[birds singing]

Terminator: Martin Bedell.

Derek: His name was Martin Bedell. He was in Century work camp with you.
Right up until the escape.

John: So I knew him.

Derek: You knew him. Everybody knew him.

Sarah: But he doesn't know this one does he?

Derek: Not this Martin Bedell. No, another Martin Bedell.

Sarah: Maybe it's just coincidence.

Derek: How many coincidences named Sarah Connor got killed, before Skynet
finally locked in on you?

Sarah: So why would they want to kill him?

Derek: He had experience and knowledge John needed. Military prep school,
then West Point. Bedell had real training. He helped John put the
resistance together.

[paper rustling]

John: Okay, there were three Martin Bedells in L.A. Now there are two. So
how do we know which one is the target?

Derek: They both are. Machines are thorough. Only good thing about them.
So it took you, what, 30 seconds to find those names? If there is a
triple-eight out there, he's found them too.

Sarah: Where are you going?

Derek: Martin Bedell number one. Closest address.

Sarah: Without a plan?

Derek: Yeah, I've got a plan. It involves guns.

John: Wait.

Sarah: You're not going with him.

John: No. Everybody wait. P. Alto. We thought it was a person. It's not,
it's a place. It's a military prep school in Carlsbad. Here's the student

Sarah: Martin Bedell number two. Maybe we got a head start.

John: I'll load the truck. We'll go.

Sarah: We will, will we?

John: It's a boys school. I can do this. I am doing this.

Derek: Nothing complicated. Find the kid, throw him in a hole, babysit.
It's as safe as anything we do.

Sarah: Go. Two. Two Sarah Connors were murdered before they found me.
Cameron and I will find the other Martin Bedell. Maybe we can stop the
triple-eight before he gets to you.

Sarah: He's not a soldier.

Derek: No. Not yet.


Derek: You haven't said a word since Anaheim. That's 40 miles of quiet.
You, uh, thinking or worrying?

John: Thinking. About Bedell. After we grab him, where are we supposed to
hide him?

Derek: Who said we were going to hide him? Martin Bedell hiding in a cave
somewhere might as well be Martin Bedell dead somewhere. No use to John
Connor. Besides, it's a military school. Soldiers, guns, can't do much
better than that.

Agent Ellison: So you own this nuclear plant, Serrano Point?

Catherine: I have an interest in it.

Agent Ellison: Is this the same company you were referring to the other
day? The one you wanted me to look into?

Catherine: It is.

Agent Ellison: The near-meltdown a few weeks back... The news said an
employee caused the accident.

Catherine: Mr. Ellison, there are no accidents.

[drill sergeant yelling]
[helicopter and gunfire]

Bedell: Kansas, this is hammerhead. Do you copy? Kansas, respond!

Derek: It's Kyle. He's back.

[door squeaks]

Kyle: Tin cans just hit Kansas bunker.

Derek: Survivors?

Kyle: Prisoners now. [sighs] One ogre tank, three monkey wagons. The
convoy will roll out down Wilshire to Century in the next hour. And I'm

Derek: No, uh-uh. We've got our orders. Connor wants this corridor
controlled. So we sit tight, we observe Skynet movement, and we'll report
back at regular intervals, and that's it.

Kyle: What's that report going to say? Huh? That we observed Skynet move
these people into a death camp while we sat?

Derek: I know! I know it sucks, all right? But if we lose eyes on this
road, we could lose a lot more than one bunker, Kyle. If Connor were

Bedell: Connor isn't here. Corporal, get below. Round up every tunnel rat
you can find.

Derek: Martin. You know what he'd say. You know what Connor would say.

Bedell: Yes, I know what he'd say. If Connor wants to shoot me for
disobeying orders, he can get in line behind the tin cans. We're doing

John: Hey. You all right?

Hobbs: We see a lot of boys like your nephew, Lieutenant. Single mother.
Socially withdrawn. Move around a lot. Tend to cling to male authority
figures. Lost his dad, you said, in the war?

Derek: Killed. On a mission. Can't tell you any more than that.

Hobbs: Don't know?

Derek: Can't.

Hobbs: I understand. Well... Good grades. Good test scores. Good kid.
Here's what I'll do. Three weeks as a plebe. If he likes it, he can stay.
Then we'll talk tuition.

