Sarah: Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Cameron: Cromartie's here.

Sarah: Are you forgetting that I blew his head off?

Cameron: He came through. He knows we're here.

Sarah: It's just a head.

Cameron: We're programmed to repair ourselves.

Cameron: We're programmed to blend in.

Sarah: There are other people here.

Cameron: Resistance fighters.

Sarah: Humans sent back from the future by John.

Sarah: Who have money and guns.

Student: Jumper outside the gym!

Cameron: It's my new friend.

Cameron: The crying one from the bathroom

John: We gotta help her now!

Cameron: No.

Sarah: I need you to look at these photographs. Tell me if you recognize

Tarissa Dyson: The young one. His name is Andrew Goode.

Tarissa Dyson: He was an intern at Cyberdyne one summer.

Andy: Do you wanna have dinner with me?

Andy: My turk plays chess at at level that could defeat every human player
that's ever lived, and probably ever will live.

Sarah: You talk about it like it's human.

Andy: You never know.

Cameron: Andy Goode must be killed.

Sarah(monologue): Of all the training my son received in the jungles of
Central America, nothing prepared him better for combat than the game of
chess. It taught him almost everything he needed to know about war. That
to win you must be patient, bold, calculating, and most of all... Willing
to sacrifice.

Sarah: Andy.

Sarah: I haven't heard from you in a while.

Andy: Sorry I've been out of touch. But after the fire in my house... How
can I explain? It was kind of a blessing. Can you meet me?

Sarah: Where are you?

Andy: A hotel in Pasadena. I'm checking into a tournament.

Sarah: A tournament?

Andy: Yeah, you know, chess.

Cromartie: Charley Dixon? Agent Kester, FBI.

Cromartie: I need to ask you a few questions.

Charley: What is this about?

Cromartie: Sarah Connor.

John: Are you really good at math?

Cameron: Yes.

John: You wanna do mine?

Cameron: Yes.

Sarah: We got a problem.

Sarah: Andy Goode rebuilt his chess computer.

John: The Turk.

John: But you napalmed it.

Sarah: Apparently he spent every minute since then in a coffee shop in Van
Nuys rewriting the code from memory.

John: Good code is like a good song in your head. It's gotta come out.

Sarah: The song might just blow up the world.

Cameron: You should have killed him when you had the chance.

Sarah: And I'm surprised it's taken you this long to bring that up.

Cameron: I'm busy doing John's homework.

Sarah: Andy entered it into a tournament.

John: Computer versus human?

Sarah: Computer versus computer.

John: It's the new thing.

John: These programs are too smart and powerful to play people anymore.

Sarah: It gets better the more we talk about it.

Sarah: You're going to school.

Sarah: You and Tin Miss can meet me there later.

John: Mom, it's chess. You don't know anything about chess.

Sarah: I know a bit about Andy.

Sarah: Besides, you can't be absent. Absent gets you on the radar.

John: Okay, I get it.

John: You go.

John: Can I have some money for lunch?

Andy: Isn't this awesome?

Andy: God, I love robots.

Andy: Come here.

Sarah: So is this one better or worse?

Andy: Well, it's different, really.

Andy: More adaptable, but less predictable.

Andy: Not as powerful for now, but quicker on its feet.

Andy: It has a hunger for learning, but sometimes the lessons it learns...

Sarah: Sounds more human.

Andy: Well, if you want an analogy, I'd say that Turk I had grown into a
brooding teenager, and Turk II is still more of a precocious child.

Andy: Speaking of brooding and precocious. This is my partner, Dimitri

Andy: I built the Turk, but Dimitri taught it to play chess.

Dimitri: She'll never sleep with you.

Dimitri: Da, poka.

Dimitri: You should plug that in.

Andy: Yep.

Andy: Don't listen to him. He's just worked up about the military

Andy: We have a deal to split the money.

Sarah: What military contract?

Andy: The one the winner gets.

Charley: Why don't you get your story straight?

Charley: Is she dead or isn't she?

Cromartie: Sarah Connor survived the explosion in the bank vault.

Cromartie: So did her son.

Charley: Yeah, that was eight years ago.

Charley: You guys just figured that out?

Cromartie: Yes.

Charley: Yes?

Charley: Yes, what?

