Sarah (monologue): When John was little, he used to sleep with his hand
under my chin. At night, I lay awake watching him. Calm, peaceful, happy.
I wanted to freeze time and let my son live in that moment forever. But
you can't freeze time. You can't protect your children
from the future that awaits them.

Kyle: Batting's hard, Derek.

Derek: You're doing great, Kyle. Just remember how I showed you. Stay on
top of the ball.

Sarah (monologue): The moment's there, and then...

Derek: Yes!

Kyle: Yes! Finally!

Sarah (monologue): It's gone.

Kyle: Fireworks! Cool!

Cameron: He's a very hot-headed man. I learned Armenian.

Sarah: Armenian.

Cameron: The guy we're meeting with, his name's Sarkissian. That's

Sarah: Well, we're not here to charm him. We're here to get the Turk and
get out, simple. He said we should meet him at table 19.

Clerk: Excuse me, I think we have some business to take care of.

Sarah: Oh, of course. Sorry. Table 19.

Clerk: It's right there.

Sarah: Keep the change.

Derek: Remind me again. Why...why are the boys out here and the girls in

John: Because one of the boys is still wanted for murder, and one of the
girls is harder than nuclear nails.

Derek: And the other one's a cyborg.

John: You wanna know why we're really here?

Derek: Why?

John: Moore's law.

Derek: Huh?

John: Moore's law. The guy who founded Intel said that every two years,
the number of transistors on a computer chip doubles. 30 years ago, it was
an observation. Now it's a law. Tech industry spent billions doubling chip

Derek: And?

John: And that's how we can go from a chess computer to the apocalypse in
just four years. I learned that a lot can happen in four years.

Derek: A lot can happen in four seconds. One minute, I'm in the yard with
my brother, playing baseball, and the next, we look up, and the sky's on

John: Judgment day. What'd you do?

Derek: The only thing to do: Took Kyle and went underground.

John: What was he like?

Derek: He was just a kid when it happened. Eight years old. I was 15. How
do you tell an eight-year-old machines have taken over the world?

John: How do you?

Derek: You don't.

Cameron: Maybe he's at another table.

Sarah: Nice doing business with you.

Cameron: We don't have $500,000.

Sarah: Not yet.

Agent Ellison: Mr. Dixon. What's it been, eight years? Mm, I see you're a
man of faith.

Charley: Oh, no, my wife's a catholic. It's her mother's.

Agent Ellison: Do you know the story on the rapture, Mr. Dixon?

Derek: Like I said, my wife.

Agent Ellison: "And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. And I heard
the voice of the fourth beast say,'come and see'. And I looked. And
behold, a pale horse. And his name that sat on him was death. And hell
followed with him." The book of revelation.

Charley: What is this?

Agent Ellison: I've seen some things, Mr. Dixon. I've seen some things
with my own eyes, and heard 'em with my own ears. I've beheld. And upon my
beholding, I've come to the conclusion, while new to me, might be old hat
for you.

Charley: What the hell are you talkin' about?

Agent Ellison: Sarah Connor's alive. And I think you know where she is.

Charley: You're crazy.

Agent Ellison: If Sarah is alive, and I believe she is, we are working in
a realm where much, perhaps anything, is possible. Robots... Soldiers from
the future, Skynet.

Charley: If... Sarah were alive, I'm sure she'd like to hear you say that.

Agent Ellison: Come on, tell me what you know.

Charley: I'm gonna tell you... What I told the other guy. I don't know

Agent Ellison: The other guy?

Charley: Yeah. The other agent you guys sent here. Kester.

Agent Ellison: Kester?

Gang Member: I don't know, homie.

Carlos: Can I help you with something... bro?

Sarkissian: That is a nice sword.

Carlos: Hey, you don't touch that.

Sarkissian: Family heirloom?

Carlos: None of your business.

Sarkissian: You're right. But this is my business. Do you know this woman?

Carlos: I never seen her before in my life.

Sarkissian: Well, I'll help you out. Her name's Sarah Connor. I know that,
because I read her F.B.I. file.

Carlos: I told you. I don't know her.

