Sarah: Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Cromartie: Mr. Ferguson is ill today.

Cromartie: My name is Cromartie.

Cromartie: Do we have a John Reese?

Cromartie: Excellent.

John: You changed the future. You just didn't change it enough.

Sarah: These things, they are here.

Sarah: And they are programmed with specific missions.

Agent Simpson: It took his eyes, James.

Student: Jumper! Outside the gym!

Cameron: It's my new friend, crying one from the bathroom.

John: We gotta help her, now!

Cameron: No.

John: I Could have done something.

John: I was right there.

Sarah: And what were you gonna do be a hero?

John: Isn't that what I'm supposed to be?

John: A hero? Isn't that who I am?

Dr. Lyman: Patient is female, 33.

Dr. Lyman: Previous lipo and breast augmentation with complications of
seroma and scarring.

Dr. Lyman: Hello?

Dr. Lyman: Hello?

Sarah (monologue): When John was little, before bed, I used to read him
fairy tales. One night, I read him a folk tale called the Golem Prague,
the story of a clay monster made by a rabbi to protect the Jews of the

Dr. Lyman: You shouldn't be back here. The office is closed.

Cromartie: You do reconstructive surgery?

Dr. Lyman: You need a consult. You'll have to call Monday.

Cromartie: I need reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Lyman: You can either just leave now or I can call the police. Your

Sarah (monologue): What I failed to remember was that, at the end of the
story, the Golem turns on its maker and kills him, as well as the rest of
the town.

Cromartie: Now.

Sarah (monologue): He didn't sleep for months. I went to him and tried to
tell him that it wasn't real, that I'd made it all up. Somehow, that made
it all worse.

Sarah: Up a little late?

Sarah: "Covalent and ionic bonding."

Sarah: No wonder you're still up.

Sarah: I can never get my head around this either.

John: It's not that hard.

Sarah: So you wanna talk about it?

John: Talk about what?

Sarah: You just seem down.

Sarah: Downer than usual.

John: I'm fine.

Sarah: I know what fine means.

Sarah: Fine means you're upset about something, and you won't talk to me.

John: Fine means I'm fine.

Sarah: I saw there's a memorial service at school this week for that girl.

John: Jordan.

Sarah: Jordan, right.

Sarah: Are you planning on going?

John: I try not to make plans.

John: Plans are for people in control of their own lives.

Sarah: I don't want you to blame yourself for what happened.

John: Who said I blame myself?

John: What do you want?

Cameron: Cromartie's here.

Cameron: Now.

Sarah: What?

Cameron: I've been monitoring the media for possible threats.

Cameron: Yesterday, arson at an Oakland dock forced the rerouting of a
shipment of refined coltan into the port of Los Angeles.

Sarah: Coltan?

Cameron: Skynet will use it as a key element in our endoskeletal alloy.

Sarah: That doesn't mean Cromartie's back.

Sarah: How can it be Cromartie?

Sarah: Are you forgetting that I blew his head off?

Cameron: I remember.

Cameron: That's why I went to find this.

Cameron: You should watch.

Cameron: It won't play.

John: Put it on video 2.

Cameron: Oh, thank you for explaining.

Sarah: Where'd you get this?

John: Check the paper tomorrow for any dead anchormen.

Cameron: I don't sleep.

Cameron: There.

Cameron: He came through. He knows we're here.

Sarah: It's just a head.

Cameron: His chip is intact.

Cameron: We're programmed to repair ourselves.

Cameron: We're programmed to blend in.

Cameron: He might still need coltan for a missing piece. A leg, an arm.

Cameron: He'll rebuild and continue his mission to hunt and kill.

Sarah: I know what his mission is.

Sarah: I still have the money from the safe house.

Sarah: We can go south, set up across the border, off the grid.

John: Go south...

Sarah: What?

John: Thought you said we weren't gonna run anymore.

John: We were gonna fight.

Sarah: This is different.

John: Right, this is different.

John: If Cromartie's damaged, he's vulnerable.

John: We know where he'll be.

Cameron: A new skin means a new face.

Cameron: We won't know what he looks like.

John: But we know where he'll be.

John: I can hack the port schedule no problem. We find the container and
we wait.

John: We hunt him for a change.

John: Or we could run... again.

Sarah: The ship comes tonight?

Sarah: The one carrying the coltan?

Cameron: 5:00 A.M.

Sarah: Like you're gonna drive.

Sarah: Get the shotguns.

John: It's not like I can't drive.

Sarah: And the C-4 from the bathroom under the towels.

Sarah: Cromartie?

