Sarah (monologue): A wise man once said "know thyself." Easier said than
done. I've had 9 aliases, 23 jobs, spoken 4 languages and spent 3 years in
a mental hospital for speaking the truth. At least when I was there, I
could use my real name. Through it all, I've always known who I am and why
I'm here. Protect my son. Prepare for the future. But lately it's gotten
harder to control. Even as I try to help john find firm ground in this new
world, the battlefield shifts beneath our feet. Maybe it's all catching up
to me. Maybe if you spend your life hiding who you are, you might finally
end up fooling yourself.


Sarah: Hey, how's it going?

John: Alright. You bought me the wrong needle nose pliers though.

Sarah: I did? You said red handles... Oh, I'm sorry. I... I guess I'm
still... I don't know.

John: I've been calling it time-lag.

Sarah: What?

John: It's like jet lag, but for time travel.

Sarah: Time-lag. Yeah, sounds about right.

John: Hey, you know what would really help with time-lag? Some fresh air.

Sarah: John.

John: I've been cooped up here for three days.

Sarah: I know.

John: No, you don't know, because you keep going outside.

Sarah: And so will you when we get new IDs.

John: So let's get them already.

Sarah: We will. Can you be patient, please? It's not just a name. It's a
legend. A life. A whole new you.

John: We go through this every time.

Sarah: This is different.

Cameron: New IDs today? It's been three days.

John: I want my new name. I want that whole new me. Can't you track down

Sarah: All right, I'll track down Enrique. [to Cameron] Old friend. Ten
years ago he was the best fake paper guy around.

Cameron: John sent back better ones.


Sarah: You cannot walk into the living room after three days, three days,
and now after three days now you tell me there are other people here?

Cameron: Resistance fighters.

Sarah: Resistance fighters. Humans. Sent back from the future by John. And
what? Are they manning some kind of apocalyptic paramilitary convenience
store filled with fake IDs, and guns, and money?

Sarah: [to John, over the phone] Yes.

John: You done yelling at her yet?

Sarah: I'm not yelling.

John: Right. So look, mom, there's no turkey.

Sarah: Turkey. It's in there, John.

John: No.

Sarah: Just move the food around and the turkey will reveal itself to you.

John: Mom, I already looked. There's no... Oh, yeah, there it is. Thanks.

Sarah: And stay inside. No ID means...

John: Yeah, I know what no ID means.


Sarah: How many guys are we meeting?

Cameron: Four.

Sarah: These resistance fighters, they know you?

Cameron: They've seen me before.
Sarah: I've seen that before. Kyle Reese had one.

Cameron: Skynet work camp. Prisoner.
Sarah: Off!
Cameron: Please remain calm.

Young boy in car: Oh, my god.


Sarah: You told me we'd be safe! Safe! Was that safe? Three days and we're
at war. Why jump at all? Why not stay in the past? I had seven more years
to get ready. To get him ready.

Cameron: No, you wouldn't have.

Sarah: Why not?

Cameron: Because you died... two years ago. December 4, 2005. You died.


Sarah: So what I'm getting is these things, they're here. All over, I
guess. And they some of them, all of them, are programmed with specific

Cameron: The one at the safe house was sent there for those fighters.
Skynet doesn't know you're here. There's no directive to hunt you.

John: So if I was to walk right by one...

Cameron: They'll walk right by you. They don't know what you look like.

John: That's really awesome.

Sarah: And what if they found out who he was? Would they all know what to
do then?

Cameron: They do.

Sarah: Awesome.

John: So school registration is at 3:00 tomorrow. Do you think we can have
all this sorted out by then?

Sarah: Can't you just be happy being yourself for a little while longer?
Just sit still? It's not so bad being a Connor.

John: That's easy for you to say.

Sarah: Is it?
Sarah: You all put back together, Tin Man?

Cameron: Tin Man?

Sarah: You ready to go?

Cameron: Thank you for explaining.

Sarah: You stay here. Still like a statute.

John: Enrique?

Sarah: Statue.

John: Yeah, I've been a statue for the last three days.

Sarah: We'll be back.


Sarah: I did paramilitary training with Enrique outside of Oaxaca. He
taught John to shoot rifles. So what you said before. Is that why we're
really here? Did John, the future John, did he send you back to help me
jump over my death? Is everything else a lie?

Cameron: No. He sent us here to fight. You're the best fighter he knows.

Sarah: I'm sure that's not

Cameron: The best.

Sarah: So if I'm such a great fighter, how was I killed?

Cameron: Cancer.
Sarah: We're here.


