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robbo Post # 46 | Tuesday, 02 Jun 2015 - 03:17
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Sendhil Ramamurthy Back For 'Heroes Reborn'

Heroes alum Sendhil Ramamurthy has booked a pair of hero-themed roles with a regular cast gig in British drama Stan Lee's Lucky Man for Sky1, and a guest arc on NBC's event mini Heroes Reborn. Ramamurthy is the latest original cast member to sign up for the Heroes follow-up. In the 2006-2010 cult series, he played Dr. Mohinder Suresh, a geneticist seeking the truth behind his father's murder and the continuation of his research into evolved humans. The character is the fifth from the original show due to appear in Heroes Reborn along with Jack Coleman's Noah Bennet, Masi Oka's Hiro Nakamura, Greg Grunberg's Matt Parkman and Jimmy Jean-Louis' The Haitian. A fall launch is slated.

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robbo Post # 47 | Thursday, 11 Jun 2015 - 01:51
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Heroes Reborn: Cristine Rose Returning As Angela Petrelli In Revival Series

Heroes Reborn's latest piece of casting news is a real mother.

Cristine Rose, who played the manipulative Angela Petrelli - mom to Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) - in the original NBC series, will reprise her role in the upcoming revival. 

Though details of Rose's return are being kept under wraps, a quick refresher on her powers should be enough to get you excited for her reappearance: Not only could the devious diva see the past and future via her dreams, but she could also enter other people's dreams for her own dark purposes. 

But there are also a few memorable performers whom have been confirmed will not be on board.

Hayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia, and Zachary Quinto are among those who won't be a part of the new version, which has lined up a cast of newcomers to the franchise including Zachary Levi (Chuck). 

Via: TVLine
robbo Post # 48 | Wednesday, 08 Jul 2015 - 01:08
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10 Great TV Shows That Lost It By The End 

1.  Heroes 

Remember we mentioned that rarely does a show nosedive as badly as Dexter? If you're trying to think of another massive hit television show that crashed and burned so badly that it poisoned the careers of everyone involved for years to come, let us end the suspense. It was Heroes. 

Showrunner Tim Kring has gone on record as saying that he preferred to have seasons of the show written on the fly, and it showed. Where the largely fantastic first season seemed like pieces of a perfectly fitted jigsaw puzzle slowing moving together, everything about seasons two, three and four seemed more like desperation in television form: trying to recapture lightning in a bottle, and failing. 

Introducing more characters, more powers and more conspiracies certainly didn't help. Adding to the mythology by writing in more arcane subterfuge, mysteries and secrets has never helped a television show retain the interest of viewers. It made the X-Files' main arc plot too complicated to follow, it contributed to viewer dissatisfaction with Lost's final season, and in Heroes it simply squandered all of the goodwill created by the first season. 

Season two was longwinded and tedious, season three was more more of the same, and worse, season four was unforgivably boring for a television show about people with miraculous superhuman abilities out of a comic book. And here's a little hint for anyone out there thinking of writing their own genre TV show: If you're plotting out an arc involving a shadowy government/corporate cabal and the consequences of all their secrets, don't. We've seen it all before and it's so stultifyingly dull that we would literally rather watch infomercials for hygiene products. And that goes double for Kring and his upcoming Heroes revival miniseries - learn from your mistakes. Don't screw the pooch this time. 

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chrisdvanne_ Post # 49 | Wednesday, 08 Jul 2015 - 07:21
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Quote robbo ()
burned so badly that it poisoned the careers of everyone involved for years to come

I have not witnessed such thing. For many years, broadcast networks have been trying - without success - to find a serie that have the same impact as HEROES and LOST did. Most actors who have played in these successful and long lasting shows have been working regularly ever since.

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robbo Post # 50 | Saturday, 15 Aug 2015 - 00:57
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Heroes Reborn

NBC has announced that event series revival "Heroes Reborn" is seeing its premiere expanded to two hours which will run from 8-10pm from September 24th.

