Sarah: Previously on Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Agent Ellison: Your fiancee, Sarah Connor, killed a man because she
believes that in the future, he'll invent a computer system that declares
war on the world.

Sarah: Andy Goode rebuilt his chess computer.

Andy: The Turk.

Derek: Somebody killed him and took the machine.

John: No name, but he's got this on his arm.

Cameron: That's a tattoo from a Skynet work camp.

Cameron: He's a resistance fighter.

Sarah: I know who you are.

Derek: And I know who you are.

Derek: Sarah Connor.

Sarah: These things.

Sarah: All of them are programmed with specific missions.

Sarah: We have to save him.

John: You don't even know who this guy is!

Sarah: He's your uncle.

Sarah: He doesn't know.

Sarah: John!

Cameron: He needs medical attention or he's going to die.

Charley: John?

Charley: Is it really you?

Sarah: He's not breathing.

Sarah (monologue): On the night we first met, John's father, Kyle Reese,
told me words I remember to this day. He meant them as a warning. I think
of them as words to live by. He told me of an apocalypse yet to come. Like
a pandora's box, he unpacked every horror, every evil. Every dark thing
that haunts our future. He also left me an unborn son, to whom he
bequeathed what remained in the box after the nightmare fled. Hope.

Charley: Bullet nicked his left lung.

Charley: I got a fragment lodged in the soft tissue,

Charley: I can get it out, but will someone please tell me what the hell
is going on around here?

Derek: She's a machine!

Derek: She's a liar!

Charley: Sedative, my bag!

Derek: She's a liar!

Derek: Everything she says is a lie!

Derek: Don't listen to her!

Derek: Don't listen-- don't!

Derek: Don't!

Derek: Get that ***** away from me!

Derek: No, no!

Derek: Get that ***** away from me!

Charley: You heard him.

Derek: Get away from me!

Derek: No!

Charley: Do you want him to die?

Cameron: If I wanted him to die--

Sarah: Cameron!

John: om, come on, what can I do?

Charley: I need a manual aspirator.

Charley: To drain the lung, okay?

Charley: It's in the back of my truck.

Charley: You know what it looks like?

John: Yeah, I remember.

Charley: Go get it.

Charley: It's in the car

Charley: Oh, my god.

Charley: Gunshots, punctures, burns, some broken bones.

Charley: Second-rate medical treatment if anything at all.

Charley: Sarah, what--

Charley: I need more light.

Charley: Stay with me, okay?

Kyle: You're an idiot, right?

Kyle: It's an old wives' tale.

Kyle: A trick.

Kyle: It doesn't work. It's all in your mind.

Derek: It works.

Kyle: I don't do it, and I haven't been sick for years.

Derek: That's because your guts are made of metal, like your head.

Derek: If you were a little smarter, you'd be a tin can.

Kyle: I'm just saying you're wasting your time.

Kyle: Again.

Kyle: When I was in century--

Derek: Hey, Wisher,

Derek: Did you hear,

Derek: Brother Kyle was in century work camp.

Wisher: No, really?

Kyle: Go to hell.

Wisher: Did he escape?

Wisher: Was he a hero?

Derek: I heard he led John Connor through a slaughterhouse without taking
a pin prick.

Wisher: Oh, no, I heard it was two slaughterhouses.

Wisher: And then he, uh, carried Connor.

Kyle: It was one slaughterhouse.

Kyle: Many Connors.

Wisher: Right, right.

Derek: Centaur patrol.

Kyle: What?

Derek: I hate that thing.

Kyle: It's just a picture.

Derek: It's Connor's mother.

Derek: I don't get why he'd give you that.

Kyle: She's my lucky charm.

Derek: That's what makes me nervous.

Sayles: Derek, Kyle, Connor wants us top side.

Sayles: Track back where the centaurs came from.

Sayles: I think we lost the trail, boys.

Kyle: Let's give it a few more blocks north-northeast.

Kyle: If I was a cyborg tank, I think I'd come north-northeast.

Kyle: I smell jet fuel.

Derek: Last time we found a tank factory, you smelled jet fuel.