Cromartie: We just figured that out.

Michelle Dixon: Babe, who was that at the door?

Cromartie: Good morning, ma'am.

Charley: He's from the FBI.

Cromartie: I'm asking a few questions.

Michelle Dixon: Charley, is something wrong?

Charley: No.

Cromartie: I'm looking for the Connors.

Michelle Dixon: Sarah Connor?

Michelle Dixon: Your ex?

Cromartie: I'm looking for them here.

Michelle Dixon: Here?

Cromartie: Mr. Dixon wanted to marry Sarah Connor before you.

Cromartie: She's alive. Maybe he's hiding her here.

Charley: What?

Charley: I already told you, no.

Charley: No, okay?

Charley: Look, all due respect, Agent Kester, the woman that I knew, Sarah
Reese, she blew herself up in a bank eight years ago.

Charley: I never knew, and I do not know Sarah Connor.

Cromartie: If you see or hear anything, call me.

Cromartie: Any time, I never sleep.

Mr. Harris: Just a reminder, grief counseling will be available in my
office throughout the week.

Cameron: What are they doing?

John: They're writing notes.

John: For Jordan.

Cameron: She's dead.

John: Yeah, I remember watching her fall.

Cameron: Me too.

Cameron: How will she get the notes?

John: She won't.

Cameron: But you said...

John: Sometimes things happen and they're so bad, that people justdon't
know how to deal with their sadness.

John: So they write it in a note.

Cameron: But I thought people cried when they were sad.

John: Sometimes it's not enough.

Cheri: Are you gonna...?

John: I didn't really know her.

Cheri: I didn't either.

Cheri: I like the note part.

Morris (spoken in Spanish): Can I get the diagnostic unit?

Student (Spanish): We're using it.

Morris (Spanish): You're kinda hogging it.

Student (Spanish): You gonna make this into a thing?

John (Spanish): Look, if you guys are gonna stand around and ***** at each
other, I'll take it.

Student: Nice accent, white boy.

Morris: I have no idea what's with those guys. They're always messing with

John: Yeah, man, I've no idea.

Morris: I'm Morris.

John: John.

Morris: Hey umm. I saw you talking to Cheryl Weston this morning.

Morris: Maybe no one told you cause you're new but she's damaged goods.

John: She's my chem partner.

John: Do you know her or something?

Morris: No one knows her.

Morris: Something crazy went down at the last school she was in, but no
one knows what it is.

Morris: Her dad's got her locked down tight.

John: It's a pretty boring rumor.

Morris: It's truth.

John: Not much of it.

Morris: I'm just looking out for you, bro.

John: Yeah, you and everyone else.

Announcer:An extremely close match between the American and Japanese
computers here in the finals. The Americans, led by programmer Andrew
Goode, have a slight positional advantage. The Japanese seize control of
the center with bishop to C5.

John: Do you know how many grand masters are here?

John: How's Andy doing?

Sarah: Well, that depends on what your plans are for Andy.

Sarah: On the one hand, he's in the final round, on the other hand... The
winner gets a military contract.

John: Military?

John: Are you serious?

John: What do we do?

Sarah: Cheer very hard for the Japanese or Cameron will kill him.

Announcer: An unorthodox move by the Japanese, leaving their queen hanging
on B6 square. The American computer calculating a response.

Sarah: What just happened?

John: That bishop on C5 totally hammered him.

John: Black's in total zugzwang.

Sarah: Translation?

John: The Japanese just lost their queen.

John: They're in big trouble.

Sarah: Andy's gonna win.

Michelle Dixon: So that was quite a speech earlier.

Michelle Dixon: With the agent.

Charley: That wasn't a speech, it's was just... It's just what it was.

Michelle Dixon: What it was, was a lie.

Charley: What?

Michelle Dixon: A lie.

Michelle Dixon: You have a tell.

Charley: A what? A tell?

Michelle Dixon: You have a tell.

Michelle Dixon: When you lie.

Michelle Dixon: Do you know why you love me, Charley?

Michelle Dixon: I'm gonna tell you why you love me.

Michelle Dixon: It's cause I'm not that girl.

Michelle Dixon: I'm not that jealous girl.

Michelle Dixon: I'm not that insecure girl.

Michelle Dixon: I'm not that petty girl.

