Sarah (monologue): There are those who believe that a child in the womb
shares his mother's dreams. Her love for him. Her hopes for his future. Is
it told to him in pictures while he sleeps inside her? Is that why he
reaches for her in that first moment and cries for her touch? But what if
you'd known since he was inside you what his life held for him? That he
would be hunted. That his fate was tied to the fate of millions. That
every moment of your life will be spent keeping him alive. Would he
understand why you were so hard? Why you held on so tight? Will he still
reach for you if the only dream you ever shared with him was a nightmare?
Would he know my love runs through him like blood?


Sarah: John, now. Now!
John: The cops make you at the diner?

Sarah: I don't know. Maybe... Yes. Definitely.

Cop: Sarah Connor! John Connor! Drop what you're carrying. Put your hands
on your head and kneel on the ground. Now!
Sarah: Do me a favor, will you? Fix it.
Cop: Drop your weapon!
Sarah: Move! You run! Run!
Sarah: John! John? John? No. No. Do it! Do it! Kill me! Nothing matters
anymore. Kill me!

Terminator: You're right. Nothing matters anymore. Only the boy. The
future's ours. And it begins... Now.


Charley: Hey. Did you scream or something?

Sarah: Scream? No. Go back to sleep.

Charley: I can't. Got an early shift. Are you all right?

Sarah: I'm good.

Charley: Yeah?

Sarah: I'm great.

Charley: Well, you damn well better be. You know, the guy down at the
store told me any woman would be lucky to have this ring.

Sarah: He doesn't know the giver like I do.

Charley: You wanna know a secret?

Sarah: I don't know. I don't like secrets.

Charley: No? This is a good one.

Sarah: Really?

Charley: Yeah.

Sarah: All right.

Charley: John picked it out. Yeah well, sort of. You know I'd been looking
and looking and I... kinda starting freaking myself out with the whole
color and cut and clarity...

Sarah: So you turned the job over to a 15-year-old boy.

Charley: You think I'm a jackass, don't you?

Sarah: I'm thinking I love you... Always remember that... Early shift.
Better get going.

Charley: Right. Early shift. Bye.


John: Mom, how many times have I told you it's freaky when you do that?

Sarah: I'm sorry.

John: What's going on?

Sarah: We can't stay here, John.

John: What?

Sarah: It's not safe.

John: Not safe from who? No one knows us. No one asks questions. It's been
almost two years. School starts in, like, three weeks.

Sarah: We need to go.

John: No, you need to go. You're scared. He gave you a ring and now you're
freaking out.

Sarah: I know you like him.

John: So do you, mom! So do you. You love him, I know you do... Listen to
me. The cops will never find us. We're safe.

Sarah: Don't you think that, John! Don't you ever think that. Look at me!
No one is ever safe... Half an hour. One bag. Plus the guns. I'll make


Sarah (monologue): Every family has rules. And we had ours. Keep your head
down, keep your eyes up, resist the urge to be seen as important or
special. Know your exits.


Cop: I mean, she's not exactly missing, right? The way you explain it.

Charley: Right. The way I explained it, she's not missing. She left.

Cop: Happens more than you think.

Charley: You don't know her.

Agent Ellison: I can say the same to you, Mr. Dixon.

Charley: FBI?

Agent Ellison: Been together long?

Charley: Six months, maybe. Bit of a whirlwind.

Agent Ellison: You have no idea, the whirlwind... Tell me, does the Skynet
defense system mean anything to you?

Charley: No.

Agent Ellison: How about this guy?

Charley: Miles Dyson. No. Never seen him before.

Agent Ellison: That's because he's dead. Your fiancee, freshly escaped
from the Pescadero mental hospital, blew him apart two years ago. Leveled
a four story research lab along with him. But since there's no lethal
injection for the destruction of property, let's just stick with the
murder of one of our county's brightest computer scientists. And...
dedicated family man.

Charley: That's... it's just not... Why would she do that? Huh?