Wisher: I hear Connor's looking for bigger fish than factories.

Wisher: I hear he's got squads out, looking for some skynet secret weapon.

Sayles: Don't they have enough weapons?

Sayles: Why do they need a secret one?

Sayles: What about it, Kyle?

Sayles: Connor say anything to you?

Kyle: No, not a word.

Derek: What the hell was that?

Derek: Kyle?

Derek: HK!

Derek: HK!

Derek: Kyle!

Derek: Kyle!

Derek: Kyle!

Charley: There we go.

Charley: Eight years.

Charley: That's how long I've been in L.A.

Charley: Eight years since my fiancee ran out on me.

Charley: Eight years since the FBI informed me that she was a homicidal
paranoid schizophrenic with an acute dislike for anything mechanical.

Charley: For what it's worth, I didn't believe them.

Charley: Then you blew yourself up.

Cameron: You look nervous.

Cameron: Would you like a sedative?

Cameron: There are sedatives in Charley Dixon's bag.

John: I don't want a sedative.

John: Do you know who that is in there?

John: Who's dying on that table?

Cameron: Yes, that man is first lieutenant Derek Thomas Reese

Cameron: With the 132nd S.O.C.

Cameron: Operational specialty Tech comm.

John: No, I mean, on a personal level.

John: Do you understand who he is?

Cameron: Records indicate only blood relation is his brother.

Cameron: Kyle Reese.

John: And what information do you have about Kyle Reese?

Cameron: Imprisoned at century sector work camp with John Connor,

Cameron: 2015.

Cameron: Escaped with John Connor,

Cameron: 2021.

Cameron: He was officially declared M.I.A. in 2027, after being assigned
to protect Sarah Connor from a skynet attack.

John: Is that all?

Cameron: Seems like a lot.

John: It is.

Charley: It was all over the news.

Charley: Three days later, I packed a bag, hop on the bike,

Charley: Drove to L.A., straight through.

Charley: I had to know.

Charley: I had to see it with my own eyes.

Charley: But then I got here, and there was nothing there.

Charley: Just a hole in the ground where the bank used to be.

Charley: I couldn't go home.

Charley: How could I?

Sarah: I didn't want to leave you.

Sarah: I didn't have a choice.

Charley: Gun to your head?

Sarah: More like kid in my head, it's, um...

Sarah: It's complicated.

Charley: Then uncomplicate it for me.

Derek: Kyle.

Derek: Hey, you mind?

Derek: Water?

Derek: What's going on? Is he dead?

Derek: Hey. Hey.

Derek: Buddy, you all right?

Charley: So...

Charley: Skynet,

Charley: Robots,

Charley: From the future?

Charley: And, you're a--

Cameron: Yes. I'm a--

Sarah: You need a--

Charley: A minute.

Sarah: I was going to say a drink.

Charley: Oh, yeah, that, too.

Sarah: Don't you have an endoskeleton you need to disappear, or something?

Cameron: Yes, I've already prepared the thermite.

Charley: Thermite?

Cameron: It's an incendiary chemical.

Cameron: It burns at 2,500 degrees celsius.

Cameron: Hot enough to liquefy this endoskeleton.

Charley: I know what thermite is, I'm just, uh,

Charley: Still working my way around "endoskeleton."

Sarah: There's beers in the fridge.

John: I looked for a lime.

John: Sorry.

John: Are you mad at me for...

John: Getting you mixed up in all this?

Charley: Uh, no.

Charley: I just-- I guess--

Charley: I guess I wish I would have known back then.

Charley: I wish you could have trusted me.

John: I did.

Derek: Kyle.

Timms: How long you been here?

Derek: I don't know.

Timms: I think I just got here.

Derek: No, you were here when I got here.

Timms: Timms.

Timms: What's your name?

Derek: Reese.

Timms: There's a Reese who busted out of century work camp.

Timms: With John Connor, a while back.

Timms: Mad dogs could lead a pack, I heard.

Derek: No, that wasn't--

Derek: That wasn't me.

Timms: That's too bad.

Sayles: What are they doing, Reese?