Charley: Of course not.

Michelle Dixon: Yeah, so just don't make me into that girl by lying to me.

Michelle Dixon: If that woman is alive, if you've seen her... This is

Charley: I saw John.

Michelle Dixon: What?

Michelle Dixon: Where?

Charley: Here.

Charley: In our house.

Michelle Dixon: In our house?

Michelle Dixon: In our house?

Michelle Dixon: What did he want?

Charley: I don't know.

Charley: I think he just wanted to see me.

Michelle Dixon: What are you gonna do about it?

Charley: I don't know.

Michelle Dixon: They're fugitives, Charlie.

Michelle Dixon: They're dangerous people.

Charley: Sarah's not dangerous.

Michelle Dixon: Oh well, maybe not the Sarah you knew.

Michelle Dixon: Sarah Reese, but Sarah Connor killed a man.

Charley: We don't know that.

Michelle Dixon: Well, what do we know?

Michelle Dixon: What do you know?

Announcer: The Japanese desperately hoping for counter play after the
disastrous loss of their queen. Victory appears imminent for the
Americans. Andy Goode's Turk seized control of the match in the middle
game,and now appears just moves away from winning. Rook to C2. Checkmate.
A shocking turn of events. The Japanese team has won the tournament and
the military contract.

John: It's over.

John: Andy lost.

Sarah: But the other team...

John: They didn't lose their queen, they sacrificed it.

John: Just like Byrne-Fischer all over again.

John: Byrne-Fischer, 1956?

John: Never mind. The point is...

Sarah: The Turk fell for a trap?

John: It's like it just... choked.

John: So now, what?

John: We go after them now?

Sarah: No, their names weren't in the safe house.

Sarah: Andy's was.

Andy: What computational error let them put the bishop on E6 to begin

Dimitri: I can't help it if it's stupid!

John: Nobody's gonna want Andy's program now.

John: That thing's kind of crazy.

Cameron: He could still be a threat.

Cameron: It could still become Skynet.

Sarah: It could also become Pong.

John: What are you gonna do?

Sarah: I don't know.

Sarah: Maybe I'll just sit Andy down and tell him everything.

Sarah: Andy.

Sarah: Who are you?

Cop: Put your hands above your head!

Cop: Do it now!

Cop: Turn!

Cop: Turn!

Cop: Spread 'em!

Cop: Put your hands behind your back.

Cop: Over here.

Sarah: I'm so sorry, Andy.

Sarah: What's this?

Cameron: You should write Andy a note if you can't cry.

Sarah: Doesn't bother you that he's dead, does it?

Cameron: The world is safer without him.

John: That was way too easy.

John: LAPD's firewalls really blow.

Sarah: Show me what you found.

John: Okay.

John: No name, but he's got this tattoo on his arm.

Sarah: He's one of them.

Cameron: That's a tattoo from a Skynet work camp.

Cameron: He's a resistance fighter.

John: From the future. Like the three guys in the safe house?

Cameron: He was the fourth.

John: Then you know him.

John: In the future.

Cameron: So do you.

Cameron: He's one of your best soldiers.

Sarah: They've been watching Andy Goode.

Sarah: Doing surveillance.

Sarah: Same as us.

John: Well, not exactly the same.

John: He actually killed the guy.

Cameron: That was not his mission.

Cameron: You sent him here to wait for us.

John: Well, then I guess he changed his mind. A lot.

Sarah: I have to talk to him.

John: Talk to him? How?

John: He's in lock down.

Cop: Freeze.

Cameron: What are you doing?

John: Math.

Cameron: I already did your homework.

John: Yeah, I know, but I still have to take the test.

John: I need to know this stuff.

Cameron: Then why did you ask me to do it?

John: Because maybe it's kinda hard to concentrate on geometry when people
keep dying around you.

John: You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?

Cameron: You're grieving.

John: Grieving?

John: How do you know what grieving is?

Cameron: I read all the notes.

Student: Cameron Baum, Mr. Harris wants to see you.

Mr. Harris: I know this is difficult for you to talk about, so I'm gonna
need you to be strong.

Mr. Harris: Okay?

Mr. Harris: Can you do that for me?

Cameron: Yes.

Cameron: I can be strong.

Mr. Harris: People say you were the last person to speak with Jordan
before she...