Agent Ellison: Well, you know, Mr. Dixon. It's the robots. The ones from
the future. The ones Skynet sent to kill her son. Which makes total sense.
Because, in the future, John's not only her son, but... Well, what does it
say here? Oh. "The leader of the resistance fighting artificially
intelligent machines determined to annihilate the human race." Did he
strike you that way? Leader of a scrappy band of rebels? Luke Skywalker

Charley: He's just a kid. He's a great kid. He was like a son to me... I
came down here for help. You can't really be asking me this!

Agent Ellison: No. I'm not. This is just my pattern, Mr. Dixon. This is
just me impressing upon you that I'm not here because you lost your
fiancee. Love of your life and all-around good time girl. I'm here because
my boss, the United States of America, thinks Sarah Connor is a deluded,
dangerous grade "A" whack-a-mole who killed a man because she believes
that in the future he'll invent a computer system that declares war on the
world... So let's begin with her name. I understand it's not Connor.


Mr. Ferguson: You'll be responsible for three chapters a week. You have a
quiz each Friday. You're allowed one make-up test with a parent's note. If
you're late for class more than once without a parents note, you'll spend
one hour after school cleaning beakers...

Cameron: What's your name?

John: John.

Cameron: Cameron.

Mr. Ferguson: And no talking... while I'm talking.


Cameron: John? I haven't seen you around here before. Did you just move

John: Yeah, I did.

Cameron: Sucks for you. My dad sells tractors. What about yours?

John: Insurance.

Cameron: Really? What kind?

John: The boring kind.

Cameron: Those are the kind of tractors my dad sells. What about your mom?
My mom stays home.

John: You know, I really gotta get to the next class, so...

Cameron: So... maybe I'll see you later?

John: Sure, yeah.

Cameron: Okay, well, bye.


Cameron: You're full of secrets. You didn't tell me you were in this
class. You any good with them?

John: I'm okay, I guess.

Cameron: They scare the heck out of me if you want to know the truth... Do
you want to get together after school sometime? Maybe help me with this
computer stuff?

John: I really can't, I'm sorry.

Cameron: Oh.

John: No, I'd really like to, it's just, I usually have to help my Mom...

Cameron: It's okay.


John: This is a hick town, mom.

Sarah: We've been in worse places. A lot worse.

John: Well, my clothes are all wrong. I need, like, some different shirts.
You know, here everyone wears boots? Like, cowboy boots. I hate cowboy

Sarah: I'll see what I can do.

John: Their computers are like, from the frigging '50s or something.

Sarah: Their computers? I thought we agreed...

John: No, no. It... It wasn't my fault they switched my class.

Sarah: The last thing I need is you getting caught hacking.

John: I'm not hacking, Mom. God, I know the rules. They're, like, written
on the inside of my eyeballs, all right?
Sarah: Hey. You meet any pretty girls?

John: No, I'm telling you, it's a hick town.
Sarah: What?


Deputy Ridge: Agent Ellison. Welcome to New Mexico. The sheriff's
detachment'll hustle you around on your business here, whatever that is,
he wouldn't say.

Agent Ellison: He doesn't know.


John: I lied to you yesterday. My dad doesn't sell insurance. He's dead.
He was a soldier. He was killed on a mission.

Cameron: I'm sorry.

John: It's all right. My mom was pregnant with me when it happened. I
never even knew him. So it's all right... My mom, she... she... she's kind
of uptight. Actually, no, she's really uptight. She likes me to come home
straight after school and hang out with her and that kind of thing, you
know? I'm all she's got.

Cameron: Thank you for explaining. It'll be our secret.
Cromartie: Mr. Ferguson is ill today... My name is Cromartie.

Mary Booai: This that your only name? Like Madonna?

Cromartie: Madonna? Why? No... Let's take attendance, then. Mary Booai.

Mary Booai: Here.

Cromartie: Donald Chase.

Donald: Here.

Cromartie: Franklin Lane.

Franklin: Here.

Cromartie: Cynthia Nolan.

Cynthia: Here.

Cromartie: Wayne Parker.

Wayne: Here.

Cromartie: Cameron Phillips... Cameron?

Cameron: Here.

Cromartie: Reese? Do we have a John... Reese...? Excellent... Class


TV Reporter: Witnesses are reporting gunfire just minutes ago at
Crestview High School in Red Valley. Police are...