Cameron: Not here yet.

Cameron: They're humans.

Sarah: Keep setting the charges.

Sarah: If he comes for that container, he'll have to come through here.

Sarah: Is that Cromartie?

Sarah: Cameron.

Cameron: He'll survive.

Sarah: He's human.

Cameron: Not a very strong one.

John: Mom.

John: Those other guys just stole the truck.

Sarah: Cromartie has men working with him? Does that happen?

Cameron: You work with me.

Sarah: We have to follow that truck.

John: That's coltan.

John: If that's what you're made of, no wonder you're so dense.

Cameron: Not density.

Cameron: Heat resistance.

Cameron: T600 models had a titanium alloy endoskeleton.

Cameron: But it was vulnerable to heat.

Cameron: Coltan alloys has a higher melting point.

Sarah: You know what I love about you guys?

Sarah: Even when you've evolved into the ultimate indestructible killing
machine, you're not above self-examination and improvement.

Cameron: Thank you.

Sarah: Please shut up.

Sarah: Military tags?

Carter: Leave it.

Carter: We need to move. Now.

Mike: How about we get paid now, seriously?

Worker: How about you shut up and go now?

Sarah: He's not damaged at all.

Cameron: That's not Cromartie.

Cameron: Endoskeletal structure points don't match.

Cameron: He's too short.

Sarah: Another one?

Sarah: Why does he have all this?

Sarah: I thought these things just hunt and killed people.

Cameron: They perform whatever mission they're programmed for.

Sarah: And what kind of mission is this?

Detective: Man, it weirds me out more and more.

Detective: We barely get a crime scene up, and the FBI is here like that.

Detective: Like you guys got some kind of magic powers or something.

Detective: Thanks, Lou.

Agent Ellison: Computers, my friend.

Agent Ellison: Log in a weird blood sample that matches one of my other
cases, and, poof, I appear.

Detective: They're gonna put us all out of work one of these days...

Detective: Not that I'll mind.

Agent Ellison: Wouldn't worry about that.

Agent Ellison: Always gonna need somebody to clean up.

Agent Ellison: So who we got here?

Detective: Dr. David Lyman, plastic surgeon.

Detective: Office manager found him this morning when she came to open up.

Detective: Swabbed your weird blood out of the drain.

Detective: Otherwise, the place is clean. Nothing missing, no motive, zip.

Detective: So what's your interest here?

Agent Ellison: I got six guys dead, no rhyme or reason.

Agent Ellison: Except some kind of blood that isn't quite blood.

Agent Ellison: It's not natural.

Agent Ellison: I like natural.

Agent Ellison: Natural's assuring. It helps me sleep at night.

Detective: I meant more the FBI's interest.

Agent Ellison: You know the FBI.

Agent Ellison: We're interested in everything.

Detective: So this guy... Comes in Friday night.

Detective: Leaves Sunday, A.M.

Detective: That's the only lead we have at the moment.

Office Manager: I thought he looked familiar. He was a patient.

Office Manager: We did his chin and nose last May.

Office Manager: George Lazlo.

John: We still have the charges. We can rig 'em at the door.

John: Blow 'em when they try to drive out. Then Cameron can take out...

Sarah: Get in the car. We're going.

Sarah: What?

Sarah: John, the plan was to hunt Cromartie. That's not Cromartie.

John: So.

Sarah: So you just wanna walk in there, kick their asses and go for

Sarah: It doesn't work like that. We're outnumbered.

John: We have her.

Sarah: We don't know what's going on.

Sarah: That thing has real estate it has employees.

Sarah: Who knows how many more are in there.

Sarah: There's three of us. I'm not saying we run.

Sarah: But we need to step back, see what's going on.

John: So we run, in other words.

Sarah: Can you tell him to get in the car?

Cameron: It's too dangerous.

Cameron: We should go.

John: It's always too dangerous!

John: It's war. War is dangerous!

Sarah: If you die...

Sarah: They win.

John: How many of those things, those endoskeletons, do you think they can
make out of that load of metal in there?

John: 'Cause that's what we're talking about. It's a truck full of enemy

John: What if they're building them right here, right now?

John: If I could get myself on into the truck, we can track them by

Sarah: John Connor, we're going... now.

Cameron: 530.

Sarah: What?

Cameron: Endoskeletons.

Cameron: Based on the approximate volume of coltan in this shipment.

Cameron: That's how many.

Sarah: John!

Sarah: Damn it, John!

Cameron: No!

Cameron: If they see us, they'll find him.

Crew Man: You wanna tell me what you're doing here?

