Summer's Runway Model Walk

Summer Glau's Runway Model Walk in Esquire Shoot and TSCC

The way Summer was walking away at the end of her Esquire photo shoot reminded me of the way she walked in a scene of episode 2.08 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, entitled 'Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today'. In TSCC, Cameron decided to try and convince John to break off his relationship with Riley by flirtatiously joining him on his bed for a talk. She can be seen walking in a hallway and removing her jacket before entering John's bedroom. In each case, Summer's walk is close to the runway model walk, in which the left foot actually goes past the right foot and vice versa.
Check out this video showcasing the way Summer's runway model walk, including a side by side comparison in slow motion. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment!

Watch the video of Summer's photo shoot for Esquire in the video section.

Watch HQ photos from the Esquite shoot in the gallery.


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