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TV Series : CHUCK  (2010 - 2012)

Guest appearance: In Chuck, Summer Glau plays agent Greta, which is a codename given to a CIA agent who is undercover at the Burbank Buy More in season four, after it has been turned into a fully operational CIA sub-station by General Beckman.
Summer Glau guest stars on Chuck
Summer Glau guest stars on
NBC's action-comedy/
spy-drama Chuck..
Series plot summary : The show follows geeky Chuck, who accidentally became the mental host of the Intersect, an unprecedentedly powerful computer mind containing all information available to the US government, he's a primordial national security asset and risk. So CIA and NSA assign two agents to guard Chuck, and often get involved with him in spy adventures. Meanwhile his identity must be kept secret from his family and goofy colleagues in Buy More, the Burbank electronics store where he works as a cover.
Creator : Chris Fedak, Josh Schwartz
Network : NBC
Genre : Action | Comedy | Drama
Production credits : College Hill Pictures Inc., Fake Empire, Wonderland Sound and Vision
Cast : 
Zachary Levi: Chuck Bartowski
Yvonne Strahovski: Sarah Walker
Joshua Gomez: Morgan Grimes
Adam Baldwin: John Casey
Sarah Lancaster: Ellie Bartowski 

Summer Glau as MGreta

Summer Glau as Greta.

Season 4, Episode 8: 'Chuck Versus the Fear of Death'

Original air date: November 15, 2008
Episode plot summary: Afraid that his latest setback is driving a wedge between him and Sarah, Chuck resolves to prove himself by going on a dangerous mission with the overeager Agent Rye (guest star Rob Riggle). Meanwhile, Morgan and Casey scramble as the 'Buy Morons' attempt to uncover the true identity of Greta (guest star Summer Glau).
Director: Robert Duncan McNeill
Guest cast : 
Summer Glau: Greta
Rob Riggle: Jim Rye
Richard Chamberlain: Adelbert De Smet

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Sneak peek for Chuck 4.08 'Chuck Vs The Fear of Death"


Trivias :
  • Summer Glau reunited on set of Chuck with her former Firefly co-star Adam Baldwin. Here's a behind the scenes photo of her in uniform, side by side with Adam:

Summer Glau and her former Firefly co-star Adam Baldwin on set of Chuck