Summer's Life Moments in Emojis

Let's be honest, we can barely send a text without using emoji symbols these days. This is why I thought it would be fun to offer you an (arbitrary) selection of the times when Summer Glau's life (on and off screen) was best summed up by these little Japanese characters.

Summer Glau - blowing kiss emoji

The emoji: blowing kiss emoji
One of Summer's trademark is without a doubt her smile and she floods us with her bright and ice-melting smile at red carpet events. And sometimes, she even blows a kiss to her fans, like at the Serenity premiere at the Deauville Film Festival, France on September 3, 2005.

Summer Glau - dancer emoji

The emoji: dancer
Summer as Isabel Rochev in Arrow 2.04 'Crucible', wearing a red dress. It's almost as if Arrow's wardrobe department had this and only this image on their inspiration board.

Summer Glau - smiley face with heart eye emoji

The emoji: smiley face with heart eye
Summer and her new husband Val photographed by Joan Allen for their "Celebration of Marriage and Maternity" photo shoot. "No couple is more in love than Summer and Val", said Joan about the newlyweds. On a related note, we believe in love now.

Summer Glau - smiley face with heart eye emoji

The emoji: face with tears
Summer's tears at Comic Con 2012 during the emotional Firefly Reunion panel. Summer put Kim Kardashian's cry face to shame when she, Sean Maher, Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon started crying after Joss was asked, "What do the fans mean to you?" 

Summer Glau - princess emoji

The emoji: princess
No, Summer will not play princess Leia in the upcoming Star Wars sequels. But does it even matter when she is the princess of sci-fi for her fans and a true princess in Val and their little angel's heart.

Summer Glau - eyeglasses emoji

The emoji: eyeglasses
Summer as Bennett Halverson wearing glasses in Dollhouse 2.06 'The Left Hand'. Bennett worked her "Geek Chic" charms on Topher...and on us at the same time.

Summer Glau - grinning face with smiling eyes

The emoji: grinning face with smiling eyes
It is difficult to say what caused this grin on Summer's face during the 'Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles' panel at the Fox summer press tour on July 14, 2008. Though I guess she was probably overjoyed to play such an interesting character - Cameron - with people such as Thomas Dekker and Lena Headey.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and feel free to suggest more emojis to play with.
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