John: [recording a message on his phone] Hey, it's John. I'm not here
right now. You know what to do... Hey, sorry I missed you, but leave a
message and I'll call you back... probably... You've reached the future
leader of mankind. It may take me a little while to get back to you, but
leave a message anyway... 818-555-0147. Leave a message... Statue. Screw


Enrique: I'm not surprised. I know I looked surprised when I saw you in
that first moment. But I am not surprised. Do you know this woman well?
It's rhetorical. If you don't, you don't. But if you do, an you're
anything like her, you'll lie and say you don't. But if you do, then I
know that you, like me, are not surprised. And John. He's a man now.

Sarah: He's grown up. He misses you... I need three sets of papers. I can
pay. Not a lot, but some... Why not?

Enrique: I'm finished with that life.

Sarah: What?

Enrique: Are you familiar with Ricardo Lopez? The boxer from Cuernavaca.
He is very famous in my country. His nickname is El Finito.

Sarah: Finisher.

Enrique: Yes. He fought 52 fights. 51 victories, one draw. And no losses,

Cameron: I don't understand.

Enrique: I wanted to be El Finito. To retire undefeated. I lived my wild
life. I fought the wars I wanted to. And a few I did not. But I lived
every day free. Not one day behind bars. Nor in the hands of the enemy. So
now I am finished. El Finito.

Sarah: Happy for you. Sorry for me, but happy for you.

Enrique: Don't give up so easy! I did not say I can't help. My nephew,
Carlos, has, how we say, taken over the family business. His operation is
very good. But he is not a believer.

Sarah: Few believers left, I think.
Enrique: [to Cameron] You're a very quiet girl.


Computer Sales Lady: Who's Charlie Dixon? You shouldn't surf with the
demo. People get in your business. Clear your history too.

John: My history?

Computer Sales Lady: What you've been looking at. Snoopy people, dude.
Snoopy people all over. Got a special on those.

John: No, maybe later. Thanks.


Sarah: Carlos? Enrique sent us.
Carlos: What the hell? Pipe their crazy asses down.

Sarah: Wait at the car.

Carlos: Something about your friend I should know?

Sarah: Cat person.

Carlos: Want a soda or something?

Sarah: I'm good.

Carlos: We got the old-fashioned soda machine. Little bottles. It's a
collectible now. Jose! Soda, por favor.


Carlos: My uncle, he's very good at keeping secrets. When I was young, I'd
see him at family barbecues, I'd try to get him to tell me his secrets.

Sarah: How did that work out for you?

Carlos: Not so good. Except one day, about eight years ago, I find him in
the kitchen. A bottle of Patron and the Times. You know whose picture's on
the front page? Only time I ever see my uncle cry.

Sarah: He's a good man.

Carlos: Not for me to say, but he's my uncle. And you're as close as I'm
gonna get to one of his secrets. So I'm gonna give you what you need.

Sarah: Thank you.

Carlos: 20,000.

Sarah: What? I don't have that.

Carlos: 20,000. That's a family discount in these hard times. Especially
for someone who's been dead eight years.

Sarah: That's extortion.

Carlos: War on terrorism makes this the front lines, lady. Some rag head
gets fake papers down here, we're all going to Guantanamo. 9/11 doubled
prices overnight.

Sarah: 9/11. What's that?


Cop: Hey, baby girl. What did I tell you about hanging around? Who's your
new friend here? She someone I need to know? 'Cause the longer you stand
around, the more I think she's someone I need to know. [to Cameron] You
got a name?

Cameron: Umm, no.

Cop: This your car?

Cameron: No. It's definitely not my car.

Cop: See, I know just about everyone in this neighborhood, and you are not
one of those everyone. Now you got me wondering not just who you are, that
you won't say, but why you're here. And that you won't say. You know, it's
not uncommon in these neighborhoods for a gang dealing in drugs to store
their drugs inside of a stolen car. That way no drugs can be found on
their property or on any property belonging to them. But they also like to
leave a lookout, sometimes a pretty girl, to watch their stash. Now you
don't mind if I call this license plate in, do you?
Sarah: [to Cameron] Jenny! My God... Jennifer! How many times have I told
you to stop seeing that little punk ass? I swear to God. Is he meeting you
here? Is he meeting you here?

Cop: Ma'am! You know this girl?

Sarah: Yes, I know this girl. [to Cameron] Do I have any choice but to
know you, you spoiled little *****? Do you do domestic complaints officer?
Can I make a domestic complaint against my spoiled little stepdaughter for
making me wanna beat my own brains in? It's her real mother's fault. Can I
tell you what she lets her do?

Cop: Ma'am, is this your car?

Sarah: Why would I drive that piece of crap? [to Cameron] 'Cause I will
send you back to private school. The one with the uniforms. They will
dress you like a flannel sock.

Cop: Maybe you can have this conversation somewhere else, like at home
perhaps? Out of gang territory.