Sarkissian: Well, that's... Very interesting. Because your uncle Enrique
knew her. He knew her pretty well, in fact. And you know what? He's in
that file too. As one of her last known associates and an F.B.I.
Informant... You know what I think? I think she went to him looking for
identification. And I think he sent her to you. And I think, after she got
what she wanted, she went back to Enrique. And I think she killed him. And
now I have something she wants. So where is she? "Los ninos heroes." They
were the six military cadets that died defending Chapultepec castle. Brave
boys. Now, my friend... How brave a boy are you?

Sarah: I'll handle this. What are you doing here?

Charley: I need to talk to you.

Sarah: Go home.

Charley: Agent Ellison came into my house.

Sarah: And you turn around and come to mine?

Charley: I know, it's okay. This is gonna be hard for you to imagine,
but... I think he's ready to believe you.

Sarah: Believe me? Charlie, this isn't about believing me.

Charley: If he believes you, he can protect you.

Sarah: Do you remember what you saw here? What we destroyed? Who destroyed
it? The F.B.I. can't protect us. You can't protect us.

Charley: If one of them follows you here, not the F.B.I... one of them...
you'll have killed us.

Sarah: So take your wife. Get as far away from here as you can. Forget me.
Forget John. Just go.

Cameron: Faint yellow tint. Grade "M". Slightly included. Shallow cut.

Derek: You can't just give a briefcase full of money to a guy like that
and expect he's just gonna hand over the Turk.

Sarah: Actually, I can.

Derek: Well, those are from the safe house I set up, so, technically,
they're mine.

Sarah: Well, I'm guessing you stole them, so, technically, they're
evidence in a felony. What are we up to?

Cameron: Current estimated value $246,000.

Derek: You don't even have enough.

Cameron: We'll negotiate.

Derek: We don't even know what this guy looks like.

Sarah: We know what the Turk looks like.

Derek: I love these places.

Sarah: Food courts?

Derek: First day after me and the guys jumped through, we went to the
century city mall and we spent the whole day there. We all puked. You
know, the funny thing, in the future, that place is a concentration camp.
Is that it? Where is he? Son of a ***** stood us up again.

Sarah: We have to go.

Derek: We came here for the Turk.

Sarah: We can't get it if we're in prison.

Sarkissian: Sarah Connor. So nice to finally meet you. You know, a
woman... She calls my cell phone. She says she's interesting in buying
this... Very special computer. Now, what do you do? You just turn around
and you just sell it? Well, maybe... You're very beautiful. For a dead

Sarah: Just let us pay you for the computer, and you'll never hear from us

Sarkissian: If I was gonna sell you the Turk, you'd have had it by now. So
this is my counter offer. The money you was gonna pay me for the Turk, you
take that number and you multiply it by four.

Sarah: $2 million?

Sarkissian: You're a fugitive, Ms. Connor. Might make that a small price
for freedom.

Derek: Here's my counter offer. You tell us where the Turk is, we keep our
money, and I bury you in the back yard.

Sarkissian: Will you listen to me? If I don't walk out of here in ten
minutes, my people are instructed to call the F.B.I. And tell them
everything I know.

Sarah: Your people?

Sarkissian: Yeah. My people. Same people who are watching your son. He's
on a field trip, isn't he? With his class? Science museum, I believe.

Derek: Your people have no idea what they're walking into.

Sarah: Derek. How long do we have to get the money?

Sarkissian: You got 24 hours.

Sarah: Follow him.

Cameron: You haven't spoken for 28 minutes.

John: Well, it's nothing. All right. My birthday's tomorrow. Okay? I know
that mom totally forgot.

Cameron: Birthday?

John: Yeah, you don't know what a birthday is?

Cameron: It's the day you were born.

John: Pretty memorable for a mother, right?

Cameron: But it was 16 years ago.

John: No, a birthday's like a holiday. Like once a year, every year,
people just kind of... celebrate you, I guess. And you get presents and
you eat cake and... it's fun. It's supposed to be. Last year, mom got me a
flak jacket.

Cameron: That's a tight present.

John: No. It's not. Whatever... look, I don't know why I care. I've been
driving since I was 12, and, technically, this is my 24th birthday. It's
just I... time traveled over eight of them.

