Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press Kit

Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press Kit
Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press Kit

Take a look at the TSCC press Kit made by FOX to accompagny the series premiere on FOX, on January 13th 2008.

This promo collectible was never available for purchase in stores and only sent to FOX TV executives and members of the media.

It all started when these lucky few received a mysterious nondescript plain white envelope containing a simple note, signed by John Connor, and a key.

A few days later, they received a Security Trust of Los Angeles Safety Deposit Box A-117 (it's a real metal distressed safety deposit box with a key in the lock. Two items were inside the box:

  • A DVD copy of The Pilot episode and the second episode "Gnothi Seauton" that aired on Jan. 14th.
  • A USB drive containing cast photos and short TSCC videos clips


Here are photos of the items enclosed in the Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press kit, including pictures of the famous TSCC dog-tag :

Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press kitTerminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press kitTerminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press kitTerminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press kitTerminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press kit>Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press kit


UPDATE : Here are screencaps of the pilot, where you can see the Security Trust Of Los Angeles and the safe box a117, that had bundles of keys inside (see KevinInScotland additional references to TSCC's pilot in the comment section) :

Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Pilot - ScreencapsTerminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Pilot - Screencaps


FOX did a good job marketing the launch of TSCC. Unfortunately, the Gods of TV decided it should not have more than two seasons. But i'm glad that people like Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau or James Middleton never miss an opportunity to remind us of the awesomeness of the serie.


Side note : i'd like very much to have one of those TSCC dog-tag key chains.

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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 13 Aug 2012, 14:13 GMT [Entry]

Ah, The Security Trust Of Los Angeles, which was opened in 1963 by unknown BubbleTech(s) sent back by John Connor, having installed a fully working TDE distributed throughout safe boxes in the bank vault.
The a/c was opened in 1963 when the bank opened.
Cameron had the a/c details for box a117 which would have been opened by the original Bubbletech & possible lockbox installer in 1963.

The stone in the wall by the entrance to the bank says: 'this stone was set 1963 this day - march 17 - .....

box a117 had bundles of keys inside, which opens lots of boxes.

Also stored in one of the boxes was isotope solution for a plasma rifle, or a weapon close to that description. Cameron told Sarah to wait for the solution to go from 'yellow' to 'red', then fire it at Cromartie (in his current form).

They time jumped from ...quote display on the dated 1963 TDE equipment: curr dt 9.10.1999 target dt 2006 subdividing target date 2007 (03/07)

  Message #3 | KevinInEngland | 13 Aug 2012, 16:34 GMT [Entry]

If you are able to, I should not have said in line 4 'Cameron rented many deposit boxes',
I should have said Cameron had the a/c details for box a117 which would have been opened by the original Bubbletech & possible lockbox installer in 1963.
It had to be 1963 because the electrical cabling, possibly high voltage to run the TDE, needed to be done before the bank opened.
I also believe the Bubbletech would have had help, as the installation of the lockboxes would have to be done by a Resistance person posing as a security expert & lockbox installer. This is only a theory.

This thought has only just come to me. What makes it all the more complicated is.... when the a/c was opened, Cameron had to be informed which bank and which a/c number & keys would open the other boxes.
So, here is the question. Skynet blows most of LA to pieces, that could include this bank. How does Cameron know in 2029ish, what bank to go to in 1999?
I appreciate that this bank is not actually in LA, as we can see the awesome LA skyscraper skyline in the distance in the pilot ep. Perhaps the stone survived and John realised that if the bank opened in 1963, he could send a team back to install the TDE in 1963 before it opened and during it's construction.
I will get back to you on this, if someone that I ask can tell me differently, or someone in your little group can beat me to it?
Hasta la vista babies! Phew.

  Message #5 | KevinInEngland | 21 Sep 2012, 15:39 GMT [Entry]

Hiya Alex. Yes indeed. In my last job in London, I operated the communications console (Kbd+VDU), and had the pleasure of seeing 3 Belarussians and their UK boss build comlete mainframe telex exchanges using modern software. It all started in Minsk, then they came over and ordered the parts, everything. (Called a shopping list). Cables, mainframe, HDDs, wires, brackets....well you know all that. The wiring was immense and had to be liased with different cable companies like BT, Virgin, Cisco etc. There was fibre optic, ordinary wires and the council had to dig up the pavement outside. It just went on and on. If the required cabling etc did not exist, they had to run it from wherever it could be joined up with the main electricity conduit.

Indeed, you are right. This is something that was the responsibility of the resistance bubbletech/engineer to oversee when he/she arrived in 1962 (before 1963... obviously, as these things take time, and they had to have a lot of the stuff in place before the bank opened and the manager became aware of what he actually had in his basement).

This is a good discussion.
Did you see what Josh Friedman said on twitter? Oh it made me laugh a lot and I still laugh now. It was not technically funny but because of his race he was allowed to say it.....I think?

  Message #6 | The1Russter | 21 Sep 2012, 16:25 GMT [Entry]

What few people realize is that a nuclear missile releases multiple warheads set to explode in the atmosphere for greater physical impact. Missiles with nuclear warheads do not impact in the ground as misrepresented in T3 & T4. The earth would absorb a lot of the explosive force directing most of the blast upwards. Even the atom bombs released during WW2 in Japan were set to explode in the atmosphere. The bank is a masonry structure and is less than two stories tall. The curved structure suggests poured concrete with extensions made of structural steel with a concrete panels and stucco finish on the left and poured concrete with brick veneer on the right. The curved shape and its construction are god factors toward survival. The bank vault would be constructed within a harden concrete shell, several feet thick, and heavily reinforced with steel. It is highly likely the bank vault is partially or fully below ground with the bank physically sitting on top of it. The vault and a good part of the structure would survive a nuclear explosion from outside, but a similar explosion within the vault would rip the sucker open like an over-stuffed pastry in the hands of a 3 year old.

  Message #7 | Rabba | 22 Jul 2013, 17:30 GMT [Entry]

Hey guys! I was just curious if anyone here actually owns the press kit and do they know what material was on the pen drive?

I managed to lay my hands on the safe deposit box [which arrived in the mail today smile ] which is unfortunately empty so I'm working hard to recreate the set as best as I can.

Any help would be greatly appreciated -

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