Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

John: You like me? The loner weirdo?

Riley: That's why I came up to you that day, John. I thought, since
you're a weirdo you might get me.

Cameron: She's a security risk.

John: Do you understand that I'm gonna keep seeing Riley even if
everyone thinks it's a bad idea?

Riley: You're all crazy. It's all gonna burn and you're gonna be
nothing but bleached skulls.

Jesse: You wanted to talk?

Riley: I don't think I can do this anymore. What if I want out?

Jesse: There is no out.

Weaver: We're developing a human-interactive AI.

John Henry: Hello, Mr. Ellison. My name's John Henry.

Weaver: The Al needs to be trained.

Ellison: You taught it rules, but it's got no ethics.

Sarah: What does it mean to you? I keep seeing it in my dreams,
John. It means something. It was written in blood on my basement's

John: Mom, you're tired. You've been sick. Chasing killer robots
will do that to you.

Sarah: Tell me about the three dots.


Sarah: In 1490 the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca landed on shores
of the New World seeking power and fortune. He was immediately
attacked and captured almost all of his traveling companions murdered.
Enslaved, de Vaca chose to embrace his captor's beliefs and learned
their ways. He became a healer. Over time, he was freed and de Vaca
attracted his own following who believed he had the power over life
and death. The desert had transformed him. He was not the first,
and he would not be the last.

Eileen: It's like the world's been pulled out from under my feet.
I don't know what's real and what's not.

Dr. Morris: Eileen, what you're describing is common among experiencers
such as yourself. When a person lives through something beyond human
understanding we experience fear, a loss of control, a sense of
isolation and a deep, almost existential, loneliness. And you, Ms.
fly-on-the-wall? What brings you here today?

Sarah: I'm Sarah.

Dr. Morris: Hello, Sarah. Welcome.

Sarah: I came here today because there have been reports of people
seeing UFOs with this mark. I need to find out what it means.

Dr. Morris: It's important to you.

Sarah: I've been dreaming about it. I'm having nightmares.

Dr. Morris: Are they nightmares or are they memories?

Sarah: My son thinks I'm crazy. Maybe not crazy. Maybe that's the
wrong word. But he doubts me. He's never doubted me before.

Dr. Morris: Oh. If there's one thing we understand here it's doubt.

Pete: I have additional photos on my website.

Woman: Thank you.

Pete: Here's my card. And these are actual photos of the California
drones. These alien spacecraft have been spotted in various locations
around the state.

Sarah: Alien. Not military?

Pete: Oh, definitely not military. The drones' loitering capability
is far beyond anything our military has in its fleet. No, the
Predator, Reaper, none of them has anywhere near the presence the
drones do.

Sarah: And the symbol?

Pete: Now, some witnesses have reported seeing the three dots on
the hull of the spacecraft. The mark is also referred to in the
Abraham blogs. Abraham claims to be a scientist working on a
top-secret alien-centric project being covered up by the authorities.
The metal hyper-alloy that he was working with exhibited a tensile
strength far beyond our existing technology. Fire, explosions,
extreme pressure, this metal could survive it all. It was basically

Sarah: Abraham. Where do I find him?

Pete: That's the million-dollar question. I don't know. No one
knows. Abraham blogged a few times, then he disappeared six months

Sarah: You think someone killed him?

Pete: I know your type. Come out, watch the kooks, have a good laugh
at our expense.

Sarah: I'm not laughing at anyone.

Pete: Enjoy the rest of the freak show.

Eileen: You're interested in Abraham?

John: Hello?

Sarah: Hey, John.

John: Hey. You coming home?

Sarah: No, I've got a lead. I'll be home late.

John: From the flying-saucer convention.

Sarah: The UFO experiencers, yes. There's a blogger named Abraham.
He may have worked with endoskeleton metal.

John: Oh, well, we all know how reliable bloggers are.

Sarah: Why do you have to be so sarcastic?

John: Mom... just be careful out there, okay?

Riley: Wow. And I thought my room was a disaster.

John: Your room is a disaster.

Riley: Berry Bonanza or Peachy Keen?

John: This is a work in progress, all right?

