TSCC - John and Cameron dropped out of school

John Connor and his protector Cameron are in iO9's list '15 Science Fiction and Fantasy Characters Who Found Success After Dropping Out of School'. Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter saga), Buffy & Co. or Smallville's Clark Kent also get shout-outs.

Stills Season 1
Here's what iO9 columnist has to say about Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles's teenagers : 
 It's hard to get worked up about auto shop when you're trying to prevent the robot apocalypse. (Although, let's be honest, auto shop is going to be one of the things you'll actually use in the robot apocalypse.) John Connor and the Terminator Cameron spend a good amount of time at Campo de Cahuenga High School, but eventually, they're too busy taking down Skynet to bother with class. When your destiny is to protect the remnants of humanity from murderous AIs, it's probably best if you spend your teen years battling murderous robots anyway.
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