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Summer as Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp in The Avengers sequel

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON May 13, 2012 / 1 COMMENTS

Everytime a sci-fi movie is a hit and therefore a sequel is expected, fans are speculating about the possibility to have Summer Glau play in it; for example, some suggested that Summer replace Sigourney Weaver in Avatar 2, or Angelina Jolie in a Lara Croft sequel, or Summer as X-23 in Marvel comics the X-Men, or more recently as Annie Cresta in The Hunger Games sequel "Catching Fire" (see blog post).

Now that Joss Whedon's The Avengers exceeded all expectations and that we are promised a sequel with a cosmic villain, some are expecting to see  the Avengers team take on Ultron because that would also mean the introduction of Henry Pym and Janet Van Dyne (aka Ant-Man and the Wasp!), ideally played by Firefly alumns Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau.

Read more about supervillain Ultron and superheroine The wasp at Wikipedia.

A little casting buzz history :

Back in September 2008, Eva Longoria was spotted near Marvel offices carrying a stack of comics but she later denied the rumors; in September 2010 Mania reported that Morena Baccarin was seen "visiting a comic shop and purchasing "a bunch of Avengers comics. Our tipster further said she was asking the store workers to specifically point out comics with the Wasp in them.”

Morena Baccarin as The Wasp

And now it could be Summer Glau's turn!

Summer Glau as The Wasp

UPDATE : It looks like Joss Whedon is looking for another female role on The Avengers sequel, why not Summer?
Article : 'The Avengers' sequel: Should another female join the superhero squad? at EW.

Here are a few images on the same topic :

Summer Glau as X-23 at ComicBookMovie

Summer Glau as X-23

Summer Glau as Black Widow at ComicBookMovie

Summer Glau as Black Widow

Summer Glau as Wanda at The Human Torch's blog

Summer Glau as Wanda

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Total comments: 1

  Message #1 | Hicks | 2012 May 13, 10:18 GMT

Wasp and Scarlett Witch, both my ideas.

I even made an X-Men 4 poster with her dressed in a red outfit, funny I actually used Jean Grey's outfit from Last Stand and put Summer's head on it, wasn't that hard. Maybe I should post that pic here too.

I also thought that Thomas Dekker should play her brother Quick Silver, that was just an idea, just imagine him with silver hair. I made a poster of that too, I just painted his hair silver, put his head on Ice Man's body, and drew a lightning bolt on his uniform.

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