Summer Glau on her Role in Sequestered: 'This was a wonderful challenge for me'

Summer Glau About her Role in Sequestered: 'This was a wonderful challenge for me'

During the Whedonverse Q&A panel at the 2014 Edmonton Expo with Summer Glau, Amy Acker and J. August Richard, a member of the audience asked Summer to tell a little bit about her experience on Crackle's new legal thriller Sequestered. For the record, Canadians have not seen the first six episodes of Sequestered, all 12 episodes are coming to Canada on October 14, 2014.
On stage, Summer says that science fiction has offered her great characters, but this role in Sequestered was a wonderful challenge for her. In the first episode, her character Anna, one of the 12 jury members put in isolation for the duration of the trial, has strong convictions about the case itself, but all this is about to be turned upside down when her sister has been threatened. And the wide eyed, innocent girl is forced to really grow up,  and she sees a part of herself she didn't know even existed.
Watch the video to hear Summer Glau talk about her challenging experience in Sequestered and encourage attendees to watch the series:
If you haven't seen the first six episodes of Sequestered yet, you can watch them for free at Crackle's website. Each episode is only 23 minutes,  there is still plenty of time to binge watch the first part of the series. The second half of Season 1 will be available on October 14.
Stay tuned as we have some surprises in store for you but for the moment we can't tell you about them! 
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