Cromartie: I need a list of new students who've have enrolled since the
fall of 2007. Males, caucasian, ages 15 to 18.

Administrator: You boys are in here at least twice a month, waving your
patriot act around. Let me guess - Drugs? Look me in the eye and tell me
you've never smoked a little marijuana.

Cromartie: I've never smoked a little marijuana.

Administrator: Hmm. Okay, let's see your paperwork. Court order or a
signed national security letter.

Cromartie: I don't have my paperwork.

Administrator: Sorry, the district will not release personal information
on students without written authorization from the--

Cromartie: Thank you for your cooperation.

Sarah (monologue): All of us wear masks. They can be worn out of love and
the desire to remain close to those around us, to spare them from the
complicated reality of our frayed psyches.

John: Mom, food's done. It smells done.

Sarah (monologue): We trade honesty for companionship.

John: Mom, come on. It's gonna get burned.

Sarah (monologue): And in the process, never truly know the hearts closest
to us.

Sarah: Mr. Sarkissian, I'm calling again about the computer, the one
called "The Turk." Can you please call me back? 818-555-0189.

John: Mom.

Cameron: The roast should have been removed from the stove 18 minutes and
27 seconds ago.

Sarah: It's fine. All right. Not exactly fine. Where'd you get this?

Derek: Her room.

Cameron: Why were you in my room?

Sarah: You told me you destroyed everything.

Derek: She lied.

Cameron: The chip contains visual records of the T-triple 8, where it's
been, who it's interacted with. It carries important information.

Derek: It's a brain. It's the only truly irreplaceable part of the machine
and she kept it. Next she's gonna tell us that somehow that's gonna help
us find the Turk.

Cameron: It won't help us find the Turk.

John: What are you saying?

Derek: What I'm saying is what I've been saying, John. She can't be
trusted. No matter how she acts on the outside, we have no idea what's
going on in there.

John: Well, I could say that about you.

Derek: Who showed you to my safe house? She did. Who else knew about it?
Nobody. Where are my men? In the morgue.

Cameron: I didn't give the triple-8 the safe house location.

Derek: Prove it.

John: Have you ever hacked one of those? Have you ever read what's on it?

Cameron: No. But you have.

John: So how often do you lie?

Cameron: When the mission requires it.

John: Do you lie to me?

Cameron: Sometimes.

John: About important things?

Cameron: Yes. Important things.

Gamer: All right, bro. This is what I'm talking about. You can't get these
kind of goods unless you got family in Korea. Dual-core processor,
brand-new system bus, overclocked memory. They're using it for the effects
in the newest Dark Man series.

John: Wow. What's the video throughput?

Gamer: 1.4 terabytes per second. Mas macho, brother.

John: I'm gonna need two.

Gamer: Cool.

John: Am I making a mistake with this chip thing? Do I wanna see what's on
it? Tell me "no."

Cameron: I'd rather tell you after.

In Game Voice: Flick those bastards off the jeep.

John: Look, since you obviously have no clue how to read this garbage,
would you mind making a 7-11 run or something? Pick up some burritos,
chocolate milk. It'd mean a lot to me.

Cameron: How much power are you giving the chip?

John: Uh... We are running at 2.5 volts.

Cameron: My CPU requires a minimum of 6.2 and a maximum of 8.7 continuous
voltage in order to function properly.

John: Well, that much juice would burn out any processor I've ever seen.

Cameron: Access to visual memory will require less power than higher level

John: Higher level functions.

Cameron: Decision making. Strategic mission analysis. We don't wanna
activate those functions.

John: So crank the juice but not too much?

Cameron: Yes. Crank the juice.

John: Wow. What a mess. How the hell do you keep your brain organized?

Cameron: Not like yours.

John: No kidding.

Barbara: Vick, god, you poor thing. You're up again? I told you, just take
one of my pills. Fine, babe, come back to bed. I can't sleep with you
standing there like a statue.

John: Was that thing... Married?

Cameron: The T-triple 8 is an advanced model infiltrator.

John: Yeah, but I don't think she knows. I mean, is that possible?

Cameron: She would not be the first human fooled by a machine.

Barbara: I know I've been working a lot. And I know it's been hard for
you, hanging around at home since your car accident. I thought we'd made
progress. Just talk to me, sweetie. Don't keep it inside. Please. Please.

Sarah: At least now we have an address to go to.

John: That chip is really creepy.