Sarah: Gang territory? Of course. Thank you, Officer. [to Cameron] Come
Cameron: It's 13 miles to walk home. We need another car.

Sarah: Were you gonna kill that cop? Don't answer that. Don't wanna know.
We need rules. Aren't you supposed to take orders or something like that?

Cameron: I do. From John.

Sarah: From John. So if I tell John to forbid you...

Cameron: Not this John.

Sarah: Not this John. Aren't they the same?

Cameron: Not yet.


Sarah (monologue): I cannot imagine the apocalypse. No matter what kyle
reece told me, or others who have come back. I cannot imagine 3 billion
dead. I can imagine planes hitting buildings, and I can imagine fire. If I
would've witnessed it, if I would've been here,I'm sure I would've thought
the end was near. I'm sure I would've thought... we have failed.


Charley: John? Johnny? Is it really you? It is you. I saw a picture of
your mother on the television and I could... barely believe my... I can't
believe this.

John: Don't come any closer. Stop.

Charley: You came to my house.

John: You married?

Charley: Yeah, I am. She's a nurse at the hospital where I work.

John: That's nice. It's good.

Charley: Johnny, what happened?

John: Stop.

Charley: Johnny, it's okay.

John: Please stop.

Charley: No, no, Johnny. It's me, Johnny...
John: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


John: Hey. How'd it go with Enrique?

Cameron: El Finito is a true believer, but he is finished with the life.

John: What?

Sarah: We need 20 grand. It's a long story. That taking you a while?

John: Yeah, it's taking me a while. I gotta, you know, strip wires and...
Cameron: John has a high level of stress.

Sarah: Genetics are a *****.

Cameron: I did a brief analysis. Surface skin temperature high. Salinity
high. Pulse abnormal.

Sarah: That's 'cause the kid snuck out while we were gone. Wouldn't look
me in the eye. His shoes are wet with grass. Don't need to be a Tin Man to
figure that one out. Just a mom.

Cameron: Where did he go?

Sarah: Worry about that later. Just need to make sure he doesn't do it
again. I didn't know that was something you could do. The skin trick. I
should know about your skills or whatever. Like can you analyze blood? Can
you scan someone?

Cameron: You mean Computed Axial Tomography? CAT scans?

Sarah: Yeah. That. Can you do that?

Cameron: No.
Sarah: [to John] Get your shoes on. Do you want your new name or what?


John: You sure there's money here?

Cameron: Money, guns, anything they valued. It will be hidden. It's always

John: Yeah, well, whatever they had, let's hope the cops didn't get to it

Sarah: Let's hope our metal friend didn't find it.

Cameron: Our metal friend was only here to kill that fourth fighter when
he came home.

Sarah: Nice to know we spoiled that.

Cameron: It'll find him.
John: That's ridiculous.

Cameron: People do like small animals.

John: Yeah, but... I don't know how to explain this. Some badass soldier
is not gonna have a kitty poster on the wall... Mom.

Sarah: [to Cameron] Do what you do, girly.
Sarah: What?

John: They rigged it. What did she say? 120 seconds before the system

Sarah: We gotta get in there, John. We can't come back.

John: We'll find the money some other way.

Sarah: No, whatever's in there, I want it now... Numbers. What are the
numbers? What can the numbers be?
John: Damn. Fingerprints.
Sarah: How did you...

John: It's a date. Judgment day.


Cameron: What are those?


Cameron: Why are diamonds a girl's best friend?

Sarah: What?

Cameron: Why are diamonds a girl's best friend?

Sarah: Where'd you get that?

Cameron: John gave it to me.

Sarah: He did, did he? That was sweet of him.

Cameron: We have a whole bag of them. Do you want one? They're a girl's
best friend.

Sarah: Not this girl.

Cameron: I know what the Tin Man is. He needed a heart. The Wonderful
Wizard of OZ, written by L. Frank Baum in 1900. First published in...

Sarah: I know all about The Wizard of OZ. When John was little, I...

Cameron: You read it to him over and over again in Spanish. He never told
you, but it was one of his favorite things that you did. He used to talk
about it a lot.


TV Announcer: Okay, shoppers. 98 for this DVD/CD player with remote...

Trash Collector: Hey, who... Who the hell are you? What are you doing
here, man? This is my house, man. "Chet." What's with the trespassing? And
the visor... Chet? Oh, Chet...


Carlos: They're exactly like you asked. These ain't just forgeries. This
is full service. You're in the system and everything. Collect welfare with
'em if you want.

Sarah: We might have to.

Carlos: Didn't take you long to round that up, so I'm feeling the price
was right. Maybe you'd have gone another ten gs.

Sarah: Uncle Enrique will be proud.

