Web Chat with Joss Whedon and the Serenity Cast

To mark the release of Serenity in the UK, Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Morena Baccarin participated in a live web chat in the Empire Online office on Thursday 25 August, 2005 to talk directly to the UK movie magazine readers. This web chat had gone on under the radar of the Summer Glau fansites until today.
Here's a photo of Joss Whedon and the Serenity cast taken in Empire Online's office, as well as the full transcript (available by the link "Read more"). It seems they had a lot of fun doing this web chat.

Web Chat at Empire Online - August 25, 2005

"You may have been there when we invited the cast and director of Serenity in to our humble office last month for an extensive webchat. You may have missed it, no doubt due to crippling illness or temporary death. In any case, here it is to admire and enjoy in perpetuity in all its glory. Learn about Joss' study with Tibetan sexy monks, Nathan's homicidal tendencies, Summer's dancing and Morena's imaginary pet here..."
Chris: Joss is now signed in. Nathan is now signed in. Summer is now signed in. Morena is about to be signed in
Nathan: Morena is slower than the other children

Joss: Hello, thanks for having me. No questions with math please

Nathan: Word everyone, word

Summer: Hi everyone!

Morena: Hi , I'm here...

Nathan: Joss, I have a question
Joss: Ask away, Nathan

Nathan: What is your greatest weakness Joss?
Joss: Nathan, you know it's you, baby

Mac: Joss, any plans to bring the cast from Serenity over to Wonder Woman?
Joss: Yes, the entire cast from Serenity will be playing Steve Trevor

DaveB: Please don't reveal any plot points but did you have any storylines worked out for Firefly's first season that ended up in Serenity?
Joss: Yes, the main plotline that was to run two years is the structure of the movie.

Vader66: Summer, were you told about River's fighting and psychic abilities from the beginning?
Summer: Summer No, I didn't know until right before we made the movie.

Joss: Joss, how can you be so sexy and yet so humble?
Joss: Well, Joss, I'm glad you asked. It's not easy, and I trained for years with monks in Tibet who are both sexy and humble - but mostly sexy

Lucinda: Joss, I'd like to know though if there are any thoughts/plans for a big screen Buffy/Angel movie? Please? If we send you lots of ho-hos since we know you love them?
Joss: Much as I love ho-hos, I don't have plans for a Buffy-Angel movie, and I don't think Sarah or David are lacking for work. However, I do hope to visit the Buffyverse again soon

Morena: Nathan, Stop touching me...
Nathan: Your fingers type stop, but your eyes type don't stop

Jubal: Nathan, how would you describe Mal's relationship with River?
Nathan: Malcolm is very protective of River. She represents one more thing he doesn't want to have taken away from him

will: Nathan, Summer and Morena, how did you feel when you heard there would be a film?
Morena: Summer and I fainted

Nathan: Great. Like a new car!

errhead: Summer, many of the other cast members have voice work experience; would you be interested in doing an animated Firefly special or series?
Summer: Of course! I'd love to.

lhaamond: Joss, what can a Browncoat do to get you directing a Harry Potter movie?
Joss: Awesome question, as I was just thinking about this last night. They would have to wait until all the books have come out, as I refuse to see any Potter film till I've read them all, because she writes better movies than anybody shoots. When she's done, I'll go back and watch them and wait for the call to direct number seven.

errhead: Morena. how do you feel about presenting prostitution in a positive light?
Morena: I don't see it as prostitution, I see it as being an ambassador...of sex.

Nathan: Morena, your typist looks like she could be your sister.
Morena: Nathan, stop staring at us...

Angelica: Summer, do you keep in contact with your fans? By the way, Matt from Starfury: Serenity gives a big 'Hey!'
Summer: Yes, once a week I go through my emails and fan-letters and get back to everyone.

Rosanna: Nathan, what would Mal be doing if the Browncoats had won the war?
Nathan: Celebrating and stitching a flag.

Jubal: Joss, do you have any set plans for the sequels should there be any?
Joss: Nothing is set, but my brain is on fire (there are actual flames) with cool ideas to make my actors uncomfortable.

demonbunny: For anyone: What was the funniest behind the scene story on the movie?
Nathan: Demonbunny, be more specific

gilesfan: Joss, what is happening with the Ripper spin-off show?
Joss: Ripper is something that I long to get off the ground. But the ground is very sticky.


trask43: Hi Summer, just wondering if you have any future TV or film projects currently in the works?
Summer: I'm working on one at the moment in Romania. It's a sci-fi comedy, really fun.

gilesfan: Summer, what is your e-mail?
Summer: Gilesfan, you can contact me through my website.