"The Blacklist," which was supposed to air that date as well but will now bow one week later on October 1st at 9pm. "Heroes Reborn" will also screen at the Toronto Film Festival, and will act as the only broadcast television show to appear at the film fest.

Via: Variety

NBC Universal Portrait Studio, August 2015 -- Pictured: (l-r) Actors Ryan Guzman, Robbie Kay, Zachary Levi, Kiki Sukezane, Judi Shekoni and Jack Coleman from 'Heroes Reborn' pose for a portrait at the NBC Universal Summer Press Day during the 2015 Summer TCA Tour at The Beverly Hilton on August 13, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.
Crédits : Christopher Polk/NBC

Heroes RebornHeroes Reborn
robbo Post # 51 | Sunday, 16 Aug 2015 - 00:46
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Heroes Star Is Dead When Reboot Begins

'Save the cheerleader, save the world' may have been the mantra for the first seasons of Heroes, but it looks like Claire Bennet didn't quite survive whatever happened in between the show's finale and the upcoming Heroes Reborn.

Creator Tim Kring has revealed that Claire (played by Hayden Panettiere) is dead when the events of Heroes Reborn take place.

He said at the 2015 Television Critics Association summer press tour: "She died a year prior to our story starting. That sort of gets into the mythology that's attached to the original show."

With Claire's father Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) returning to the limited series, Kring says viewers will learn of the old mythology through the character.

Kring said: "None of the former characters except for Jack's character is in every episode. All the characters that return are peppered in and out of the show."

Heroes Reborn will premiere with a two-hour slot on September 24 at 8pm on NBC in the US.

Via: DigitalSpy

Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet in NBC's HeroesHayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet in NBC's HeroesHayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet in NBC's HeroesHayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet in NBC's Heroes
robbo Post # 52 | Saturday, 26 Sep 2015 - 02:33
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'Heroes Reborn' Off To OK Ratings Start

There was improvement though NBC's Thursday night remains a work in progress after a solid launch against Thursday Night Football for the male-skewing Heroes Reborn and a slow start for new drama The Player. Heroes Reborn (1.9 in 18-49, likely to go up a tenth in the finals) picked up where the original series left off, on par with the February 2010 series finale (2.0). Of course, things have changed a lot over the past five-plus years as live viewership has eroded. Back then, a 2.0 Live+Same Day rating was a reason for cancellation; now it's a reason for celebration. In total viewers, Heroes Reborn grew, from 4.4 million for the finale to 6 million for last night's debut. That indicates an older-skewing viewership for the reboot, which is normal given that the original show's fans have aged since its run.

Heroes Reborn, which had high awareness and good not great intent to view, had the Herculean task of jump-starting a night where NBC had been flatlining for a while, even after dispatching its flagship drama The Blacklist to the 9 PM slot last spring. To get a perspective, Heroes Reborn's 1.9 in 18-49 actually marks NBC's best demo delivery in the Thursday 8-10 PM time period in three and a half years, when comedies Community and The Office were the night's tentpoles. Versus last fall's 16th season premiere of The Biggest Loser in the slot, Heroes Reborn was up +19%. Even back in the day of the original series when DVRs were still a novelty, Heroes was among the most time-shifted series, so its rating will likely go significantly in Live+3 and Live+7.

Via: Deadline

Danika Yarosh of 'Heroes Reborn' poses for a portrait during the 2015 Toronto Film Festival on September 10, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Maarten de Boer/Getty Images Portrait)

Danika Yarosh of 'Heroes Reborn' poses for a portrait during the 2015 Toronto Film FestivalDanika Yarosh of 'Heroes Reborn' poses for a portrait during the 2015 Toronto Film FestivalDanika Yarosh of 'Heroes Reborn' poses for a portrait during the 2015 Toronto Film FestivalDanika Yarosh of 'Heroes Reborn' poses for a portrait during the 2015 Toronto Film Festival Forum » Off Topic » The Water Cooler » Heroes (Where we can talk about the show Heroes)