Carlos: So I miss the next family barbecue... [to his crew] El tio, psycho
es a rata.


Michelle Dixon: Charlie... you okay? You've been a little, you know, out
of it all night.

Charley: No, I'm good. I'm fine. I just... I had a rough call. Some guy on

Michelle Dixon: God, babe, want me to take a look at that?

Charley: No, no, I'm good. I'm good.

Michelle Dixon: You sure?

Charley: Yeah... Love you.

Michelle Dixon: Yeah, I love you too.


Sarah (monologue): Carlos was right. $20,000 wasn't that much money. A new
identity, a new life, a chance. You can't put a price on that.But unlike
John, I was never eager for that new life to begin. I liked having no
name, no story. It was the only time I got to be me. Unfortunately,
sometimes you have to pay for that. And the price was getting higher every


Enrique: Sarah.

Sarah: You can either drink it or dump it. I say drink it. Anything I
should know?

Enrique: Excuse me?

Sarah: Anything I should know? Anything you forgot to tell me? Neglected.
Lied about. First and last chance.

Enrique: I don't know what you're talking about. Please... put the gun
down and explain.

Sarah: El Finito.

Enrique: El Finito. Yes, what about it?

Sarah: Not a day behind bars. Lived a life of freedom.

Enrique: Yes!

Sarah: That's not what Carlos said.

Enrique: My nephew is a thief and a liar. I told you...

Sarah: He was speaking Spanish to his crew. He referred to you as a rata.
Slang for "snitch," isn't it?

Enrique: You must have heard him wrong.

Sarah: A rata. Rat. Denunciente. Informer. Certain words I know and don't
forget. Are you selling people out? Are you selling me out, Enrique?

Enrique: Okay. Okay. I was in Lompoc many years ago. On a federal gun

Sarah: You said you never...

Enrique: Three weeks. Only three weeks.

Sarah: And you made a deal? You talked?

Enrique: No, I gave information on my cellmate. He had kidnapped a child
and put her in his trunk, and drove her from Oregon. He told me... he told
me where he dumped her. And... they dropped my charge, yes. But that was
all. That was all I gave. And yes, I lied to you. But where I grew up,
where we grew up, a man doesn't... you know...
Cameron: A Lumbator. It's another one. It means the same thing.

Sarah: Why would you do this? Did you hear what he said? We don't know. We
don't know.

Cameron: He was possibly lying.

Sarah: Possibly? You just executed him on possibly? He had a family! Why
would you do this?

Cameron: Cause you wouldn't.
Sarah: How do you know what I would and would not do? You don't know me.
You don't know me! And you don't know my son. Not John. Not my Johnny. You
don't know what I would and wouldn't do. I don't even know what I would
and wouldn't do. I wake up this morning and you tell me... I don't know
anything anymore. I don't even remember what my name is.

Cameron: Sarah Connor.


Cameron: So, where are you from?

John: Lawrence, Kansas, actually. It's a pretty good size city. About

Cameron: Go to Kansas City often?

John: Well, Lawrence is about 50 miles east of Kansas City.

Cameron: 25 miles west.

John: I knew that.

Sarah: What about your father?

John: Hmm?

Sarah: Your father. Did you leave him behind in Lawrence, Kansas?

Cameron: Your father's dead. He was a police officer. He died apprehending
a criminal. He's a hero.

John: Yeah, I know that. My dad's always a hero. And he's always dead.


John: Did you go out late last night?

Sarah: No, why?

John: Motion detectors. I thought I heard a beep.

Sarah: Probably her. She just walks and walks.

John: Look, if you want to hold me out another few days until I get these
stupid stories straight...

Sarah: You're going to school.

John: But...

Sarah: At least that way I'll know where you are. And who you're with.

John: Mom.

Sarah: What?

John: Never mind.


Enrique (voice mail playback): Who do you think, Agent? Perhaps you think
I was retired, yes?That I did not have my ear to the street? If you return
my call, I believe I may have something of interest for you. Muy
expensivo, but of great interest. El Finito will not disappoint.


School Announcer: Attention, all students. Class schedules will be
available in Cahuenga Hall at 3:30.

Sarah (monologue): Know thyself. John once told me it's inscribed on the
front of the Temple of Apollo. Then entire quote is, "know thyself and
thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe." That's
quite a mouthful. My version is this. Know thyself because what else is
there to know? People hide secrets. Time is a lie. The material world can
disappear in an instant. It has and it will again.


Nurse: The doctor will see you in a few minutes, Ms. Baum.

Sarah (monologue): Our identities change. Our names, the way we look, how
we act and speak. We're shape shifters. There is no control. No constant.
No shelter but the love of family and the body god gave us. And we can
only hope that that will always be enough.