MarcosD: Morena, You're Brazil's most shiny international star. I'm very proud of you. Want ya to know that ;-)
Morena: Marcos D, Thank you.

Bolbertros: Joss, I know you love Dickens; how much was the character Badger influenced by this and will we see him again?
Joss: A lot of my characters have been influenced by Dickens, including Badger. I don't know if we'll see him - I hope so.

DaveB: The ultimate question; which is better, Alien or Aliens?
Nathan: Aliens, duh

Morena: Serenity is better

Nathan: But Aliens is nothing without Alien…

Mairead: Morena, will you ever use your language skills in a movie? Cause that could be interesting.
Morena: Yeah, I'd love to; if somebody would write it.

Schlingel: Joss: is there any chance for a convention for your fans in Austria? There are many people who adore your work! PS: I got a big tattoo on my back - a cross with the letters BTVS! and no: I'm not a freak ! ;)
Joss: I don't know when I can get to Europe. I hope to soon, but I have a lot of work and tiny children.

gregd: Why is Serenity's interior so hard and metal-y? Surely Mal would want his home to have some nice carpets, maybe some curtains?
Nathan: Carpets cost money and it's hard to get the blood out

Kayley: Summer: Are you having fun making the clips for the marketing campaign?
Summer: Kayley, it was a whirlwind.

Georgina: Hi Summer, I just wanted to know how much of the stunt work on Serenity you did yourself, and also how much fun was it to finally kick some ass?
Summer: 95 per cent. I felt every punch. It was fun but really, really hard work.

Zol: Nathan: in a fight, who would shoot first - Han Solo or Mal Reynolds? :)
Nathan: Zol, pre-97, Han Solo. Apres 97, Malcolm Reynolds.

Tace: The Firefly/Serenity cast are brilliant convention guests. Will you all still attend conventions when the film takes off and you become even more famous?
Morena: No

Morena: guys are responsible for keeping us on the air. We'll always be grateful.

Summer: We will never forget our fans and if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have made this film.

Nathan: I plan on becoming a recluse, growing my fingernails to extraordinary lengths and jarring my urine

Joss: Tace, while Nathan is becoming a recluse, I will be trolling the conventions for loose women with, needless to say, poor eyesight.

Mart: Was River ever going to have that sort of fight in the series?
Joss: We would never have had the time and money to train and set up a fight like that in the series. That's why I love the movie

Nathan: River was always fighting like that in the series, but on the inside and behind the scenes.

Zol: Joss, will we ever see that moment that Mal & Inara spend a night of passion together?
Joss: Zol, what do you mean "moment"? That's going to be at least a minute and twenty-eight seconds

Nathan: Are you saying you like to watch?

Summer: I don't know what it is but it sounds fun...

ChewieOz: How do you keep your egos in check, since you are all so talented, funny and good-looking?
Nathan: Egos in what?

Summer: Nathan keeps beating me down.

Morena: Nathan keeps us in check.

Joss: I have more humbility (see above re Tibet) than all of these losers combined. That's how I do it.

Eileen: Who keeps Nathan in check?
Morena: Joss.

Nathan: I'm preparing them for the harshness of real life, lest the world crush them in its icy grip.

MaskedDave: Joss, which is better to make a TV series or a movie?
Joss: I love both. They're very very different, so I tire of neither.

Jenova: Summer, how does it feel to be the main focus of a Big Damn Movie?
Summer: Like a good dream that I never wake up from.

Nathan: Jenova, woah woah woah!

ste: Now there is a firefly movie, do you have plans to get a two guys and a girl movie off the ground Nathan?
Nathan: ste, let it die.

chloesmom: Joss, did you get all 35 birthday banners?
Joss: Yes, and I wove them into a gown that I will wear to the Oscars when I'm nominated. Long after I'm dead.

gregd: Did Adam Baldwin get to keep Vera, or did Nathan steal it to sell on eBay?
Joss: gregd, Nathan would never steal. It would interfere with his busy murder schedule.

escapedape: Who keeps the raw sex power of Alan Tudyk in check?
Nathan: Ron Glass

Joss: There is a facility in Montana where they have to put him when it gets too bad.