Cameron: Come with me if you want to live.


Cromartie: Sarah Connor.

Sarah: Where is he? What have you done with him...? You don't know. You
don't know...

Cromartie: Killing yourself is the best strategy. If you're alive, I can
use you against him.
Cromartie (mimics Sarah): John?

John: Mom, mom.

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): I tried to call you.

John: Yeah, I've been trying to call you. Listen to me, okay? They're
back. It's back.

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): John, slow down. Where are you?

John: I'm going to the house.

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): I'll be right there.

John: Mom!

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): I love you, John. Stay right there.
John: Let's go.


Cromartie (mimics Sarah): John? John! Are you okay?

Cameron (mimics John): Mom?

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): John?

Cameron (mimics John): Mom?

Sarah: John! No! John!

Cameron (mimics John): Neat trick. You like?
Sarah: Next time you do what you're trained to do. You run. Go!


Sarah: Did you stop him?

Cameron: 120 seconds and the system reboots. I was sent here to protect

Sarah: Not now. Not yet.


Sarah: You might wanna put those back in the holster.

Cameron: ...Oh.

Sarah: We should be good here two more hours. Hit the border at
lunchtime... What year are you from?

Cameron: 2027.

Sarah: How long have you been looking for us?

Cameron: 73 days.

Sarah: And the war?

Cameron: The Skynet missile defense system goes online April 19th, 2011.
Declares war on mankind and triggers a nuclear apocalypse two days later.

Sarah: Miles Dyson.

Cameron: Someone else builds Skynet.

Sarah: Who?

Cameron: We don't know.

Sarah: You don't know who builds the computer that blows up the world?

Cameron: I wasn't sent here for that.

Sarah: No, you were sent here to keep my son from being assassinated.

Cameron: Your fiance went to the police. You should have changed your

Sarah: Go to hell.

Cameron: They'd have found you anyway. They always do.


Deputy Ridge: There's Kevlar in that chair. APB's statewide, but it's

Agent Ellison: 19 hours.

Deputy Ridge: Yeah. What the hell happened here? Like, why don't we have
any bodies? Where's the blood?

Agent Ellison: You ever have elk, Deputy? I saw an elk burger on the
takeout menu. I gotta admit, it seemed like an odd breakfast choice, but
since my career's headed for the septic, I thought: "What the hell. Let's
splurge." 22 witnesses, Deputy Ridge. 22 of your good town folk. That's a
whole football team. Guess what 19 of 'em saw?

Deputy Ridge: A shooter with some kind of robot leg.

Agent Ellison: A shooter... with some kind of robot leg.


Sarah: Hey.

John: Why is this happening again?

Sarah: I don't know.

John: You stopped it.

Sarah: I guess I didn't.

John: Well, you can. You changed the future. You just didn't change it
enough. So you can do it again.

Sarah: I don't know, John.

John: I can't keep running. I can't. I'm not who they think I am. Some

Sarah: You don't know that.

John: I know. I can't lead an army. Maybe that's you, but it'll never be
me. So you've gotta stop it. Please. Mom.

Sarah: All right.

John: All right what?

Sarah: I'll stop it. I'll stop it... We're not going across the border.

Cameron: Where are we going?

Sarah: To find Skynet.


John: Chip?
Cameron: Back at school, you apologized for lying to me. So I should
apologize for lying to you.

John: It's all right. I get it. You needed to get close to me. It's just
the way you're... programmed. Like some hot girl is really gonna try and
make friends with the new weird kid. If I'd have thought about it, I
would've known something was messed up, you know?

Cameron: In the future, you have many friends.

John: What model are you? Are you new? You seem... different.

Cameron: I am.
Sarah: Let's go.


Daniel Dyson: Mom, pizza's here. Mom, the pizza! Mom.

Tarissa Dyson: You.

Sarah: We need to talk about Miles, Tarissa.

Tarissa Dyson: Danny, go to your room. Right now... How dare you come

Sarah: I know what they told you, but it didn't happen that way.

Tarissa Dyson: Get the hell out of here. Now.