Sarah: We've seen some creepy things.

Cameron: He's protecting her.

Sarah: Why? And why like that?

Derek: Because they're twisted. That's why. I'll be in the jeep.

John: She didn't do it. She didn't give up the safe house. She's not like
that other one.

Sarah: I hope not. Have fun at school. It's pizza day. I read the

Cameron: Isn't pizza day tomorrow?

John: Yeah.

Sarah: She hasn't been here for a while. I wonder what she thinks happened
to her husband.

Derek: Are you kidding? She's dead.

Sarah: You don't know that. He wasn't holding her captive. He wasn't
intimidating her. They lived here together.

Derek: You think you'd know?

Sarah: I know I'd know.

Derek: Computer's gone. Triple-Eight probably junked it to cover his

Sarah: "Barbara Chamberlain, city manager, Los Angeles."

Derek: City manager, that's infrastructure. No wonder Skynet's interested.
You think this woman has anything to do with the Turk?

Sarah: Well, I think if Skynet's interested, we're interested.

Barbara: Do you not wanna work on this? Because I do. I want us to be
happy. I've made a decision- We're gonna figure out what we want.
Together. I'm quitting my job. I'm-- I'm coming home.

Vick: That's not a good idea, babe.

Morris: See it? I got it crowd surfing. During Bjork's secret show at the
Echo last October. Man, it was the best five seconds of my life, I swear
to god. But I got dropped on a chair. I consider it my first tattoo.

Cameron: That's tight.

John: Hey, Cheri. Uh, I was thinking maybe we could use study hall to get
ready for the chem test tomorrow.

Cheri: Yeah. Sure. That'd be great.

John: So I hear we used to be mid west neighbors.

Cheri: What?

John: You know, I'm from Lawrence in Kansas. And I overheard you were from
Wichita. So we're practically cousins geographically-

Cheri: Who told you I was from Wichita?

John: I don't remember.

Cheri: I'm not. Whoever said it heard wrong.

John: Okay.

Cheri: See you in study hall?

John: Yeah.

Cheri: Great.

Coach: Way to go, Johnson.

Cromartie: I need to speak to Eric Carlson.

Coach: He in some sort of trouble?

Cromartie: No, no trouble. Where is he?

Coach: He just got outta gym class. Give him five to finish showering.

Cromartie: Eric Carlson?

Coach: Hey!

Cromartie: Eric Carlson?

Eric: What seems to be the problem, sir?

Coach: Hey! Are you for real, buddy? You think I can't get you fired for
that little peep show?

Student: Coach!

Sarah: I just finished going through the first set of files you grabbed.
Only understood a third of what I read. You've been doing that for 20
minutes now. With my toothbrush. I got you your own. And now it's mine.

John: Mom. So I figured out that they don't store memories the way we do.
They store them by categories. Like, mission or location or whatever.

Sarah: How did you figure that out?

John: Remember those weird robot symbols? I still don't know how to read
them. But the exact same one kept popping up every time a clip of Barbara
was playing. You should look at this.

Sarah: He gained her trust. Made her think he was human. Then killed her.

Derek: That's what they do.

Sarah: John, get the flashlights. We're gonna find her.

Cameron: Finding Barbara's body should not be a mission priority.

Sarah: You're right.

Sarah: But we're gonna do it anyway.

Cameron: We're here.

Sarah: You see anything?

Cameron: No. I don't understand your need to find her. She's dead.

Sarah: That's because you don't value human life.

Cameron: But she's not life. She's just a body. Bones and meat. Was that
bad to say?

John: So do we do this a lot in the future, sneak around in the dark?

Derek: We do this a lot.

John: I was kinda hoping we wouldn't find her. That's not Barbara.

Derek: Who the hell's Jessica Peck?

Cameron: A threat to Skynet.

Barbara: Well, how did she get in there to meet with the city council
without us knowing? I can't be everywhere. I can't. I'm working from home
because I just have some family stuff I need to deal with. I have to go.
Jessica Peck's trying to shut down my program again.

John: Jessica Peck was a lobbyist being paid to oppose Artie.

Derek: Who's Artie?

John: Automated Real time Traffic Information Exchange. It was one of
Barbara Chamberlain's pet projects.

Sarah: I think it's one of Skynet's pet projects.

Derek: So this is about traffic lights?

Sarah: Exactly.