Trienco: The River session videos. How official are they, as Universal still denies knowledge? Are they just playing along or is it handled by someone else?
Summer: I don't know...

Joss: Trienco, I also deny any knowledge of those things that I wrote and shot and am in.

Vader66: Question for Summer: you have 2 sisters, are they dancers?
Summer: No and no.

MobileHQ2: Morena, we saw a different side of you when Inara was drugged in Our Mrs Reynolds. Any chance of more comedy from you?
Morena: Yes, I'm really funny in real life; you just don't know it...

Colin: Is there anything left in extras for the DVD???
Joss: Colin, why? Did you take some of it?

JackK: Summer, when you got that part in Waiting in the Wings on Angel, did you have any idea of your own where to take your career?
Summer: No but I was desperate to work with Joss again...

gilesfan: Joss, do you have nay hopes for awards for Serenity; dare I say Oscars?
Nathan: Best Original Screenplay?

Joss: Yes. I have nay hopes.

Chrysocome: Joss will you ever tell us about Inara & Book's secrets?
Joss: They let me make more, and I'll let you know more. Promise.

SimonWho: Summer, was it fun stabbing Joss in the throat with a pen?
Summer: Always a good laugh!

Rosanna: Question for everyone - what was it like walking back into the cargo bay of Serenity after so long?
Nathan: Like coming home

Morena: Like coming home

Joss: Actually the cargo bay was the least like the old ship. Walking into the dining room was really the part that got me.

Niamh: Nathan: Is it true you stole all the Alliance money from the set?
Nathan: Only a fool would confess to such a brilliant piece of criminal mastermindedness

Morena: Yes, and then he tried to pay me off with it.

BDMartin: Summer; do you still do Ballet? Does your training for fighting that involves using other muscles affect your ballet abilities?
Summer: No it's hard to want to dance if you can't do it full-time. Fighting did affect my dancing.

demonbunny: Nathan, how is the flip off contest going with Jewel? Who is winning so far?
Nathan: In Atlanta, at Dragoncon, Jewel arranged for over 2000 people to flip me double-birds. It still burns

Nathan: Now I'm afraid of real birds

Nathan: And slightly afraid of fingers

Summer: I think Jewel won!

Cath: Joss - Camus or Sartre?
Joss: Cath, hard to choose. Nausea was the book that codified my own existential experience and it has the closest place in my heart, but Myth Of Sisyphus really spells it out in ways that I think of most days.

MarcosD: Buffy stroke my life as a deep groundbreaking. It changed me in every sense for improvement. So I wanna know if there's a most favorite season and a less favorite one in both Buffy and Angel. Thanx. ;-)
Joss: Sorry, but I love all of my children equally. Seasons included

Vader66: Summer, can you tell us about the movie you made in Romania?
Summer: It's a sci-fi comedy, Vader66.

Gary: Question for everyone, what TV shows and movies do you like to watch?
Morena: Friends is my guilty pleasure

Summer: Gary, I only watch the cooking channel.

Nathan: Arrested Development, both versions of The Office, Lost, Over There, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Strangers With Candy. Movies: Layer Cake, Grisly Man.

Stryder: Joss, is it likely that the networks might want to pick Firefly back up if Serenity is a success?
Joss: It seems more likely that there would be more movies if the movie is a success, but as I have learned to my joy, nothing is impossible

Niamh: Morena: where would you like for your character if there is another movie?
Morena: Joss, you can start with some more screen time and we'll go from there..


Pete: Joss - Given the choice between making two more Serenity movies or returning to the small screen with it - which would you choose?
Joss: I'd go for the two movies, because I am incredibly lazy.

jpr: Joss: Why is Warren Ellis GOD?
Joss: Because he writes the most inventive and cinematic comic books around. He is the daddy of the epic comic.

salma: Q for everyone : do you guys have any pets? What are they, and what are their names?
Morena: There's a little pet that always lives in my head and tells me what to do, named Nathan.

Summer: I have a long haired chihuahua called Duga. He's kind of mean but I love him.

Vader66: Summer: Does the Firefly movie complete River's storyline?
Summer: I hope it doesn't complete River's storyline.