Mr. Harris: Died.

Mr. Harris: Is that true?

Cameron: I don't know.

Cameron: Are you asking me if people say I was the last person to talk to
Jordan, or are you asking me if I was the last one to talk to her?

Mr. Harris: I guess I'm asking if you were.

Cameron: I don't know.

Mr. Harris: What did she say when you did talk to her?

Mr. Harris: I mean, was it something upsetting for you to hear?

Cameron: She said, "You saw it, right? Right? You saw it? It's so freakin'
big and right out there."

Mr. Harris: She was talking about the graffiti?

Cameron: It's freakin' big.

Mr. Harris: Yes.

Mr. Harris: Yes, it is.

Cameron: And no.

Mr. Harris: No?

Cameron: No, it wasn't upsetting for me to hear it.

Mr. Harris: Did Jordan mention any names?

Dimitri: Any specific people that she was upset with?

Cameron: Her parents.

Mr. Harris: Anyone else?

Cameron: The hall monitors.

Mr. Harris: Anyone else?

Cameron: You ask that question a lot.

Cameron: Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Mr. Harris: I don't think I told you anything.

Cameron: Oh... OK...

Cameron: Can I go now?

Cameron: I'm done with grief counseling, and I feel much better.

Mr. Harris: Yeah, please. Go.

Guard: Yo, John Doe, you got a visitor.

Agent Ellison: Those hurt?

Agent Ellison: Sometimes they crank those tight before they bring you in

Agent Ellison: That way, you might ask me to loosen them up.

Agent Ellison: And I am able to accommodate you in that.

Agent Ellison: It's a trick they do.

Agent Ellison: It gives us a connection.

Agent Ellison: But we already got a connection.

Agent Ellison: Your prints are everywhere.

Agent Ellison: Oven, light switch, toilet.

Agent Ellison: Safe.

Agent Ellison: Wasn't us who found it. But somebody did.

Agent Ellison: After the police thought they cleared the scene, somebody
came back and emptied the safe right quick.

Agent Ellison: Didn't force it either.

Agent Ellison: They knew the combination.

Agent Ellison: So.

Agent Ellison: We've got you running from the scene of Andrew Goode's

Agent Ellison: And we've got you living at, and disappearing from, and
most likely returning to the scene of these three murders.

Agent Ellison: All of which would be a prosecutorial bounty.

Agent Ellison: But I've also got forensic evidence, linking this, to this,
and this.

Agent Ellison: Feeling connected yet?

Derek: What is it?

Agent Ellison: Huh?

Derek: The forensic evidence linking all these people...

Derek: What is it?

Agent Ellison: Blood.

Derek: Not my blood.

Agent Ellison: No, not your blood.

Agent Ellison: And, technically, not even blood.

Agent Ellison: Some kind of synthetic.

Agent Ellison: Come on, man, help me out.

Agent Ellison: Tell me something I don't know.

Derek: We're all gonna die.

Agent Ellison: Yeah, I want him out of local custody today.

Agent Ellison: He has more to say and I want him on federal turf when he
says it.

Sarah: Yes, this is Cameron's mother.

Mr. Harris: Mrs. Baum, you're aware of the recent tragedy we've had here
at school?

Sarah: Jordan somebody.

Mr. Harris: Tallen.

Mr. Harris: When I spoke to Cameron about it, she seemed strangely

Mr. Harris: I'm sure you're doing all you can as a parent.

Sarah: It's been overwhelming for all of us, first with the tornado, then
the move.

Mr. Harris: Tornado?

Mr. Harris: I'm sorry, she didn't mention that.

Mr. Harris: That might explain what I think might be classic
post-traumatic stress.

Sarah: You're gonna have to speak up.

Derek: You shouldn't be here.

Sarah: I know who you are.

Derek: And I know who you are.

Derek: Who else but Sarah Connor would have burned down that poor kid's

Sarah: It was you, wasn't it?

Sarah: On Andy's porch that night. You've been watching.

Sarah: You wanted to kill him, the poor kid, and you did.

Derek: I didn't do it.

Derek: All I wanted was the Turk.

Derek: Somebody else killed him and took the machine.

Sarah: What?

Derek: He was dead when I got there.