John: It's a fiber optic network linking every street intersection to a
data center in city hall. Camera's, microphones, sensors. Right now it's
only a pilot program, but it could grow statewide.

Sarah: Traffic.

Cameron: It's not about traffic. It's about information. Eyes and ears
everywhere. A system that can watch you, track you everywhere you go. If
the Turk is destined to become Skynet's brain, this software could be its
nervous system.

Sarah: Like a body waiting for its head.

Derek: And we don't have either one.

John: Well, I guess when they say, "you can't fight city hall", they
really mean it.

Derek: Yeah, well, whoever said that didn't have as much plastique as we

Sarah: We can't blow up city hall.

Derek: It's really not that hard.

Sarah: If we destroy the program, they'll just rebuild it.

John: But if we plant a virus and crash it, maybe they'll think it's a
bust. It's already a controversial program.

Sarah: Can you make the virus?

John: Sure, but city hall's computers aren't accessible from the outside.

Sarah: Just make me the virus. I'll get it inside. Getting through
security won't be easy. Once we're inside, there'll be more guards,

Waitress: Hi, can I get you anything?

Sarah: Just an iced tea, thanks.

Derek: Uh, a beer?

Waitress: OK.

Derek: Thank you.

Sarah: I used to be her.

Derek: Huh?

Sarah: The waitress. I used to work in a diner.

Derek: I can't see that at all.

Sarah: I had this regular, Tracy. She had two beautiful kids. She left her
husband, moved her kids to L.A. To get 'em into show business. I'd bring
her eggs every day and I'd hear what she said to them. That they had bad
skin or crooked teeth. One lay after another. I swear sometimes I
understand why they drop bombs on us.

Derek: Don't worry about it. We're not going in the front door. These
buildings are all connected by a series of underground tunnels that were
built during the cold war. I did a project on 'em in the ninth grade. My
last year at school.

Sarah: And how do you know they're still functional?

Derek: I lived there, Kyle and I. After they dropped the bombs on us.

Student: Cameron. Cameron Baum.

Cameron: Yes.

Student: Uh, happy pizza day.

Cameron: Thank you. I had two slices. Do I look fat?

Student: Um, still good. So I had a little issue last week with a banned
substance in the student parking lot. And now, as a condition of my
rehabilitation, I hand these out to people. There's a cop in the
principal's office. He wants to talk to your brother. Uh... Is he hiding?
Does he have stuff in his locker? Wait, he's not a narc is he?

Cameron: I'll make sure John gets this.

Student: Hectic...

Cameron: I need you.

Morris: You wanted to see me?

Cromartie: John Baum?

Morris: Yes, sir.

Cromartie: Thank you for your time.

John: Cameron. What are you doing?

Cameron: Never mind.

Morris: Okay. I have no clue what happened to you in Kansas. But your
sister's a genius, and I've got nerves of steel.

John: Huh?

Morris: We got that cop off your back, and I've never felt more alive.

John: What cop?

Morris: Oh...

Barbara: I don't think I can do it. I can't finish.

Vick: But you've almost completed it.

Barbara: But if I do, I just-- I feel like it's become a monster, you
know? It's become a horrible thing between us. And ever since I started
working on it, you've been so-- I don't mean to blame you.

Vick: Finish it. Finish it.

John: You scared the hell outta me. How long you been sitting there?

Cameron: A little while. That was effective. What he did, when he touched
her lips.

John: Effective?

Cameron: I could see that she liked that.

John: What are you doing? No. When you say things like that, what are you

Cameron: Just making conversation.

John: Since when do you just make conversation?

Cameron: I don't know. It just seems like something I should do.

John: Well, was having Morris impersonate me with that cop also something
you thought you should do, no matter what happened to him?

Cameron: Yes. But it wasn't a cop. It was Cromartie.

John: What? W- What?

Cameron: He's going school to school looking for you. Trying to match your
face. He's moved on though. He won't go back there. I wouldn't.

John: The only way that I'm reassured by that is if I remember that in the
core of your chip you're just like him. Oh, god. She'll move us so fast.
You cannot tell her, okay? Promise me.

Sarah: Hey. Do I smell nail polish? What are you guys talking about?

Cameron: Just making conversation.

Derek: Sayles was always, uh- I loved him, but he was an idiot sometimes.
He was careless.

Sarah: You were following Barbara Chamberlain.

Derek: I wasn't. I didn't know he was. There were a lot of leads, you
know. We spent a lot of time on our own. I didn't know.