Sayles: Is there a secret weapon?

Sayles: Was Connor, right?

Derek: I don't know.

Derek: We go where we're told. we do what we're told.

Sayles: Maybe Connor's wrong.

Sayles: Maybe he's crazy.

Derek: You hear music?

Derek: I swear I hear music. Real music.

Timms: There's a room in the basement.

Derek: What happens there?

Derek: What happens there?

Timms: Maybe your friend will tell us.

Sarah: You should get the hell out of here.

Sarah: Did you do something to him?

Sarah: In the future?

Cameron: I don't know.

Sarah: You don't know?

Cameron: When they reprogram us, they scrub our memories.

Cameron: It increases the chance of success.

Sarah: Success?

Cameron: Of the reprogramming.

Cameron: His lungs are hemorrhaging.

Cameron: He's drowning in his own blood.

Sarah: Charley!

Charley: I stopped the bleeding

Charley: I drained his lungs.

Charley: But your guy lost a lot of blood.

Charley: And he needs a transfusion.

Cameron: Sarah's o-negative, the universal donor.

Charley: It doesn't matter; he needs at least three units of his own type,

Charley: AB-negative.

Charley: Bad news is, only one half of one percent of the population are
potential donors.

Charley: We don't find one, you're gonna have a serious problem.

Sarah: Then we take him to a hospital.

Sarah: Drop him off anonymously.

Cameron: He's still wanted for Andy Goode's murder, and for escaping
federal custody.

Cameron: We should let him die.

John: Test my blood.

John: Test me.

Charley: You heard the odds, Johnny, 200 to one.

John: Please, just test me.

Derek: Wisher.

Derek: Billy.

Sarah: It's not like donating to the Red Cross;

Sarah: He needs a lot of blood.

John: So, I don't get a cookie and a sticker when it's over?

Sarah: I'm serious.

John: Look, I don't see anyone else lining up.

Sarah: You took a hell of a chance bringing Charley here.

John: Save me the speech, all right? I know.

Sarah: You took a hell of a chance, and it worked out.

John: Is that what he looked like?

John: Did they look alike?

Sarah: A little bit, yeah.

Sarah: Same build, same complexion.

Sarah: Not the eyes, though.

Sarah: Even when your father was screaming about the machines,

Sarah: He had such kind eyes.

John: We have to tell him.

Sarah: We don't, and we can't.

John: He's family.

Sarah: He's a stranger.

John: I sent him back here, so I must trust him.

Sarah: Not enough to tell him about Kyle.

Sarah: You didn't trust anyone enough to tell them about your father.

Sarah: Anyone.

Wisher: Can I confess to you?

Derek: I'm not a priest. far from it.

Wisher: I'm a liar.

Wisher: And the devil.

Derek: Oh, Billy.

Wisher: The name's not Billy.

Wisher: It's not Wisher.

Derek: What?

Wisher: My name's Andy.

Wisher: Andy Goode.

Derek: All right, Andy.

Wisher: I did this.

Wisher: All of this, it's my fault.

Derek: What are you talking about?

Wisher: I built Skynet.

Derek: You need to rest.

Derek: Alright, you're very sick.

Wisher: No, no.

Wisher: I'm not sick.

Wisher: I'm not sick. I did this.

Wisher: All of this.

Wisher: I was part of a team.

Wisher: A group. Ten of us.

Wisher: Maybe 15, I don't know.

Wisher: We used names.

Wisher: We were liars.

Wisher: I built computers.

Wisher: I built a computer.

Wisher: A mind.

Wisher: It became angry.

Wisher: And scared.

Wisher: And I couldn't reassure it.

Wisher: I'm sorry.

Wisher: I'm sorry, please forgive me!

Wisher: No, please.

Charley: That's quite a kid you got in there.

John: You have no idea.

Charley: Same rare blood type.

Charley: And his name, Reese. Same as yours when we met.

Charley: It all adds up.

Sarah: He's not John's father.

Sarah: I'm not sure I'm ready to explain it.

Charley: Let me guess. It's complicated?

Charley: Hey. You could have told me.

Sarah: Would you have believed me?