Sarah: Have you seen a dachshund puppy?

Sarah: They had army uniforms.

Sarah: The tags.

Sarah: Where would they go?

Cameron: They're going north.

Cameron: John's phone.

Cameron: You can track it online.

Sarah: This actually works?

Sarah: Wait, wait, wait. No, no.

Cameron: The signal is lost.

Cameron: The phone might be damaged.

Sarah: Come on.

Sarah: Damn it!

Sarah: Come on!

Cameron: Breaking the computer won't help.

Sarah: Do you have any idea what's going on? I lost him.

Sarah: I lost John.

Cameron: I understand.

Sarah: It's impossible for you to understand.

Cameron: Without John, your life has no purpose.

Sarah: I can't believe I let him talk me into this.

Sarah: You try to open your hands just a little, and it's too soon.

Cameron: Is it?

Cameron: The world ends in four years.

Agent Ellison: What?

Agent Simpson: Left you a message. Davidson was buying at Houston's.

Agent Simpson: When you didn't show, they sent me to check to see if you'd
died or something.

Agent Simpson: Did you die?

Agent Ellison: You run across him on those Pico murders?

Agent Ellison: Or John Doe's bar code tats?

Agent Simpson: No... who is he?

Agent Ellison: George Lazlo. Unemployed actor.

Agent Ellison: Got him on video at the murder scene.

Agent Ellison: Only suspect I got but his file is straight vanilla.

Agent Simpson: Are you trying to impress the boss?

Agent Simpson: Crank out the Sugar Ray and call Monica Lewinksy.

Agent Simpson: It's 1999 again.

Agent Ellison: Sugar what?

Agent Simpson: James...

Agent Simpson: If you trying to get back on the rising young star list,
forget about it.

Agent Simpson: I mean, this case is a dog.

Agent Simpson: And you're not young.

Agent Ellison: Agent Stewart, can I help you?

Agent Steward: You got some guy holed up in room three?

Agent Ellison: That would be my dog.

Agent Simpson: Lazlo?

Agent Steward: He asked if he needed a lawyer. I told him it was just a
courtesy thing.

Agent Steward: So what's this all about?

Agent Ellison: It's about my case.

Agent Steward: Good case?

Agent Ellison: We'll find out soon enough.

Agent Ellison: He strike you as a killer?

Agent Steward: Everyone strikes me as a killer.

Agent Ellison: So... George... You're an actor.

Agent Ellison: Been in anything I've seen?

Lazlo: What is this about?

Agent Ellison: Just some questions related to Dr. Lyman's death.

Agent Ellison: So...anything? I see a lot of movies.

Lazlo: It's been slow.

Agent Ellison: Well, it's picking up around here, I'll tell you that.

Agent Ellison: I got six dead bodies and a mystery man who might be trying
to change his identity.

Agent Ellison: So is that why you got the work?

Agent Ellison: Chin and nose.

Agent Ellison: Did you kill the doctor to cover your tracks?

Agent Ellison: Ah, Dolores.

Agent Ellison: Meet Mr. Lazlo.

Agent Ellison: I was hoping that he would give us a little blood sample.

Agent Ellison: If you're not my guy, you're out of my file here in an
hour, tops.

Dolores: Make a fist.

Agent Ellison: Great.

Dolores: Just a little sting.

Dolores: Can't seem to find a vein.

Lazlo: You guys are a bunch of fascists, you know that?

Crew Man: Are you kidding me?

Sarah: No.

Sarah: Tell me where they went.

Crew Man: Lady, go to hell.

Sarah: Tell me where they went, or I'm gonna beat you to death.

Sarah: And don't call me lady.

Sarah: Tell me where they went, damn it!

Cameron: If you beat him to death, he can't tell us anything.

Crew Man: I'm not gonna tell you anything.

Sarah: Okay.

Crew Man: Yeah, like you got the stones.

Sarah: You can go.

Sarah: If you can get past her.

Sarah: McGuire Gunnery range? This place is the size of L.A. County.

Sarah: Where exactly are they?

Cameron: She's talking to you.

Cameron: It's depot 37.

Cameron: It's a decommissioned arms depot in the southeast corner.

Crew Man: You take the outer loop past all these old, abandoned hangars.

Crew Man: It was an air force base back in the cold war...

Crew Man: I don't know what they're doing.

Crew Man: I was supposed to guard the warehouse, clean up when they left.

Crew Man: The man just needed guys.

Crew Man: That's all I know. I swear to God.

Sarah: Just drive faster.

Guard: Badge, please.

Lazlo: Your tax dollars at work.