Cameron: Do I have a birthday?

John: I don't know. Were you born?

Cameron: I was built.

John: Well, then, maybe you have like a built day.

Morris: Hey, Cameron, listen to this.

John: Hey, what do you have on there, man?

Morris: Hatful of hollow, man. Just downloaded it this morning.

John: Dude, you gotta be kidding me. I love the Smiths.

Teacher: Cameron. Stay with the group, please.

Cameron: Sorry.

Morris: Hey, Cameron. There you are. Your brother's been looking for you.
Oh wow. Is this your car?

Cameron: No, it belongs to the guy I killed and stuffed in the trunk.

John: Hey! Where you been? Mom says we gotta get home right now. What's up
with the car?

Morris: Cameron stuffed a dead guy in the trunk.

Cameron: He was following us.

Morris: Your sister's dark, bro. You're gonna love the smiths.

John: Yeah, she's, uh, she's really goth.

Cameron: Get in.

Morris: Wait, Cameron. Hey, um. There's something I... kind of need to ask
you. Um, you think maybe you might wanna go to the prom with me?

John: Just say yes!

Cameron: Yes!

Agent Ellison: Hey, Karen. Can you run a name for me?

Karen: I thought you knew everybody around here. Who you looking for?

Agent Ellison: Guy's name is Kester. He's an agent.

Karen: Uh, it doesn't ring a bell. Give me a sec. Here we go. This the

Agent: We've been so swamped lately, it's all I can do to keep this place
organized. What file did you need?

Cromartie: File number 100-655371. The Sarah Connor case.

Agent: Looks like it's checked out, my friend. To Agent Ellison.

Cromartie: James Ellison?

Agent: One and only.

Cromartie: Thank you for your time.

Agent Ellison: Oh, hold the elevator.

Cameron: He was a threat to us.

John: Did he say anything? A name, a location?

Cameron: He said very little. And then he was quiet.

Derek: I lost Sarkissian at the Cahuenga pass.

Sarah: Damn it. We have to find him.

Derek: We have to get out of this house.

John: No, we're not moving.

Derek: He knows where we live, John.

John: I don't care. We're not running, not today.

Derek: This house has a bull's-eye painted on the front door.

Sarah: Do your thing.

Cameron (mimics henchman): Hello?

Sarkissian: Are you still watching those kids?

Cameron (mimics henchman): I got my eye on them right now.

Sarkissian: Well, I think they had someone follow me. No more games. Bring
them back here.

Derek: Here? Where's here? Okay, so he's expecting this guy to show up
there any minute. And when he doesn't, the first place he's gonna come is

John: Mom...

Sarah: We can't stay here, John. Not while he's out there. It's too risky.
I'm sorry.

Sarah: Wait here.

Derek: Where is he?

Clerk: Who?

Sarah: He. Need I repeat? John, go check the office. See if he stashed the
Turk in there. Can you get through the door?

Cameron: Yes. But the wall would be much faster.

John: Hi. What are you doing here?

Girl: Waiting for my daddy to finish work.

John: Okay, listen. I need you to stay in this room with the door closed,
okay? Even if you hear loud noises or you get scared, you need to stay in
here. Can you do that for me?

Girl: Yeah.

John: Yeah? Okay.

Derek: Let him go.

Sarkissian: Not my kid.

Derek: Not mine either.

Derek: Are you okay?

Derek: Yeah, you okay.

Sarah: John...

Derek: Let's go inside. let's go

Sarah: Hey. Is that your daddy out there in the alley?

Girl: No. My daddy works in the cafe.

Sarah: Do you know how to get back there from here? You go find your
daddy. Don't look back, just go.

John: Sarkissian's hard drive.

Sarah: Come on.

Cameron: Do I need to kill you now?

Agent Simpson: Kester.

Agent Ellison: Yeah, that's what he likes to call himself when he's out
trick-or-treating in his F.B.I. costume.

Agent Simpson: George Lazlo's a better actor than we thought.

Agent Ellison: That's not Lazlo.

Agent Simpson: James, are we looking at the same picture here? This is
your guy. It's Lazlo.

Agent Ellison: The blood doesn't match.

