The Wrath of Graham - Summer Glau


The Wrath of Graham

Episode Number: 1


Original Air Date: June 17th 2007

  Ira Steven Behr
Craig Sweeny

  Ernest Dickerson

Special Guest(s):
Cameron Bright - Graham Holt
Jeffrey Combs - Kevin Burkhoff
Summer Glau - Tess Doerner
Richard Kahan - Marco Pacella
Tristin Leffler - Cassie Dunleavy
Kavan Smith - Jed Garrity
Tess Doerner
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Episode Synopsis

A new director takes over NTAC while a high-school student, who took promicin, develops an ability


Three months have passed since the events of "Fifty-Fifty". Tom is still searching for Alana. Jordan, Tess and Kevin are still in hiding. Shawn remains in a coma following his encounter with Isabelle. Diana, Maia and Ben are in Spain.

Tess has started to hallucinate about people dying, feeling guilt over the deaths that promicin has caused. Kevin informs Jordan that if he has to choose between helping him and helping Tess, Kevin will help Tess. He also tells Jordan that Tess will soon need more medical help and can not remain in hiding. Eventually, Tess leaves Jordan's hideaway.

Jordan sees the Graham broadcasts on television, hating that promicin was used for it. Kevin notices Tess is gone and goes looking for her as Jordan goes after Graham. Jordan allows himself to be captured and is taken to Graham. Graham tries to convert him, but to no avail. Jordan instead uses his ability to remove all the promicin from Graham, negating his control on the city.





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Episode Trivia

The episodes shows that Jordan Collier possesses an ability: he can neutralize promicin. However, it is speculated in the theory room that he is only able to neutralize promicin in those who have taken the promicin shot and not the original 4400.

Graham Holt, he develops the ability of mind control after taking a promicin shot.

Goof: When Tom and the new director of NTAC drive away from the police who are under Graham's control, Tom backs into a parking garage security gate, but as he drives down the street away from the garage, there are no scratches of paint on the backside of his car





  Tess Doerner

Kevin and Tess dress smart for Jordan collier speach amd are happy to see Tom Baldwin who help them build the tower in "Wake Up Call".
Tess Doerner

Tess and the others cheer as Shawn introduces Jordan to the crowd.
Tess Doerner

Tess see a nightmarish vision in her dream sequence as Tess Health is Deteriating.
Tess Doerner

Kevin Gives Tess medication so tess can get better while Jordan looks on at a sick Tess.
Tess Doerner

Tess Creeps out of the cabin and takes a nightmare stroll in the wood just like in her Dream Sequence.