jesse: I don't know. You never told me.

Derek: What?

Jesse: [sighs] It wasn't me Fischer had, baby. It was you.

Derek: [breathing heavily] Aah! [breathing heavily] Aah! Ah! Go to hell.
Go to hell.

Jesse: You don't remember. I can't believe you don't remember. But it was

Derek: My name is Derek Reese, first lieutenant, 132nd S.O.C.

Charles Fischer: Yeah, well, good for you.

Derek: Not for you.

Charles Fischer: I told you I'm not on a mission.

Derek: I don't care.

Charles Fischer: Oh, yeah, you remember. You remember now. I was wondering
how long that was gonna take. No, I don't remember. But she does, and
that's good enough for me.

Charles Fischer: So you gonna kill me?

Derek: Not you.


Young Fischer: [breathing heavily] Oh, god. Thank you. Thank you. Thank

Sarah: John?

John: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you.

Sarah: I wasn't asleep. Just needed to close my eyes for a few minutes.

John: How you feeling?

Sarah: What does this mean to you? I keep seeing it in my dreams, John. It
means something.

John: Mom, you're tired. You've been sick. Chasing killer robots will do
that to you.

Sarah: [chuckles]

John: We couldn't find Cromartie's body. It wasn't there. It's gone.

Sarah: Ellison.

John: He doesn't have it.

Sarah: Are you sure?

John: I'm sure.

Sarah: Cromartie was in my dreams. It's connected. It's all connected.

John: Mom, you had a dream.

Sarah: It was my fault.

John: What was your fault?

Sarah: Cromartie-- I led him to you.

John: What are you talking about?

Sarah: There was this kid, a boy... In the bowling alley. He was with the
guys who broke into our house, and I sh-- I knew what I had to do, John. I
didn't do it. I let him go. Cromartie must've found him.

John: We're not murderers. You're not.

Sarah: Tell that to the boy. I'm sure he's dead. We have to find that
body, John.

John: I know.

[shovel clangs]
[exhales sharply]

Derek: You don't think he'll... Talk-- Young Fischer.

Jesse: We had to let him go. He's not the monster we just buried.

Derek: Let's hope he doesn't become one.

Jesse: Do you remember any of it? Even a flash?

Derek: No, nothing.

Jesse: It was all we talked about, Derek... What he'd done, How you were
gonna find him one day. You were obsessed. It was a trauma. You've blocked

Derek: Maybe, maybe not. Maybe--maybe it never happened to me.

Jesse: Derek, I was there.

Derek: Maybe I came from a future where it never happened, and now you've
come from a future where it did.

Jesse: Is that possible?

Derek: Ever since I've been back here, I've--I've done... Things. I've--
I've changed things. Maybe I changed the future. That's why we're here,
isn't it? To change the future.

Jesse: Do you think there's a version of the future where we're not

Derek: No.

[door buzzing]

FBI Agent Baldwin: Charles Fischer?

Young Fischer: Yeah.

FBI Agent Baldwin: FBI, department of homeland security. Need you to come
with us please. Two nights ago, you entered the building unauthorized At
4:16 A.M. What were you doing here?

Young Fischer: That's a mistake. Two nights ago? No. I wasn't there. I
would have no reason to be there at that time.

FBI Agent Baldwin: Computers don't lie, Mr. Fischer. At 4:23, seven
minutes after you entered the building, there was an unauthorized access
to the computer networking system.

Young Fischer: That wasn't me.

FBI Agent Baldwin: This system allows user access to all primary
military-industrial complex computer systems.

Young Fischer: I'm telling you that this is all a big mistake. [sniffs] I
do seismic retrofitting. I don't even know how to access a computer
system. Why would I do that?

FBI Agent Baldwin: I don't know, Mr. Fischer. You tell me. Why would you
install a roving back door into those computer systems? One that we can't
dismantle so far. You want to tell us how to do that as well?

Young Fischer: I don't know what you're talking about. I wasn't there.

FBI Agent Baldwin: What happened to you? You look a little banged up. Want
to explain that?

Young Fischer: I don't know if I can.

FBI Agent Baldwin: Try.

[engine turns off]

Catherine Weaver: So... What is it you wanted to show me?

Ellison: We need to learn how they work... How to fight them. We can't
allow history to repeat itself, not when we have the power to stop it.
It's up to us now... The two of us.

Catherine Weaver: Yes... It is.

[door creaking]

Sarah: What am I doing here?

Dr. Sherman: I don't know. It's a waste of time. You just lie and lie.

Sarah: It's a waste of time. I just lie and lie.

Dr. Sherman: Don't you have things to do?

Sarah: Yes, I do. I have things to do. I should get back to work.

[insects chirping]