Agent Simpson: Come on, what are you saying? That this guy somehow killed
six people and then found a plastic surgeon who made him look identical to
George Lazlo? And then what? Killed Lazlo, stole his identity, and then...
put himself in the F.B.I. Database as this guy Kester? To what end? What's
the goal here? Who is he?

Agent Ellison: What is he?

Agent Simpson: What is he?

Agent Ellison: Yeah. What is he? What is he, that... stands across from a
man after killing two other men within 36 hours... and when asked of his
involvement, cannot only lie, but lie well? And not only lie well, but not
blink or twitch or perform one simple human reaction to the situation. So,
yes... I think it's fair to ask: What is he?

Agent Simpson: You know as well as I some men are monsters.

Agent Ellison: Yeah. Monsters.

Agent Simpson: Let's go get him.

John: Mom...

Sarah: Sorry.

John: Look, he double-encrypted the drive. I've unlocked a lot of it, but
there's still a lot left to go through.

Sarah: How much?

John: That's about 1,000 useful files. Each one takes about five minutes
to decrypt. And I'm on number 37. You do the math.

Sarah: Let me know when you have something.

Derek: How are you holding up?

John: I'm all right.

Derek: So it's your birthday.

John: How.. How'd you know?

Derek: You kidding? I celebrated your 30th with you.

John: How was that?

Derek: You got drunk as a skunk. Come on. I'll buy you a beer.

John: I'm 16.

Derek: All right, I'll buy you an ice cream cone. Come on. It's your
birthday. When there are things to celebrate, they should be celebrated.
Let's go. Your mom has never killed anyone, has she? You know, she's got
murder in her eyes all the time, but her heart's pure. It's a good thing,
you know. Keep a...keep a pure heart. It's beautiful here, isn't it? You
know, you stay long enough, you start fooling yourself into thinking that
this is... how it's always gonna be. And you remember what this place'll
look like when it's on fire, and... you realize you'll do whatever it
takes to keep from watching it burn again.

John: Is And the younger one, is that...

Derek: Kyle. Throws pretty good for a five-year-old, huh? Your father
always had a nice arm.

John: How'd you know?

Derek: Every time I look at you, I see him. Besides, your mom's his type.
Happy birthday.

Dispatch: All fire and EMT personnel advised to stand by. F.B.I.Raid in
North Hollywood. Suspect considered armed and extremely dangerous. May be
posing as an F.B.I.Agent. Last name Kester.

Agent: Move move move! Go go go!

Sarah (monologue): In Lord of the Flies, a group of boys slaughter a pig
in the jungle. They torture it and place its head on a sharpened stake as
an offering to the beast that hovers, god-like, above the island. The
black blood drips down the pig's teeth. And the boys run away. Later, when
one of the boys is alone, he weeps. But not for the pig. The boy weeps for
the end of innocence and the darkness of men's hearts.

Sarah: Have you seen Derek?

John: No. He's, uh, still at the park, I think.

Sarah: And what were you two doing?

John: Nothing. Uh, we just went to get an ice cream. Here. Check these
out. Looks like you weren't the only one looking for the Turk.

Sarah: Who's this?

John: I'm not sure. But he came in after Dmitri and before you.

Sarah: Enough time for Sarkissian to sell him the Turk.

John: It's not much to go on, but it's something.

Sarah: Why don't you take a break?

John: No, no, it's all right. I can keep going.

Sarah: How are we supposed to celebrate your birthday if you're sitting in
front of a computer? You actually thought I forgot your birthday?

John: It's just we have much more important things to think about than my
stupid birthday.

Sarah: Your birthday is important.

John: No, it's not important. Finding the Turk, stopping Skynet, judgment
day... that's important, that's... that's our life.

Sarah: It's our mission. This is our life. If we stop caring about that,
then we're lost.

John: Well, when you put it like that...

Sarah: I sent Cameron to get a cake. What do you want for dinner?

John: Well, not to insult your cooking or anything, but do you mind if we
went out?

Sarah: Yeah, we can do that.

John: All right, let me shut this down.

Sarah: What? What's the matter?

John: The guy that Derek the alley.

Sarah: Sarkissian.

John: I don't think that was Sarkissian.