Derek: Thank you. I'll give him the news.

Hobbs: Lieutenant. I lost one of my tacs a couple weeks ago. Reservist.
Had to go. TAC. Teacher-advisor. They keep the cadets from going all Lord
of the Flies on us. Hired a replacement, but he's not due for a week. I'm

Derek: Sir... Respectfully, I'm probably the last guy you're looking for.

Hobbs: Guys like you get dropped into the ass end of nowhere. You can
handle 30 adolescents for a week.

Derek: Good news. You're in.

John: And what's the bad news?

Derek: I'm in.

Martin: [video game] Man up, nube! You don't want to get owned. Stop
crying about your internet connection, and learn to play.


Martin: Aw. I got to A.F.K., a minute.

Terminator: Martin Bedell?

Martin: Yes?


Sarah: Come on, let's go. Hurry up! Let's go. Let's go.

[tires squealing]

Sarah: Go! Go! Drive.


Sarah: You good? You okay? Seat belt.

Martin: Who is that man? He should be dead. How come he's not dead and
where's my mom?

Sarah: No more questions.

Cameron: Your mother's current location is unknown. That man is a cyborg
sent to kill you.

Sarah: Cameron! Get your seat belt on.

Agent Ellison: I'm familiar with the incident Reports, Mr. Nelson. I know
what they say. But what I don't know is what really happened.

Mr. Nelson: People who wrote that report are bureaucrats. You know what
bureaucrats do when the facts don't fit their little check boxes? They
ignore them. Or change them. So this valve supposedly blew open because of
metal fatigue. Sure. Okay. Not likely, but let's grant mother nature that
one. So how in the hell did it force itself closed?

Agent Ellison: Okay. How strong do you have to be, to force it open and
push it back?

Mr. Nelson: On a scale of one to ten? Superman. Report says this damage
was caused by a transformer explosion. You want to see what the security
tapes say?

Agent Ellison: There are no tapes. They're gone.

Mr. Nelson: That they are. And who took those? Carl Greenway, on the way
to hanging himself? Those mystery employees who shut the reactor down?

Agent Ellison: You ask the same questions I would.

Mr. Nelson: Putting together a report for the NRC. They're going to crawl
up this place's ass with a wire brush. It's going to play hell with the

Agent Ellison: Schedule? What schedule is that?

Mr. Nelson: August 2009, New automated system comes online. And we're back
in business. That's what they say. Of course, that ain't going to happen
if the feds are on a war path.


John: Hey. You jammed?

Cadet: Yeah.

John: You know sports?

Cadet: Like wrestling?

John: No, it's a mnemonic. Sports. S-P-O-R-T-S. May I? All right. So you
want to slap. Pull. Observe. Release. Tap. Shoot.


Cadet: All right. Thanks, plebe.

John: You're welcome, I think.

Bedell: Baum. I'm Cadet Captain Martin Bedell. Commandant asked me to keep
an eye on you. Prep you for O.C.C.

John: What's this?

Bedell: It's a merit... For squaring away Pyle. And that's a demerit. Next
time you have a problem, flag down a senior cadet or an instructor. You
run, Baum? I love to run.

Bedell: You look ate up.

John: Oh, no. This is great.

Bedell: Yeah. Imagine how it's going to be with a marine D.I. screaming at
you. Like everything's life and death.

John: I can imagine.

Bedell: That the new TAC?

Derek: Good ambush point. In case you're looking for one. Or in case you
choose to jog in the woods. By yourself. You should be careful. Of that,
too. It's tar. La Brea. It's everywhere.

John: That stuff smells terrible. It smells like--

Derek: Jet fuel. So... You're out here jogging, in the open, exposed,
with... Bedell. I've heard a lot about you.

Bedell: A lot of good, I hope, sir.

Derek: Lot of good.

[television news]

Martin: So when do I get to call my mom?

Sarah: When it's safe.

Martin: When's that?

Sarah: Soon.

Martin: Do you do this every night?

Sarah: Yeah.

Martin: Well, what happens when you go to sleep?

Sarah: She happens. Let's find you something to wear for bed. Something in
here should fit you. Try these.

Martin: This is too small.

Sarah: How do you know? Just try them.

Martin: They're for a five year old.