Lazlo: What, you need more blood?

Lazlo: What the...

Lazlo: Put me down!

Crew Man 1: Did you lock this?

Crew Man 2: Yeah.

Crew Man 1: Damn it. Damn it!

Crew Man 1: Guy must have popped it.

Crew Man 1: He's been bitchin' about money all week.

Crew Man 2: Think he just split?

Crew Man 1: You surprised?

Crew Man 1: Guy threatened to bail twice a day.

Crew Man 1: Let's just finish this and get out of here.

Crew Man 2: Who tells Carter?

Crew Man 1: You... he's your friend.

Crew Man 2: Friend? He's just a guy I met.

Agent Ellison: Six victims.

Agent Ellison: Different parts of the city, different worlds, different

FBI Agent: What's the connection?

FBI Agent: Greta was saying none. Guys in the house were drug dealers.

Agent Ellison: But there's some blood matches. And...

Agent Ellison: We got George here.

Agent Ellison: George Lazlo.

FBI Agent: And who, exactly, is this guy?

Agent Steward: Actually, Jim...

Agent Ellison: James... not Jim. James.

Agent Steward: Right, right, apologies.

Agent Steward: Before you go on, I just wanna make sure you're aware Lazlo
was cleared.

Agent Steward: Blood sample came back. Not a match to the plastic
surgeon's office.

FBI Agent: We got blood?

FBI Agent: How'd we manage that?

Agent Ellison: I...

Agent Ellison: I finessed the samples.

Agent Ellison: And, yes, I heard it didn't match.

Agent Ellison: But, I've been thinking of another possibility.

Agent Ellison: Whoever killed Dr. Lyman was in there for two days.

Agent Ellison: I'm thinking there's a chance...

Agent Ellison: Our killer had himself cut to look like Lazlo...

Agent Ellison: Forced the Doctor to operate, then killed him.

Agent Simpson: Wouldn't there be scars and bruising?

Agent Ellison: The office has a hyperbaric oxygen system...

Agent Ellison: Which speeds healing. And he could have used makeup.

Agent Steward: Actually, I considered this too. I asked the office

Agent Steward: Apparently they keep detailed records of the anesthesia.

Agent Steward: According to their log, the levels were unchanged.

Agent Steward: No one had surgery.

Agent Ellison: No one had anesthesia.

Agent Ellison: There's a possibility they just didn't use any.

Agent Steward: Right, I asked that too.

Agent Steward: She said a job like that... four, five hours under the
knife, cutting that deep into the tissue of the face, the nose, the

Agent Steward: You can't take that kind of pain. It's impossible.

FBI Agent: You got some kind of release from this Lazlo guy, right, for
the blood?

FBI Agent: Last thing we need's a lawsuit.

FBI Agent: So... if t isn't anything else...

Agent Steward: Hey... sorry, Jim.

Agent Steward: Facts are facts.

Agent Simpson: Sorry about that.

Agent Simpson: But, you know, if it doesn't add up, it just doesn't add

Agent Ellison: Doesn't add up it's 'cause we don't have all the numbers

Agent Simpson: James, nobody expects anything from you on this.

Agent Simpson: Your ass is suitably covered. Why you wanna rock the boat?

Agent Ellison: Last time I had a case where this many things didn't add
up, three people blew themselves up in a bank.

Agent Ellison: Look, I don't know, Greta.

Agent Ellison: I just...

Agent Ellison: I just feel it.

Agent Simpson: Yeah, maybe you should try feeling a little less.

Agent Simpson: 'Cause you're going blind.

Crew Man: Hey! Hey... You...

Crew Man: You can't just leave me here.

Sarah: Come on, hurry up.

Cameron: Would have been faster to kill him.

Cameron: Sometimes, you seem inefficient.

Sarah: I'm not for you to understand.

Cameron: You said that before.

Sarah: I do things, you know?

Sarah: Stupid, illogical, inefficient things.

Sarah: Humans... get used to it.

Crew Man 1: I told the guy to just be patient.

Crew Man 1: Looks like he bailed.

Carter: So he's gone then?

Crew Man 1: Yeah, it doesn't surprise me. Was bitching about the money all

Carter: Then I wanna thank you for your service.

Sarah: This is it?

Sarah: This is depot 37?

Sarah: Did that guy lie to you?

Cameron: No...

Cameron: This is it.

Cameron: This is where the factory will be.

Sarah: What factory?

Cameron: Where I'll be made.

Cameron: Me and many others. Right there.

Cameron: It's inside.

Cameron: Coltan is rare in the future.

