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Sequestered season 1 episode 7 'Grilled Cheese'

'Grilled Cheese' is the seventh episode of the 12-episodes first season of Sequestered, a web series created by Aaron Tracy, airing via Sony's online streaming video service Crackle.
Plot Summary: Anna snaps. Ryan catches Yvonne in the act. Pritchard is put in his place. Malcolm meets his new lawyer. Joe tells Danny that the jurors’ votes are being leaked and Danny seeks help from his new friend.
Episode: Season 1 Episode 7
Released online on: October 14, 2014
Director: Kevin Tancharoen
Writer: Mark Hosack
Links: Screen captures | Videos Sequestered Episode Guide | Previous episode 'All In' - Next episode 'Stop Crying'
Summer Glau as Anna in Sequestered 1x07 'Grilled Cheese
Summer Glau in Sequestered 1x07 'Grilled Cheese'

Summer Glau in Sequestered 1x07 'Grilled Cheese'Summer Glau in Sequestered 1x07 'Grilled Cheese'Summer Glau in Sequestered 1x07 'Grilled Cheese'

Anna quotes :