Sarah: It didn't happen that way... I can't let you do that.

Tarissa Dyson: Let go!

Sarah: Listen to me! I didn't kill Miles. All right, I didn't do it. I
would never. Miles was a hero.

Tarissa Dyson: Then why are you here?

Cameron: We're back.

Tarissa Dyson: You told me there'd be no more machines.

Sarah: Look, it's happening again. Everything we fought to stop. Miles'
work at Cyberdyne is the only link we have. Is there anyone, anywhere
who's shown an interest in his work? Anyone he could've told. Someone he

Tarissa Dyson: There's nobody. It's all gone. You destroyed it all. You
and Miles destroyed... You destroyed everything.
Cameron: We have to go. Now!
Sarah: Help me. Help my son.


John: Mom! Mom!
John: Oh, god.


Sarah: Bandages, rubbing alcohol.

John: Mom, you need a doctor.

Sarah: Go! We'll find cover out back. First aid kit on the floor.
Sarah: Get it done before he gets back.

Cameron: I'll get some ice. It'll numb you, slow the blood loss.

Sarah: Needle and thread to slow the blood loss. Do it now... We can't
keep running. I'll lose my boy. He'll leave me. He'll leave me.


Sarah: What time is it?

Cameron: 7:52.

John: How you feeling?

Sarah: Better.

Cameron: Good. We need to go.

Sarah: Where?

Cameron: I'll show you.


John: So do you have, like, an account here?

Cameron: Safety deposit box.

Sarah: When d'you open that?

Cameron: 1963.
Cameron: Everybody on the floor! Please... Keys to the safety deposit
Cameron: Get inside. Keys. Lock us in, and then get away from the door.
I'll know if you don't.

Sarah: You said you had a safety deposit box.

Cameron: I do.
Cameron: Open these boxes. Put everything you find on the table.


FBI Agent: Hey, James! You gotta see this... The alarm tripped seven
minutes ago. Camera autodumps a digital copy to the LAPD servers. Don't
you know 'em?

Agent Ellison: Less and less all the time.


John: Is that from the future?

Cameron: You can't bring anything through when you come. Not weapons, not
clothing. Nothing. You send someone back to build it.

John: What is it?

Cameron: Hope.
John: Is that the police?

Cameron: No. Get away from the door.

John: Why?

Cameron: That's why.
Sarah: That better be what I think it is.

Cameron: One of our best engineers. Took him eight months to scavenge the
parts. When the isotope solution turns red, you fire.

Sarah: Isotope? What, is this nuclear?

Cameron: No, not really.

John: I still don't get why you locked us in. We didn't have to get
trapped like rats.

Cameron: We're not trapped.
Sarah: What is that?

Cameron: The engineer got a job building the vault so we'd always have a
way back home.
Sarah: What have you done?

Cameron: You wanna find Skynet? You wanna stop Skynet? This is the way.

Sarah: You don't know who builds it!

Cameron: No, but we know where and we know when. We can go kill it before
it's born. You can stop running. Stay in one place. Fight.
John: Mom, we've gotta go now! Mom!

Sarah: Do it!


Sarah: Where are we?

Cameron: Same where. Different when.
Guy 1: Oh man check this out!

Guy 2: Oh Yeah!

Guy 3: Oh Yeah!

Guy 1: Good day, baby! I got something for ya!
John: So this is where it all starts? This is where Skynet begins?

Cameron: Somewhere in there.

John: And nobody knows we're here.

Cameron: You're safe.

Sarah/John: No one is ever safe.

Sarah: Come on.


Sarah (monologue): It is said that the death of any one person is the
death of an entire world. Certainly for parents, the death of a child is
no less than a holocaust. In the case of my son, these words are literally

TV Reporter: And finally tonight, amateur video of what we can only assume
is a college prank gone wrong as three streakers cause chaos trying to
cross the 105 freeway.

Michelle Dixon: Honey, did you hear me? We're late.

Charley: Yeah, I heard you.

Sarah (monologue): And even though we've traveled through time, bent the
rules of nature, they will keep coming for him. Keep trying to kill him.
But until that day... It's gonna be one hell of a dogfight.