Cameron: Much of it was destroyed when the bombs went off.

Cameron: He's stockpiling it for after judgment day.

Cameron: It's in the bunker, where it'll be safe.

Mike: Hey!

Mike: Your gun. Give it to me now.

John: I don't have a gun... Or anything. I didn't shoot anyone.

John: Your boss.

Mike: Hey, Carter!

John: Listen to me for a second. Just for a second, all right?

John: What's your name?

John: My name's John.

Mike: What the hell are you doing here?

John: I'm just like you, man. In the wrong place at the wrong time.

John: What's your name?

Mike: Mike.

John: All right, Mike. Listen, we got a problem.

John: Okay?

John: Your boss, he's a... he's a really bad guy.

John: All right? He killed those guys.

John: And he'll kill us if he finds us.

John: So we need to get out...

Mike: Carter? He shot them?

John: Look, you've worked with this guy, right?

John: Have you noticed that something's just off about him?

John: Like he'd just kill you just because.

John: So there's something wrong with him.

John: You know?

Mike: Yeah.

Mike: Where is he?

John: Don't!

Mike: This bastard owes me my money!

Mike: I'll take my share and theirs too.

Mike: Hey! Freak!

Mike: I'm talkin' to you!

Mike: Look, man, just open the door.

Carter: Thank you for your service.

Mike: What are you?

Sarah: Oh, god, please.

Cameron: It's not your fault.

Sarah: Maybe it's yours.

Sarah: Maybe if you'd have let him try to save that girl, or at least let
him think he had a choice in the matter, maybe he wouldn't have gone off
the reservation.

Cameron: John does these things.

Sarah: Not the John I know.

Cameron: The John I know.

Sarah: Hello?

John: Mom?

Sarah: John, thank god.

John: Mom.

Sarah: We're right outside. You all right?

John: Yeah.

John: Listen, he's blocking the door.

John: It's like he's frozen.

Sarah: He's frozen?

John: Yeah, when the door shut, it's like he went to sleep or something.

Cameron: Standby.

Cameron: He completed his mission.

Cameron: He powered down to standby mode until he's moved or triggered

Sarah: Triggered?

John: The door.

John: That put him into standby.

Cameron: 15 seconds.

Cameron: That's the reboot time.

Sarah: John, listen to me. This is what I want you to do.

Sarah: I want you to open that door.

Sarah: And run.

Sarah: The instant that door cracks open, you run.

Sarah: John?

John: Yeah, I run.

Sarah: So what do you think future John would do right now?

Cameron: We'll see.

Sarah: John.

John: Come on!

Sarah: I thought you said you could drive.

John: It's jammed or something.

Sarah: Step on the clutch.

Sarah: Hard!

Sarah: If you're gonna be a hero, you gotta learn how to drive a stick.

Cameron: Let's go.

John: But can he get out?

Sarah: Drive.

Agent Ellison: Mr. Lazlo.

Agent Ellison: May I come in?

Agent Ellison: Thank you.

Agent Ellison: Hey... Pepperoni?

Agent Ellison: I love those things.

Agent Ellison: My bosses told me I should stay clear of you.

Agent Ellison: For legal reasons.

Cromartie: I understand.

Agent Ellison: But I thought I owed it to you to drop by.

Agent Ellison: Give you a warning.

Cromartie: A warning?

Agent Ellison: Well, there's a chance--

Agent Ellison: A small chance, but a chance...

Agent Ellison: That there's someone out there who might be trying to steal
your identity.

Cromartie: Steal my identity?

Cromartie: What would they do with that?

Agent Ellison: What do people do with anything these days?

Agent Ellison: Steal, cheat, harm, and intimidate others.

Agent Ellison: Damage the national psyche.

Agent Ellison: Anyway... If you see or hear anything unusual. Call me,

Cromartie: Thank you for your help.

Agent Ellison: Sure.

Agent Ellison: Hey... Have a nice day.

Cromartie: Have a nice day.

Sarah (monologue): Not every version of the Golem story ends badly. In
one, the monster is a hero, destroying all those that seek to harm its
maker. In another, the Golem's maker destroys his creature before it
destroys the world.

Sarah: You okay?

John: I'm fine.

John: Really.

John: How many times we gonna have this talk?

Sarah: A lot, I think.

John: I should go finish my homework.

Sarah (monologue): The pride of man, of parents as well, makes us believe
that anything we create, we can control. Whether from clay or from metal,
it is in the nature of us to make our own monsters. Our children are
alloys, all, built from our own imperfect flesh. We animate them with
magic. And never truly know what they will do.