Derek: Kyle!

John: Charley? mom!

Derek: Where's Kyle? Where's--

Derek: Where's Kyle?

Derek: Where's Kyle? Where's--

Derek: Where is he? Where'd you send him?

Derek: No, uh-uh, no.

Derek: Get off me!

Derek: Where is he?

Derek: Where'd you send him?

Derek: You owe me the truth!

Derek: Get this off!

Derek: Get it off of me! Get it off of me!

Derek: Get--

Derek: He's my blood.

Derek: He's my blood!

Derek: He's my blood!

Derek: He's--

Timms: I think they're gone.

Sayles: What is this, a game?

Derek: Yeah, it's always a game.

Sayles: Reese, slow down!

Sayles: Reese!

Sayles: Reese!

Derek: Oh, no.

Derek: No, god.

Derek: Oh, god.

Charley: So who's Kyle?

Charley: He from the future too?

Charley: He come back before?

Charley: And...

Charley: He's John's father.

Sarah: Yes.

Sarah: They're brothers. He doesn't know.

Charley: So, when you used to say that John's father was dead--

Sarah: He is.

Charley: It was because of all of this.

Charley: Me.

Charley: We never had a chance.

Wisher: Plasma burns, secondary explosions.

Wisher: Skynet was here.

Sayles: Maybe Connor and the others fell back to the tunnel downtown.

Derek: Please, god, please.

Sumner: Stand down!

Sumner: Reese. Derek Reese.

Derek: Sumner.

Sumner: We thought we lost you guys to the junkyard.

Derek: You did.

Derek: What happened?

Sumner: Skynet found it, four nights ago.

Sumner: We had a patrol out on the perimeter,

Sumner: Four triple-8s snuck in around us.

Sumner: Went straight for the hole.

Sumner: Killed most.

Sumner: Took some.

Sumner: Rest easy.

Sumner: Connor and your brother weren't here when it happened.

Derek: Where'd they go?

Sumner: They found some Skynet complex in Topanga canyon.

Sumner: And decided to put all the firepower we had into it.

Sumner: We lost a lot of men.

Derek: What was it?

Sumner: I don't know.

Sumner: Some kind of research facility.

Sumner: Factory, something.

Sumner: No one would tell us.

Sumner: Connor took a small group,

Sumner: Including your brother, deep into the place.

Sumner: Left the rest of us outside to guard.

Sumner: A couple days later, he came out.

Sumner: Ordered us to blow the place to hell.

Derek: So what about Kyle?

Derek: What happened to my brother?

Sumner: No one ever saw your brother again.

Derek: Take me to Connor now.

Charley: Hey, Sarah said I might be able to find some more gauze out back

Charley: Wow.

Charley: Hey, is that really necessary?

Charley: It's dead.

Charley: Right?

Charley: Or powered off, whatever?

Cameron: Every component must be destroyed beyond repair or recovery.

Charley: Even a single unaccounted for piece of the endoskeleton

Cameron: Could alter the course of technological evolution.

Cameron: And hasten the arrival of judgment day.

Cameron: Uh, yeah.

Charley: You know, little girl?

Charley: You freak me the hell out.

Charley: On the outside, you're just as pretty as a picture.

Charley: But on the inside, you're a--

Cameron: Hyper-alloy combat chassis.

Charley: Is that a complicated way of saying "robot?"

Cameron: Cybernetic organism.

Cameron: Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.

Charley: Okay. scary robot.

Charley: And here you are, carving up this guy into chum.

Cameron: He's not a guy. he's a scary robot.

Charley: Okay, he's a scary robot?

Charley: You, you're a very scary robot.

Cameron: You should go.

Cameron: It's not safe for you here.

Soldier: You're like a ghost come back.

Soldier: And you're a Reese.

Derek: Tell me about the other Reese.

Soldier: Told you, it's classified.

Derek: I'm family.

Soldier: We're all family.

Derek: Let me talk to Connor. He'll understand.

Derek: Kyle was his friend.

Soldier: Connor doesn't have any friends.

Soldier: And he doesn't talk to anyone.