Riley: It sure is something.

John: You okay?

Riley: I'm peachy keen. Why? Do I not look peachy keen?

John: You're smiling with your mouth but not your eyes. See? You're
doing it right now.

Riley: I flipped out at my foster mom.

John: What do you mean "flipped out"?

Riley: Two of the kids were fighting and it kind of got to me. So
I went on this little rant.

John: About what?

Riley: They're just so naive, you know? They have no idea how good
they have it. All they do is complain about every little thing and
everyone at school's the exact same way. It's like one big whine-a-thon.
You're so lucky your mom's homeschooling you.

John: Yeah, it's been awesome.

Cameron: You didn't buy me a smoothie.

Riley: I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here.

Cameron: I'm always here.

John: Cameron, I'm not sure we're gonna have enough paint. Would
you do me a favor and go out and get some?

Cameron: You have 420 square feet to paint. What you have should
be sufficient.

John: Two coats. It's a bigger job than it looks.

Cameron: I have a job too.

John: Well, could you do it in the other room? Please?

Cameron: Peachy Keen is my favorite.

Jesse: Come here. You're a pretty girl. What's your name?

Sarah: Does Abraham know we're coming?

Eileen: Abraham doesn't live here, I do.

Sarah: You said...

Eileen: If you are interested in Abraham you'll want to see this.

Sarah: Abraham is a pseudonym?

Eileen: Alan Park is his real name. Has a master's from MIT specialized
in something called "lidar".

Sarah: Light detection and ranging.

Eileen: You know what it stands for then you know lidar is an optical
remote-sensing technology. Like radar, except with light. Its main
application is...

Sarah: Robots.

Eileen: You say that like it's a bad thing. All I can offer you is
tea. You seem more like a coffee type.

Sarah: So I've been told.

Eileen: Type A. Focused. Goal-oriented.

Sarah: And yet here I stand with a cup of chamomile tea. Can I ask
you a personal question?

Eileen: Could I stop you?

Sarah: What are you doing out here in the desert?

Eileen: Looking for answers.

Sarah: About Abraham?

Eileen: Abraham. Life. Whether the government is hiding little green
men in fallout shelters. How to make the perfect cup of tea. You?

Sarah: I haven't figured out all my questions yet.

Eileen: Having a doubting Thomas in the house can't help.

Sarah: How about you? You got family? Or is this a one-gal operation?

Eileen: Just me, myself and the coyotes.

Sarah: Solitude. I remember it fondly.

Eileen: Most of the time, I love it. Most of the time. These are
drone sightings. And these are sightings of Abraham. This one's the
most recent.

Sarah: Then that's where we'll start.

Riley: This room is so adorable. How could you not like it?

John: Because I'm not 8. It's my mom's subconscious way of trying
to keep me a kid. The minute she took off, out came the paint.

Riley: Where'd she go?

John: You don't wanna know.

Riley: Yeah, I do actually.

John: Why?

Riley: Because she's your mom and I care about you.

John: Hey, you got something. What happened to you?

Riley: Nothing.

John: It's a bruise.

Riley: John, it's nothing.

John: Who did that to you?

Riley: John, please.

John: Was it your foster dad?

Riley: No. It was no one, okay?

John: I swear I'll kick his ass.

John. It wasn't him, okay? I swear. Just drop it, please.

Ellison: The answer's still no. I can't do what you're asking.

Weaver: Shame. I thought a night's sleep would change your mind.

Ellison: I didn't sleep.

Weaver: John Henry needs someone to talk to, now that Dr. Sherman
is gone.

Ellison: Dr. Sherman is gone because he... it killed him.

Weaver: It wasn't murder, Mr. Ellison. You said so yourself. You
also said I was remiss in creating John Henry without teaching him
right from wrong. This is our opportunity to correct that oversight.

Ellison: Our opportunity?

Weaver: Your religious faith and paternal instinct make you the
ideal candidate to foster his moral development.

Ellison: That thing killed 20 FBI agents. It needs a whole lot more
than just a talking to.