Sarah: How 'bout this?

Martin: Uh, that's for playing soccer. Uh, this isn't your stuff. Is it?

Sarah: No. It's not our stuff.

Martin: I want to call my mom. She was supposed to get me a book. For my
book report.

Cameron: If you call your mother, that man will use her to find you. Then
he'll kill her. He'll kill you.

Sarah: [gasp] Uh, Cameron.

Cameron: Would you like a bedtime story? We made a tactical error. We
should have engaged the triple-eight.

Sarah: With a little boy in the crossfire?

Cameron: The boy is not important. He's not our mission.

Sarah: He is now.

Bedell: It's just a meet and greet, sir. Say hi. Ask them how they're
holding up. Then company dismissed. It's easy. Oh, they're probably going
to want to ask you about O.C.C. prep weekend we take the juniors through
field exercises. Obstacle courses, simulated missions. Running around in
the woods, you know? It'll be fun.

Derek: Fun. Hi, I'm Lieutenant Baum. I'm your new TAC. So I've been told
that my job is to make sure that you're all doing okay. Well, you all look
okay to me. So, um... Any questions? All right, then.

Pyle: Sir. We heard you were in the war. Heard you seen action.

Derek: Yeah. Yeah, I've seen action in the war.

Pyle: Got a lot of kills?

Derek: Say again?

Pyle: Kills, sir. I want to go infantry as soon as I get out of here.
Maybe rangers. Maybe delta. Best of the best.

Derek: Best of the best. Counting kills. Like it's a game. Like it's just
a game. I remember one particularly fun day. A guy in my squad got his
stomach blasted open in a fire fight. He spent six hours holding his own
guts in. His buddy carried him on his back to the nearest aide station,
just praying that someone could put the dumb son of a ***** together
again. The game, Pyle, the game is played with your buddy's life. With the
life of your squad. Your platoon. The game is played by you. On behalf of
the whole damn human race.

Bedell: Meet my friend, the E.F.P. He sits in the middle of the road and
blows up metal. This is his life's ambition. I intend to help him achieve

Derek: We've seeded the street with these things. We got to make sure that
ogre cooperates.

Bedell: Corporal Reese will take you and set up over at Lacma and the
Page. When the convoy rolls to your position, open fire on this bunker.
The ogre will think it's metal on skin and move to assist. And when it
does, boom. Questions? Move out.

Derek: Hey. They're kids. They key off of you.

Kyle: I know.

Derek: Kids...

Bedell: Your uncle... He's an intense guy.

John: Yeah, I know. He's a good guy, though. He's just-- he's a lot to
take sometimes. All that he's been through. You know... What are you
supposed to say to that?

Bedell: You mean, how do you measure up? Every man in my family, going
back five generations, has been a general or statesman, CEO, something
amazing, they all went here. But you know what the best part about
Presidio Alto is? The cross-country course. You know, sometimes when I'm
out there-- when I'm all alone, and I'm going flat-out-- everything just,
sort of, falls away. But sometimes, I wish that...

John: Wish you could just keep on running and never look back.

Bedell: I met this girl over the summer. Her name is Alicia. She's
amazing, dude. She started at Dartmouth this year. She's a runner like me.
She's coming home in a couple of weeks. When she goes back, I think I want
to go with her... And never look back. That's a secret, Baum. You treat it
as such.

John: I always do.

Derek: I was just on the roof. There's flat terrain all around, but, uh,
the woods are a problem. When the triple-eight comes, that's where it'll
come from. You're alone and exposed here. It's not good.

John: [sighs] And you're going to tell me I know better. Bedell is
quitting. Leaving school.

Derek: No, he isn't. He won't.

John: Well, he is.

Derek: He doesn't. He graduates. Goes to West Point.

John: Why? Because the future already happened and he's just going through
the motions? He doesn't have a choice?

Derek: He's got a choice. We've just got to help him make the right one.

John: Like everybody does with me. There are three exits within 20 meters,
two of them lead to a parking lot, and there's a black hatchback three
cars in with the doors unlocked and the keys above the visor. I do know

(woman on television): We're begging you. Be merciful and keep our son
safe. Marty, if you can hear this, we're going to get you back. You're dad
and I love--

Sarah: Turn that off. What the hell were you thinking, letting him watch

Cameron: He wanted to see his mother.