Derek: He was dead and the Turk was gone, and I hoped you'd done it.

Sarah: You thought I killed him?

Derek: But you're here.

Derek: And the Turk is out there.

Derek: So we both failed.

Derek: You gotta get out of here.

Derek: If you haven't figured it out, I have a T-triple 8 on my ass.

Derek: Now if you found me, it will too.

Sarah: We should get you out.

Derek: Go.

Derek: Find the partner, the Russian. He's gotta be neck-deep in this

Sarah: You're dead in here.

Derek: Go!

Derek: Please.

Derek: I won't be the bastard who brings metal down on the Connors, so
just go.

Derek: You're prettier than your picture.

Sarah: Picture?

Derek: Yeah, it's actually how I clocked you.

Derek: My brother carried your snap for luck.

Sarah: Who's your brother?

Derek: What does it matter?

Derek: You don't know the Reese boys, and you never will.

Sarah: Reese boys?

Derek: Derek Reese.

Derek: Brother's Kyle.

Sarah (monologue): When John sent Kyle Reese back to protect me, we had
two days together. He told me about the future, about the apocalypse, and
the terror of a world run by machines. Kyle Reese saved my life. He gave
me a son. He never told me that he had a brother. He never told me we
would have family. That in our grief we are not alone.

John: Cheri.

John: Cheri.

Cheri: Walk away.

Cheri: John, please.

Morris: Lock and key, bro. Lock and key.

Cameron: Mom's here.

Morris: Whoa... Hi.

Morris: I'm Morris. Your brother's new best friend.

Cameron: Cameron.

Morris: Nice grip.

John: Watch yourself.

John: Just lookin' out for ya.

Sarah: Field trip.

John: I call shotgun.

Cameron: I call 9-millimeter.

Agent Ellison: What's the ETA on my prisoner?

Agent Ellison: All right.

Sarah: Drop it.

Sarah: Now.

Sarah: Run.

Sarah: You stay close.

Sarah: Take the jeep and follow us.

Derek: You metal *****.

Sarah: She's on our side.

Sarah: Triple 8. Lose him.

Sarah: Let's go.

John: Where's Cameron?

Derek: Leave her, let's go.

Sarah: Let's go.

Sarah: Stay back!

Sarah: Get down!

Cameron: Bring me the toolbox.

Cameron: Switchblade.

Cameron: Pliers.

Sarah: We have to help him.

Derek: Don't let it touch me.

Sarah: We have to stop your bleeding.

Derek: Get away.

Cameron: Please don't move.

Cameron: You're increasing your blood loss.

Cameron: I can't fix it.

Sarah: You took a bullet outta me.

Cameron: He has internal damage.

Cameron: He needs medical attention, or he's gonna die.

John: A stun gun.

John: Are you nuts?

Sarah: He needs a doctor.

John: You're gonna go out and kidnap one?

Sarah: There's an ER a mile away. It's almost dark.

John: Mom, this is crazy, all right. Even for you, it's insane.

Sarah: We have to save him.

John: And what happens when you get caught? Then what?

Sarah: I said we have to save him.

John: You don't know who this guy is.

Sarah: He's your uncle.

Sarah: He doesn't know.

Sarah: He's your father's brother.

Sarah: His name's Derek Reese.

Sarah: John.

Agent Ellison: Two females, approximately 5'6", 120 pounds, overpower you
and your partner, ambush your secure vehicle, and kidnap my prisoner.

Agent Ellison: That an accurate summation of what happened out here today,

Agent Ellison: Yeah.

Agent Ellison: 5'6".

Agent Ellison: 5'6".

Sarah (monologue): If there is a flaw in chess as a game of war, it is
this: unlike war, the rules of chess are constant. The pieces
unchangeable. You will never win the heart of a rook or the mind of a
knight. They are deaf to your arguments. And so be it. The goal of a chess
game is total annihilation. But, in war, even as the blood beats in your
ears and you race after your enemy, there is the hope that saner minds
than yours will stop you before you reach your target. In war, unlike
chess, rules can be changed. Truces can be called. The greatest of enemies
can become the best of friends.

Sarah: Derek.

Sarah: Derek.

Sarah: He's not breathing.

Sarah: Reese!

Sarah: Reese!

Sarah (monologue): In war, there is hope.