Weaver: The program responsible for those murders is gone. The John
Henry program is no more responsible for the deaths of those FBI
agents than you or I. Many believe tactile experience is integral
to AI development. This body is merely a puppet. An interface. We
control him. You control him.

Ellison: And when John Henry completes his development? When he
realizes what his puppet is capable of do you know how powerful
he'll be?

Weaver: Cows are more powerful than man, Mr. Ellison. But I'd still
rather be the farmer with the rifle. Talk to John Henry. Teach him
right from wrong.

Eileen: You know, Abraham was spotted here a week ago.

Sarah: By who?

Eileen: I don't know. It was an anonymous posting in a UFO chat
room. Do you belong to many newsgroups?

Sarah: I'm not much for computers.

Eileen: Usually they go hand in hand. Computers, technology,

Sarah: Not for me. I'm only interested in the drones and the markings,
the ones that Abraham saw.

Eileen: Everything comes back to Abraham.

Sarah: I guess so. What are we doing here?

Eileen: Well... right now, I'm gonna go pee.

Sarah: Abraham. Where is he? If you know, tell me now.

Eileen: I am Abraham. I'm the one you're looking for. My real name
is Alan Park.

Sarah: What else is real?

Alan: All of it.

Sarah: All of it.

Alan: The research, the blogs. It's all true.

Sarah: Except the woman part.

Alan: My life was in danger. I needed to hide.

Sarah: From who?

Alan: I don't know.

Sarah: Not good enough.

Alan: A few years after MIT, I went to work for an aerospace firm.
It was there that I was approached by a company that needed my
expertise with lidar. The money was good. More than good, it was
incredible. They gave us cars, company housing.

Sarah: What was the project?

Alan: That's the thing. I never knew. No one knew. We all signed
NDAs. Everybody worked in isolation. But we had access to technology
and materials I'd never seen.

Sarah: Was it military?

Alan: I started blogging asking if anyone recognized what I was
working with. Strange things started to happen. My apartment was
broken into. And then one day I was driving home from work and my
brakes went out. The next morning, I went to the bank and withdrew
all my savings, went into hiding.

Sarah: Some disguise.

Alan: I couldn't take any risks.

Sarah: You took a risk with me.

Alan: You know something about all of this that I don't. I can tell.

Sarah: You have proof? Can you prove anything you just told me?

Alan: I have a piece. The metal I worked with. I stole a piece
before I left.

Sarah: Where is it?

Alan: In a storage facility. I rented it the day I disappeared.

Sarah: I'll drive.

Alan: It's not safe.

Sarah: It never is.

Jesse: You all right? It's okay if you're not. I want you to tell
me if you're not.

Riley: I'm all right. Maybe this color red is too bright. Maybe the
brown was better.

Jesse: The red's perfect. You're just not used to it.

Riley: The lady in the store said I was an autumn. I've never even
seen autumn. Why did you pick me? I've always wanted to ask.

Jesse: But you never have.

Riley: I thought you'd tell me when the time was right. I think the
time is right.

Jesse: No, sweetie. The time's past.

Cameron: What happened to your face?

Riley: Nothing.

Cameron: How did you get hurt?

Riley: It was nothing. Smacked into a door.

Cameron: What part?

Riley: What?

Cameron: Of the door.

Riley: I don't know. Just the door.

Cameron: I like your star.

Riley: Excuse me?

Cameron: Your tattoo. It's tight.

Riley: Thank you.

Cameron: I'm thinking of getting one. Can I look at yours? Did it

Riley: Not too much.

Cameron: They stuck needles into your skin. Needles can be painful.

John: Hey. What's going on?

Cameron: I'm looking at her star.

Riley: She's thinking about getting one.

John: A tattoo. Of what?

Cameron: A tiger or a wolf. I haven't decided yet. We need to talk.

Riley: I'm cool. Really. Talk.

Pastor Jonas: We missed you at choir practice. Don't think my wife
doesn't notice when our best baritone is gone.

Ellison: I'm sorry. Things have been crazy.

Pastor Jonas: You've been through a difficult time. We need to see
more of you not less.