Sarah: You all right?

Martin: I told you people. And I told you I had to get it done by Monday.
And it's Friday already. And I haven't even started, and I'm already in
trouble, and when you don't do it, the teacher makes you stand up in front
of the whole class!

Sarah: Marty, slow down. You're hyperventilating. There. Take a breath.
Tell me what this is about.

Martin: I told you. My book report.

Sarah: Book report?

Martin: Yeah. It's due by Monday. And I haven't even picked out a book,
yet. Don't you listen?

Sarah: Let's find you one. There's got to be something for you somewhere.

Cameron: It was John's favorite.

Martin: Who's John?

Sarah: The machine won't stop. He'll go back to that kid's house, find his
parents, find his mom.

Cameron: I would.

Sarah: The police'll be there by now.

Cameron: Police won't matter.

Sarah: I know. You don't need to be here. There are other places to be.

Cameron: You want me to protect his parents?

Sarah: I want you to keep this contained.

[inaudible chatter and music]

Barkeep: Something you need, officer?

Agent Ellison: Good eye.

Barkeep: Job requirement.

Agent Ellison: Right. Private sector. Looking into the plant accident.

Barkeep: When Carl Greenway went nuts?

Agent Ellison: Yeah. When Carl Greenway went nuts. I understand he used to
come in here.

Barkeep: They all do. Including Carl. Sit right where you're sitting.
Drink alone.

Agent Ellison: Drink a lot?

Barkeep: Tonic water. Like you, I bet.

Agent Ellison: Was he alone like me?

Barkeep: Pretty much every night. I don't know why the guy came in here at
all. Still, I do remember some hottie chatting him up at the bar the night
before everything went down at the power plant. Probably one of Sandy's
friends. Sandra runs H.R. at the plant. Her birthday party that night, I
got pictures.

Agent Ellison: May I?

Barkeep: Find who you're looking for?

Agent Ellison: Actually, quite the opposite.

John: These going to kill it?

Derek: No, a speed bump. That's all. Now, this... Raufoss. Mark 211 round.
Tungsten core, armor piercing. High explosive incendiary. Hits with the
force of a 20 millimeter cannon. Saw your dad take down an H-K with one of
those. He liked it better than his plasma rifle.

John: So this is going to kill it.

Derek: It'll make it stop. Reconsider its life choices.

John: That soldier... The one you talked about in your story. My dad
carried him to that aid station, didn't he?

Derek: Yeah. He spent a whole night in the bunker, trying to get the blood
out of his fatigues. You know what's funny? I saw a deer the other day. It
made me think of him. We were together the last time I saw one.

John: Before judgment day?

Derek: No. After. We were up in Griffith park, hunting for food. It was a
big bastard too. Your dad had never seen one before. I mean, not like
that. After I killed it and we got close... Your dad started crying. You
know, more than I'd ever heard or seen him. I didn't know how to make him
stop. I buried the deer. We went hungry. He was just a boy.

John: So were you.

Derek: Yep. I guess I was.

Agent Ellison: You see how the metal is twisted? You can have the
Steelers' entire offensive line tuggin' on that valve and not generate
enough force to do that.

Catherine: So you agree it was a machine, as I thought.

Agent Ellison: Two machines. One machine ripped the valve open, and I'm
guessing the other closed it. And I'm pretty sure there was a fight
between them.

Catherine: Two machines. This is new. Where did they come from? Why did
they fight?

Agent Ellison: Um, I wish I knew. I wish any of this made sense. I do know
I'm not the only one asking questions. The plant manager, Nelson. He wants
the NRC to investigate. It'll be a nightmare.

Catherine: That will complicate our respective goals, won't it, James?

Agent Ellison: What would those respective goals be?

Catherine: I'd like my company to lead the world into the next century.
And I'm fairly sure you're an avenging angel. So let's keep looking.
Before the nightmare begins.

Barkeep: Last one.

Mr. Nelson: Hey, it's for my heart. You never heard of the french paradox?
Those frogs eat foie gras and gargle red wine, they live till they're 90.

Woman: Yeah, but it's the chemicals in the grape skins that do it.

Mr. Nelson: [laughing] Well, uh... Bonjour.

