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Summer Glau's makeup that she wore for the American Idol season 7 finale, held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on May 21, 2008.
The products are the ones sold at the boutique featured in the video- Kalologie, probably all of their house branded products.
Makeup artist is Brett Freedman.


I know what you're all going to say: Summer is a beautiful girl and a natural beauty and she doesn't really need all that makeup on her. But you have to remember that this video was a FOX promotion; Summer Glau was walking the Red Carpet after this at the American Idol finale along with Thomas Dekker, thus the use of professionally applied makeup. Most actors have a stylist and team do their makeup and even pick their clothes for them - this is for a work event so the actors go in costume - even when it is a casual costume in this case.
See the result by yourself on these photos of Summer Glau on the red carpet at the 2008 American Idol finale:

American Idol Season Finale, Los Angeles - May 21, 2008Summer Glau at American Idol Season Finale, Los Angeles - May 21, 2008Summer Glau at American Idol Season Finale, Los Angeles - May 21, 2008

[Summer Glau at American Idol Season Finale]


Here's a short video featuring Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker at 2008 American Idol Finale:

  • Makeup can also help tell a story, as proven by the amazing results on Summer's characters on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or on Help for the Holidays, thanks to the talent of makeup artists Robert Hall and Myke Spezzano.
  • I have lost count how many times they made puns out of Summer's name in the video. Example: Summer is definitively saying 'So long' to Winter.
  • Sorry Summer, but your sentence "I like it, especially for Summer times. It's fun." at 1:06 of the video sounds very much like a line of text prompted by the production.
  • Makeup artist Brett Freedman featured in this video also did Summer's makeup for the Firefly Reunion at the 2012 Comic Con San Diego (see photo below).

Summer Glau Comic-Con International San Diego - July 13, 2012

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  Message #1 | tedi_n | 15 Feb 2013, 15:44 GMT [Entry]

Summer is beautiful even without makeup  wink

  Message #2 | robbo | 16 Feb 2013, 02:35 GMT [Entry]

without a doubt summer glau, is just natural beauty doesnt need to be plastered with war paint, not many woman that have got natural beauty such as summer, of the top of my head nobody else springs to my mind, wink

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