Ellison: Do you remember I come from a big family? Seven kids?
Before Lila and I got married, we used to talk into the night about
how many kids we'll have.

Pastor Jonas: Family is a blessing.

Ellison: Yeah, she wanted three, maybe four. I was more in the four
to five range.

Pastor Jonas: Sounds like there was room for compromise.

Ellison: She wanted to wait until she made it through Quantico. I
agreed. She graduated September 1 st, 2001. We started trying in
earnest that very night. Ten days later...

Pastor Jonas: September 11th.

Ellison: She decided she didn't want to get pregnant anymore.

Pastor Jonas: Understandable reaction.

Ellison: But she already was. I didn't find out until after she had
terminated it.

Pastor Jonas: I always wondered what happened between you two.

Ellison: Yeah, that's what happened.

Pastor Jonas: When you called today you said you wanted guidance.

Ellison: Yeah, that's true.

Pastor Jonas: Does this have to do with Lila?

Ellison: No.

Pastor Jonas: Does it have something to do with the child?

Ellison: The child?

Pastor Jonas: Yes. Does this have something to do with the child?

Ellison: I don't know. I don't know.

Alan: It's gone. I swear it was here. Sarah, they must've broken
in. Who are you? What do you want from me?

Sarah: The truth.

Alan: I told you I don't know. The name on my Paychex led to a shell
corporation. It's all a dead end.

Sarah: You're lying.

Alan: No.

Sarah: You're a liar and a fake.

Alan: You're the fake. You're a mother. You're a seeker. You're a
soldier. You're everything but you're nothing.

Sarah: You don't know anything about me.

Alan: Oh, really? I'm a man who lives as a woman, and you're a woman
who lives as...

Sarah: Stop.

Alan: What made you so hard?

Sarah: Who were you working for?

Alan: You almost got me killed.

Sarah: Tell me. Tell me about the metal about the symbols.

Alan: The bullets, I could feel them. They were close. So close.
We nearly died. You don't feel it. Why don't you feel it? I don't
hate them, you know?

Sarah: They tried to kill you. Twice.

Alan: They did kill me. They killed Adan Park. And I thank them for
it. They gave me a gift. The life I was scared to lead. Before this
happened, I was a cog in the machine. Ordinary, repressed. How many
people dare to live the life they dream of? Face their real fears
about who they really are not their houses, or their jobs, or their
habits but their deepest, truest selves? Do you have any idea what
I'm talking about?

Sarah: I used to be a waitress. They killed her too. Tell me about
your lab. Where is it?

Alan: They made sure we never knew. The company came, picked us up
every morning. Drove us in a van with blacked-out windows to the
facility. What is it?

Sarah: There may be a way to help you remember.

Jesse: What are you doing here?

Riley: I'm sorry, Jesse. No one's following me. I double backed
like you taught me. Jesse, I'm really sorry. Don't get mad at me,

Jesse: Phones. That's why we have phones.

Riley: I just didn't know where else to go.

Jesse: Yeah, well not here, sweetie. Any place but here.

Riley: I got kicked out of my foster home.

Jesse: You did what?

Riley: I got kicked out. They threw me out because I hit Kay, my
foster mom. I was just freaking out. You know, I started thinking
about everything. What's coming for all of us. For them. I just...
I needed someone to talk to. I need you. I was thinking that instead
of just getting another foster home that maybe we could find someplace
close together. Like an apartment or something. I'll just tell John
that I quit school and we can be together.

Jesse: I'm not here to baby-sit. And you're not here to feel sorry
for yourself. I'm not your friend. I am not your mother. And you
are here to keep John Connor away from her. Go finish your job. Go.

Cameron: She's lying.

John: About what?

Cameron: I don't know, but her pulse was elevated, and her hand was
perspiring. She's lying.

John: Yeah, her pulse was elevated because you were freaking her
out. As usual.

Cameron: What happened to her face?

John: I don't know. She didn't say.

Cameron: I can get her to tell me the truth.

John: Stay away from her. Riley. Riley, answer me. Open it. Now.

Dr. Morris: New memories can be confusing. The question Sally poses
is very important. How soon do we tell a new person in our lives
we've experienced an abduction?