Woman: Resvera...Something. [laughs] I saw it on 60 minutes.

Mr. Nelson: You don't say.

Mr. Nelson: [gasping] You're so beautiful. Sorry, this uh... That's never
happened to me before.

Woman: Don't worry, sweetie.

[metallic noises]

Catherine: I bet that never happened before, either.

Cameron: The FBI has moved Marty's parents.

Sarah: And the triple-eight?

Cameron: He's made no attempt to acquire them.

Sarah: So what would you do now? In your professional robot opinion.

Cameron: Marty's trail has gone cold. I'd switch targets to the other
Martin Bedell.

Sarah: So go to the other Martin Bedell's house. Wait for the
triple-eight. When it shows up, blow it's head off.

Cameron: He can put it back on. Marty likes the crust cut off.

Sarah: Here you go.

Martin: My teacher doesn't like us to pick books that have been made into
movies. She thinks we'll just cheat and watch the movie instead.

Sarah: You'd be in big trouble if you did. The movie is pretty different
than the book.

Martin: Really? How?

Sarah: Well, the slippers aren't ruby. They're silver. And there are two
good witches, not one. And Dorothy's not 16, she's nearer your age. Smart
and brave.

Martin: If that guy finds me, he's really going to kill me.

Sarah: He won't touch you. I promise.

Bedell: Baum. How you holding up?

John: Shouldn't you be digging a tunnel outta here or something?

Bedell: I'm not just going to skip out on my buddies. I owe them this

John: Not everybody gets to run away, you know.

Bedell: Pick up the pace, Baum. I'm not going to carry you up this hill.

[phone ringing]

Sarah: Third, December. 20-07. Triple-eight has been to that kid's house.
It knows about the school. It has his picture.

Derek: How long?

Sarah: Cameron says two, maybe three hours. She's on her way. You told me
you'd throw that kid in a hole. Babysit. Nothing complicated.

Derek: It won't touch him. I won't let it.

Sarah: You better not. 'Cause if you do, pray that triple-eight gets to
you before I do.

Martin: Is, uh-- is everything okay?

Sarah: Everything's fine. Look, I'm sorry. I didn't-- I didn't mean this.
This was never the plan, ever.

Martin: What was the plan?

Sarah: I don't know. You can't always have one. Not all the time.
Sometimes you just do. And I did. To you.

Martin: Well... You saved my life, right? So... Good plan. Thank you. I
said thank you.

Sarah: I know. I just... I haven't heard that in... I haven't heard that.

Martin: You're welcome? Say it.

Sarah: You're welcome.

Martin: Now say, "Marty... Let me help you with your book report." [sighs]
I can't call my mom and... You're not doing anything. So...

Sarah: Thank you, Marty.


Bedell: Tonight's exercise is a rescue extraction. Meet old Fred. He
weighs about 75 pounds, and needs to be carried from place to place. This
is his life's ambition. And I intend to help him--

Derek: Forget that! All eyes on me. Seniors... Get your people online. Ten
meter spacing. Eyes up.

Bedell: What about the obstacle course?

Derek: New exercise. A guy with a gun is going to come through here. Do
not initiate contact. Not even for laughs. Are we clear? You see him, you
send a hand signal up the line. If I see that hand signal before I see our
infiltrator, you win. Exercise over.

Bedell: And where will you be?

Derek: Looking for that hand signal. You're with me. You too.

Derek: [blowing air]

Bedell: Those are detonators.

Derek: Claymore simulators. Here, here, and here. Now you wait for the
signal. You watch for me to lead the infiltrator past this line. When he
enters the kill zone, you hit the detonator, simulators go off. End of
story. We go home.

Bedell: Wait, sir. The last-minute change of mission? Pre-positioned
equipment? Claymore simulators?

Derek: What? We're not having fun?

[bombs detonated]

Derek: Aw, son of a *****! No, no, no, no! Aw!

Bedell: Got to be a little more specific.

Derek: Straight shot from one of the kids must've. Must've hit one of the
EFP's. It's set them all off, it's a chain reaction. We're just swinging
in the wind.

Bedell: Where's the ogre?

Derek: It's coming to kill us all. Where the hell do you think it is?

Bedell: Where is the tank?

