Summer Glau impersonation of the Firefly Monkey

Nathan Fillion is known for his pranks; i guess many of you know the story of the monkey on the set of Firefly that originally belonged to Skip Crank (on-set propmaster) and that Nathan Fillion kidnapped.

If not, listen (the sound is low but the story is subtitled) to Summer Glau telling that story at the Firefly panel at Creation Entertainment: Salute To Firefly , Burbank - November 23, 2008; story starts at 3:49 :


Here are two photos of the prankster with the monkey on his shoulder :

Nathan Fillion with monkey on the set of Firefly Nathan Fillion with monkey on the set of Firefly

EDIT : more photos of the monkey and the randsom notes should be uploaded in the following days.

And now a video of Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk talking about Firefly's on set monkey. Features cuteness from Summer Glau, involving impersonation of said monkey (don't forget to turn down the sound if you increased it previously).


Was there several monkey's on set of Firefly? It seems the monkey showed in Nathan Fillion's photos don't match the description of the monkey made by Alen Tudyk in the second video. Not that it matters anyway, the goal of this blogpost was to show an uber-cute Summer Glau.

One will also notice that Summer can entertain an audience during these panels.

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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 25 Jul 2012, 15:48 GMT [Entry]

I had a big beam on my face watching/listening to the 2 of them. I wish I could have been there to enjoy it.

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