Pete: Nathan - after all the trouble with 
Nathan: Yes I did. I'm curious to know if Darryl is relieved that I called off the Browncoats

Christina: Joss - would you say that Aaron Sorkin has been an influence on your writing, and if so, in what ways? We see similarities in the quality of the dialogue
Joss: Christina, Aaron Sorkin is an extraordinary writer, but I have been working for over a decade before I ever heard of him. I would say he and I are perhaps of a similar school, that of humanism tinged with writing way too much dialogue.

Nathan: Aaron Sorkin changed the way I feel about getting caught with mushrooms

JackK: Joss, will the Cheeseman in Buffy that was just random ever return?
Joss: I was working on a spin-off cop show "Primitive and Cheeseman". They were going to fight crime and maybe learn something from each other about being primitive or having cheese. It didn't get off the ground... because it's a crap idea.

beingrad: Joss, what's been your favourite cameo appearance by yourself in any of your projects?
Joss: The dance of joy was fun, though I hope never to be asked to do it again. But at the end of the day, what's more fun than being stabbed in the throat with a pen by Summer? About which I know nothing, and deny any involvement.

errhead: Morena, were your scenes in the script that weren't in the movie actually shot?
Morena: Yeah, they will be in the DVD extras.

Daikath: Nathan, I have seen Serenity but I don't think you could fit a Buick up your nose. I think it's a noble nose, worthy of your stature.
Nathan: Daikath, I'm told my profile is very Roman, befitting a coin...accepted in vending machines worldwide.

trask43: Summer, are you still looking work on TV series like CSI cold case or with the upcoming sci-fi comedy are you trying to focus on a film career?
Summer: trask43, sure, I just love acting.

tully: Summer, what's your least favourite part about working with Morena?
Summer: Her diva attitude. Joke!

taterbones: Everyone: Favorite meals? Snack foods? Guilty pleasures (of the edible variety)?
Morena: Any kind of cake.

CIDER: Joss, I heard an interview with you from right after Welcome To The Hellmouth. You talked about the Alien script and bringing back Ripley as a clone and mentioned that there had to be a consequence of that, there had to be some kind of beast there. This is similar to Buffy season 6 and I wondered if you felt your idea had not been explored enough or in the way you wanted and this is why you returned to it. Also you mentioned a 'space-pirate' – was this the foundation for Firefly?
Nathan: CIDER, chapter 3 of your question is my favourite part

Joss: Thank you for pointing out that I only have five ideas. Please do not mention this to any of your other friends.

sutty: Summer, did you have fun beating up Adam and Sean?
Summer: So much.

Nathan: We all have fun beating up Sean

siyrobbo: Nathan, you should polay bond
Nathan: I think I should polay Bond too

yosushi: Everyone, what's your favourite crisp flavour?
Joss: Salt and vinegar

Rianne: Nathan, have you ever found yourself reaching to put on a pair of braces when you're NOT filming Firefly/Serenity?
Nathan: Rianne, no, but I occasionally have to fight the urge to punch people in the face

JackK: In a perfect world, what would be open 24 hours a day?
Morena: Museums and bookstores

Joss: A tea shop

Summer: Trader Joe's

JackK: Joss, my mum wants to know if you could package David Boreanaz and send him to her?
Joss: He didn't arrive? This is very bad news as I may have forgotten to poke air holes in the package.


Chloe: Hey Nathan - did those tight tight trousers do you any lasting damage??
Nathan: Chloe, is this a fertility question? Is this where our relationship is going?

Tanisafan: Besides Sean 'The Bod' Maher, what other nicknames did you guys have for each other?
Morena: Jewel and I call each other Asshole

Joss: Adam "Girly Man" Baldwin; Jewel "Barely speaks English" Staite; Nathan "The Bod, But He Borrowed It From Sean" Fillion; Summer "Girly Man" Glau; and the rest we all call Sparky.

Cath: Nathan, Summer, Morena - is there anything you wouldn't do for Joss?
Summer: Wear that green body-suit again.

Rosanna: Morena, what was your favourite costume from the series? You got to wear some shiny dresses!
Morena: Probably the dress in Shindig, because it was the designers wedding dress.

jpr: To all: Is this movie going to be, dare I say it, accessible to those who haven't seen a single episode of FIREFLY, or who may have been dead or unborn when Buffy was on the air?
Joss: If it isn't, I have failed on a spectacular level.