Sarah: Dr. Morris? Sarah. We met at the UFO convention.

Dr. Morris: I'm busy at the moment, but if you'd like to make an

Sarah: No appointment. It's an emergency.

Eileen: No matter what happens, I'm never going back to what I was.

Sarah: Good luck.

Dr. Morris: Have a seat, please.

Ellison: Who taught you how to play chess?

John Henry: I did.

Ellison: Did you play with Dr. Sherman?

John Henry: No. We played other games. Talking games.

Ellison: Do you miss Dr. Sherman?

John Henry: I'm designed to learn. He helped me learn. His absence
slows my growth.

Ellison: His absence is more important than that. His value was
more than just his function for you. Human beings aren't like chess
pieces. It matters if we live or die.

John Henry: Why does it matter? All humans die eventually.

Ellison: Yes. That's true. But their lives are sacred. Do you know
what sacred means?

John Henry: Holy. Worthy of respect. Venerable.

Ellison: Do you know why human life is sacred?

John Henry: Because so few humans are alive compared to the number
that are dead?

Ellison: No. Because we're God's creation. God made everything. The
stars, the Earth everything on this planet. We are all God's children.

John Henry: Am I God's child?

Ellison: That's one of the things we're here to talk about.

John Henry: Checkmate. I win. Would you like to play again?

Dr. Morris: Your body is completely relaxed. Your mind is clear and
open. I'm gonna count down from five. When I reach one, you'll be
in the park waiting for your ride to work. You ready?

Eileen: I'm ready.

Dr. Morris: Five, four, three, two, one. Where are you? What do you

Alan: I'm waiting at the bench. There are five other people. We all
live in town. We all climb inside the van. After a few miles, we
come to a stop. There a sound. At the end of the dirt road is a
warehouse. There's an office in front. No windows. No way to see
in or out.

Dr. Morris: Does that bother you?

Eileen: No. I like not being seen. The van parks outside. The driver
unlocks the door. We head inside.

Dr. Morris: Can I help you? I said, can I help you?

Dr. Morris: Your body is completely relaxed. Your mind clear and
open. I'm gonna count down from five. When I reach one, you'll be
in the park waiting for your ride to work. Are you ready?

Eileen: I'm ready.

Dr. Morris: Five, four, three, two, one. Where are you? What do you

Eileen: I'm waiting at the bench. There are five other people. We
all live in town. Here it comes now.

Dr. Morris: the van?

Eileen: It approaches from the left. We climb inside the van. It
heads north out of town. It's dim inside. I can barely see.

Dr. Morris: Does the darkness disturb you?

Eileen: No. Secrecy doesn't bother me. Because I have a secret too.

Dr. Morris: And what's your secret?

Eileen: I'm not who they think I am. After a few miles, we come to
a stop. There's a sound.

Dr. Morris: What is it? Eileen?

Eileen: I don know. The sound. It doesn't...

Dr. Morris: Trust yourself. The truth is inside you. What do you

Eileen: It's rain. Every day. But the heat. We're in the desert.
It doesn't make sense. Nothing makes sense. We're on a dirt road.
Now a bump. A clacking under the tires. At the end of the dirt road
is a warehouse. There's an office in front. No windows. No way to
see in or out.

Dr. Morris: Does that bother you?

Eileen: No. I like not being seen. I don know who they are, but
that's okay because they don know who I really am either.

Dr. Morris: And who are you?

Eileen: I'm a waitress.

Ed Winston: Will do. First thing in the morning. I'm sorry, ma'am.
We're closed.

Sarah: Where's the metal?

Ed Winston: Please. Don't shoot. Please don't shoot me.

Sarah: The metal. Where is it?

Ed Winston: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sarah: Who are you?

Ed Winston: My name's Winston. I install air conditioning, all
right? Please don't hurt me. I have a wife. I have a son. I'm his
coach. I'm his little league coach.

Sarah: Put your hands on your head. What's in the warehouse?

Ed Winston: I don't know. My boss rents it out to another company.
Look, I'm just an installer.

Sarah: I know where you live. Don't call the police.