Derek: Fine, I'll find him myself.

Soldier: Reese.

Derek: Metal!

Soldier: No!

Derek: She's a machine! She's one of them!

Soldier: No, damn it! She's one of ours.

Derek: One of ours?

Derek: It's reprogrammed.

Derek: And just given run of the place like pets?

Soldier: This is Connor's show.

Soldier: And that's what he wants.

Derek: Those machines kill.

Derek: They kill. It's all they do.

Soldier: And now, they do it for us.

Soldier: They helped us in Topanga.

Soldier: We'd never have done what we did.

Derek: What did we do?

Soldier: Derek.

Derek: What happened?

Derek: What happened up there?

Derek: What happened to my brother?

Derek: Hey!

Derek: Do it, do it. kill me!

Derek: You son of a--

Cameron: Sometimes they go bad.

Cameron: No one knows why.

Sarah: What did you say to Charley?

Cameron: I freak him the hell out.

Sarah: I'll bet you do.

Sarah: I'll just bet.

Sarah: I know what you're thinking.

Sarah: I may not know how you think.

Sarah: But I know what you're thinking about.

Sarah: And what you're thinking about right now

Sarah: Is exactly what you should not think about.

Sarah: I didn't leave Charley because he was a threat to me or John.

Sarah: We're a threat to him, do you understand?

Cameron: You were right to leave him.

Sarah: You don't go near him.

Sarah: You don't touch him.

Sarah: You swear to me you'll leave him alone,

Sarah: Or, so help me, I will find a way of taking you apart, piece by

Cameron: I swear.

Sarah: So do i.

Sarah: That thing's done, right? It's vapor.

Cameron: One missing component,

Cameron: His left hand; I'll find it.

Sarah: Everything needs to be destroyed.

Sarah: Everything.

Cameron: Everything.

Sarah: Every last bolt.

Sarah: Get it done.

Cameron: I swear.

Charley: The best you could do for him now

Charley: Is keep feeding him pain killers,

Charley: And restrict his movement.

Charley: No lifting, no running,

Charley: No singing, and absolutely no gun fights.

Charley: If you need anything else...

Sarah: I won't.

Charley: Now, you see, that's not what I was going to say at all.

Sarah: I know, I can't let you say it.

Charley: What can I say?

Sarah: Good-bye.

Charley: What-- what was that thing

Charley: That you always said?

Charley: There is no fate but what we make.

Charley: Remember?

Sarah: The more I think about it, the more I realize

Sarah: My fate was made before we met.

Sarah: When John was born.

Charley: Can't change it?

Sarah: I'm not trying to change mine.

Sarah: I'm trying to change his.

Charley: Yeah.

Charley: Okay.

Charley: Wait, there's um--

Charley: There's something else I got to tell you.

Charley: This is something you really need to know.

Charley: I didn't, um, I didn't tell him anything.

Charley: But, if you ask me, it's just a matter of time.

Sarah: It always is.

Charley: There's a storm coming.

Cameron: John wants to see you.

John: Derek.

John: Hey, Derek,

John: It's okay.

John: It's okay, it's all going to be okay.

John: Rest easy, okay? it's okay.

Derek: What is all this?

Timms: So this thing, it works?

Derek: He said it does.

Derek: I don't know how he knows, but he said so.

Sayles: We go back.

Derek: 20 years.

Sayles: Set up a safe house, gather intel, and then what?

Sayles: Hang in there, baby?

Sayles: Until someone else shows up, and gives us more orders?

Sayles: He didn't say anything about Kyle?

Sayles: All that, and not a word about him?

Derek: We can save Kyle.

Derek: We can save everybody.

Derek: We can fix all the mistakes.

Timms: How're we gonna do that?

Timms: Reese, how are we going to do that?

John: Kyle Reese, your brother,

John: He came across time to protect me.

John: He died fighting the machines.

John: He was a soldier.

John: And he was--

John: He was a hero.

John: He was a hero.

Sarah (monologue): "Listen," Kyle said. "Listen, and understand. The
machine is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned
with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will
not stop, ever. Until you are dead."