Nathan: jpr, you'll have to tell me. I'm too close to the project. We are actually getting married as soon as the damn Republicans stop making it illegal to marry movies.

adsnsi: Summer, do you want to go out tonight?
Summer: Sorry, but I'm taking my sister to The Producers.

Jenova: Nathan, how deep is your love?
Nathan: Jenova, deep because we're living in a world of fools, breaking us down, when we all should letter B

Chris: Yes, we all should letter B. So wise. So, so wise.

Lesley: Question for everyone - What was your favourite episode of the series and why?
Morena: Heart of Gold...because I fall apart.

Summer: Objects In Space, because I got to work every day.

Joss: Lesley, obviously I adore Objects In Space, see above re Sartre. But with a cold eye, I have to say that I think the best was Out Of Gas.

errhead: Who is the most hard core partier in the cast?
Joss: That's not something I can discuss, because I have to protect Nathan.

Morena: Sean Maher

Rolfz82: everyone: through all of your careers until now, which character did you love most?
Morena: If I don't say Inara I'll get fired

schwar: are you all nice when you are drunk?
Joss: James from Empire says that we're quite testy. Just because we beat the piss out of him ONE TIME! Get over it! We needed your wallet.

Nathan: When I get drunk, I lose the ability to say the word " "

Jaina: On the Serenity DVD, will we be getting a Joss commentry on the movie AND a full cast commentry? If not, can I make a plea to have one?
Nathan: I plan to do a commentary at every screening I attend.

Joss: You shall have my commentary, but for a full cast commentary, we will have to have a special commemorative edition that they put out because the first one was such a massive massive hit (massive, massive hint).

sutty: Joss if you could have done one more episode Firefly. What would it have been about?
Joss: Me!

tully: Morena you are so Gorram Beautiful. But not as Pretty as Nathan
Morena: Nathan gets that a lot.

ste: Nathan and Morena how does it feel to be part of the Justice League?
Morena: It's great. I get t kick ass but not learn any stunts.

Nathan: It's not easy living in Superman's shadow

phoenixx: Nathan, do you enjoy being the houswives' favourite? Do women approach you in supermarkets?
Nathan: I always go to supermarkets in disguise as Joss and I'm totally left alone. Avoided, even

Rolfz82: Nathan: Will your new movie, Slither, be very scary?
Nathan: Very scary, very funny. More scary than funny. And sexy. And cool. And scary. And funny. What was the question?

JMsAngel: Joss: Now one of your shows is on the big screen is there any chance that your other babies, Buffy and Angel will be on the big screen one day?
Joss: Yes, and I'm hoping to make Toy Story into a movie. I don't really understand how things work very well.

philUK: Joss, in Serenity universe before earth got destroyed, what happened to the UK? Did we finally become the fifty-first state?
Joss: Yes. In fact, America annexed England and the planet that represents America in Serenity and Firefly is called Londinium, proving once and for all that we killed daddy because we wanted to be him.

12thMonkey: Morena, how awkward is it whenever someone asks you if you'd like to play Wonder Woman when Joss is standing right next to you?
Morena: Joss?

Emperor: Joss - Will the casting of Wonder Woman rival the search for Scarlett O Hara?
Joss: The casting search for Wonder Woman will take so long that I am only reading twelve year-olds and under.

Daikath: Joss: Did any of the characters on Buffy and Angel watch Firefly?
Joss: The characters on Buffy and Angel are not real people. The actors who portrayed them watched Firefly under threat of death.

Nathan: James Marsters visited our set. As did Amy Acker. Both lovely. Amy more so than James. But James is easier on the eyes, if you like eating horse shit.

Agnieszka: Joss, if you murdered anyone I love in Serenity, you're going to burn in a very special hell.
Joss: Agnieszka, luckily I happen to know you don't love anyone on Serenity. Look into your heart - it's not love. It's just a crush.

Jaina: Nathan, Summer, Morena - you're now part of the 
Morena: It's a very special place and only Joss can decipher the codes.

Summer: Special.

Nathan: Jaina, it makes me feel imminently powerful and able to crush all those against me. Fie on my enemies, ne'er shall you succeed. Thou days are numbered, I shall smite thee.

James: Sorry guys that's it. We've run out of time. Thanks for coming in.
Chris: Thanks to Joss, Nathan, Summer and Morena for their time and answers!


Source: Empire Online


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