Summer Glau Christmas spirit

With Summers terrific performance as Christine our Christmas spirit wakes to life. Here are some short clips from the movie Help for the Holidays:

Christine just agreed with what Ally's dance instructor said.

Christine believes in Santa with all her heart.


Merry Christmas everybody.

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  Message #1 | Choupy | 12 Dec 2012, 23:28 GMT [Entry]

Thank you for posting !
On the second clip, Christine and the uncle Dave are too romantic ! (Pity for the quality of sound)
I can't wait the release in DVD !, I can't wait the release in DVD !, I can't wait the release in DVD !.... but i haven't the choice ^^


  Message #2 | robbo | 12 Dec 2012, 23:35 GMT [Entry]

ive just watched the film choupy, and it wasnt a great download that i got. so yeah ye right im gonna watch it again when it comes out on dvd. it will be much better quality, smile

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