John: Mom, what are you doing? Mom. Mom, talk to me. What are you doing?

Sarah: Barbara's name is in here somewhere. On some list in some file.
She's buried in here. Why do we always find out about these people when
it's too late, when they're dead? Do all these people have to die so that
we can win? Is that it?

John: Who else are you talking about? Are you talking about Andy Goode?

Sarah: Is the virus ready? City hall's closed. I leave in half an hour.

Derek: I didn't know Sayles was tracking her. You gotta believe me.

Sarah: I don't have to believe anything. In fact, I don't. Are you sure
you know where you're going?

Derek: Well, I should. This is where I lost Kyle to the machines when we
were kids. We need to keep moving this way. There's an elevator shaft.
There shouldn't be a wall here. In the future, there's no wall here.

Sarah: Meaning?

Derek: Meaning we need to blow it up.

Sarah: That's gonna draw attention.

Derek: We're on a fault line. They'll think it was a tremor.

Sarah: Data center's on B-4.

Derek: All right, let's go.

Sarah: It's working.

Derek: What's going on? Are we good?

Sarah: Something's wrong. The system's blocking the virus.

Derek: We can still blow the place.

Security: Hold it.

Sarah: Get them past here.

Security: Freeze! Down on the ground. Now!

Sarah: Reese. Let's go.

Cameron: What's the matter?

John: I get in, I get to a certain point, and it kicks me out. It's like a
part of Vick's memory just turns off. I've even cranked up the juice. Oh.
And there goes the power supply. That's weird. My phone is dialing for an
internet connection. What the hell?

Cameron: Vick's reactivating.

John: He's trying to get online? Did it happen? Did he get out? Did he
call someone or something?

Cameron: No. We should be very careful with Vick's chip.

John: Yeah, that's the understatement of the century. Well, how did it go?

Sarah: It didn't work.

Derek: We should just blow it.

Sarah: We can't go back there. What are you gonna do, take an axe to every
traffic light in town?

John: No. We only need to take down one.

Cameron: Two centimeters left. One centimeter down. Cut a semicircle with
a diameter of 12 centimeters.

John: Is it okay if I'm off by a little bit?

Cameron: Yes. Cut a bigger circle to compensate.

Sarah: How exactly is this gonna work?

John: Her neural network is the most sophisticated learning computer on
earth. If we can get her chip into the A.R.T.I.E. System, it can take over
the whole thing. Just like Vick did with my laptop. She can kill it. You
can get in through a traffic light?

John: Yes.

Sarah: Are you sure?

John: No.

Sarah: Are you sure?

Cameron: No. Start the incision. Push harder, down to my endoskeleton.

Derek: Sarah. Once she's in the city's mainframe, what's to say she'll
come back out? You know, maybe- Maybe it's not the Turk that created
Skynet. Maybe it's her. Maybe this was her plan all along.

John: She's a machine. She doesn't have a soul and she never will. You
don't have to trust her. You can trust me.

Cameron: Good. Set the pliers over the shielded tab on the end of the
chip. A half turn counter-clockwise and pull it out. It's okay, John. It's
not the first time we've done this.

John: I have to get this into the CPU interface.

Derek: I'll take him to the traffic light.

John: Okay, she's in.

Derek: How long?

John: 15 seconds. 20. For what it's worth, I believe you. I don't think
you knew your guy was watching Barbara.

Derek: Thanks.

John: Okay, it's done. Hey, hey, what are you doing? Derek, don't.

Derek: I want you to hear this in no uncertain terms. Someday one of these
things is gonna kill you.

John: It's not gonna be this one. What was it like? What'd you see in

Cameron: I saw everything.

Sarah: Sarkissian returned my call. He'll meet about selling the Turk.

Derek: He's still got it? When's the meeting?

Sarah: Tomorrow morning.

Derek: Meaning this news could have waited?

Sarah: You killed Andy Goode. There was no one there to protect him, and
you killed him. You lie to me again, I'll kill you.

Sarah (monologue): So much danger in this world is hidden behind masks. We
tell our children stories of good and evil, while knowing it's not that

Barbara: Do you realize that in 36 hours we'll be waking up in Tahiti? I
can't believe you bought us tickets.

Sarah (monologue): True evil doesn't give us time to fight. Or to be
afraid. We keep our heads down, never bothering to look behind the masks.
And in doing so, we resign ourselves to terrible fates we can never see