Derek: [sighs] About a block away. Moving towards us. There's no way we've
got enough powder to kill it. I'm going to lay down some covering fire,
maybe drop a couple endos. That'll give kyle enough time to get back.

Bedell: Reese... We can kill that ogre. We got one more magic bullet. We
just got to get it out there.

Martin: "The emerald city was soon left far behind. As they advanced, the
ground became rougher and hillier. For there were no farms nor houses in
this country of the west. Before night, Dorothy, and Toto, and the lion
lay down upon the grass and fell asleep, with the woodman and the
scarecrow keeping watch. Now, the wicked witch had but one eye. Yet she
could see everywhere. She saw Dorothy lying asleep, with her friends all
about her."


Martin: "The wicked witch looked out with her one eye. She said to the
king crow, 'Fly at once to those strangers. Peck out their eyes. Tear them
to pieces.' The wild crows flew in one great flock, toward Dorothy and her
companions. When the little girl saw them coming, she was afraid."

Sarah: Come here.

Martin: "But the scarecrow said, 'This is my battle, lie down beside me
and you will not be harmed.'"

[bomb blast]

Martin: "The scarecrow stood up, and stretched out his arms.

John: Hey! Look over here! It's me! Connor! John Connor!

Martin: "The witch got into a terrible rage. She couldn't understand how
all her plans to destroy the strangers had failed. There was only one way
left to destroy Dorothy and her friends."

Sarah: Want me to read for awhile? "The sky darkened and a low rumbling
sound was heard in the air. There was a rushing of many wings, a great
chattering and laughing, and the sun came out of the dark sky to show the
witch surrounded by a crowd of monkeys. 'Go to the strangers and destroy
them all,' said the wicked witch.But Dorothy they did not harm at all.
Carefully and gently, they lifted Dorothy in their arms and carried her to
the witch."


Sarah: "The witch looked into the child's eyes and saw how simple the soul
behind them was, and that she did not know of her wonderful power. The
witch said to Dorothy, 'Come with me; for if you do not, I will make an
end of you.' The little girl grew angry. 'You are a wicked creature!' She
cried. In her anger, she picked up a bucket of water that stood near and
dashed it over the witch, wetting her from head to foot. The witch gave a
cry of fear. As Dorothy looked in wonder, the witch began to shrink away.
'See what you have done!' The witch screamed. 'I shall melt away.' With
these words, she fell into a melted shapeless mass. The wicked witch had
come to an end. Being at last free to do as she chose, Dorothy ran, no
longer a prisoner in a strange land.

[fire crackling]

Sarah: Six stops down, there's a pay phone to call your mom. You got your
money? If you get into trouble, you call me. Say "book report" and I'll
come. Whatever it is, I'll come.

Martin: [sighs] Are you a spy?

Sarah: No, I'm not a spy.

Martin: Are you a mom?

Sarah: Yeah, I'm a mom.

Martin: You kind of suck at it.

Sarah: I know. I'm working on it. Let's catch your bus.

Bedell: So this... This is what I'm supposed to do? Stay here, graduate,
go to west point? Like I don't know the end of the world is coming? Like
any of this-- any of it really matters?

John: It does matter. It all matters.

Bedell: You believe that?

John: I've got to.

[car starts]

Bedell: I'll see you around, Connor.

John: Yeah. I guess you will.

John: Sometimes I wish I could just wake up from all this. Like from a
dream. [sniffs] But I can't, can I?

Derek: You want to know what happened... To Bedell-- what really happened?

John: I don't know. Do I?

Derek: I guess it depends on who I'm talking to. John Baum or John Connor.

John: Baum is just a name.

Derek: [gasps] I'll go.

Bedell: You'll never make it.

Derek: He's my brother.

Bedell: You want to save Kyle or die trying? Give me the damn E.F.P.

Derek: [sighs]

Bedell: I want to take this one.

Derek: Run like hell, okay? Bedell, you run like hell.

Bedell: When this thing goes off, you pop those wagons. You get those
people out. Don't be a hero. Go!


Derek: And he ran. He ran so fast. Fast enough to get to that tank before
it got to Kyle's position. Fast enough to blow it sky-high. We rescued 40
prisoners that day. One of them was John Connor. Martin was always a great
runner. But no one... No one could outrun a blast like that. He died,
John. He died for you. We all die for you.