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"Help for the Holidays" has finally found it's way to the UK.  Summer Glau's Christmas movie, originally made for The Hallmark Channel, is currently showing on Channel 5 under the name 'Help for Christmas'.  It first aired on December 8, 2013  but unfortunately it wont be on again for at least a week.

The good news is that it's available on streaming at Channel 5 website until January 21, 2014, though the video is restricted to viewers from the United Kingdom only.


Summer Glau as an elf in 'Help for the Holidays'
Summer Glau plays an elf in 'Help for the Holidays'.


For the U.S. viewers, 'Help For The Holidays' airs again onHallmark Channel next December 16th at 6:00 PM.

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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 09 Dec 2013, 00:21 GMT [Entry]

While the movie is region-blocked, I was able to access it via an UK VPN biggrin

  Message #2 | PurpleHayes | 09 Dec 2013, 01:04 GMT [Entry]

Yeah I'm currently unable to access it because my bro set up an US VPN and I dno which one!

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