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Star Wars - Mara Jade Wallpaper

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Nov 04, 2012 / 4 COMMENTS

You probably heard that Disney bought LucasFilm and plans on making a new Star Wars movie called Episode 7 in 2015, presumably followed by episodes 8 and 9.

Since no director is attached to the project yet and Disney already owns Marvel (maker of The Avengers), more than one blogger and fanboy hopes that Joss Whedon will direct Star Wars Episode VII.

Passionate fans even created a Facebook group called : Joss Whedon Should Direct Star Wars 7, 8, & 9. They recently throwed out the idea of seing Summer Glau as Mara Jade (1) in a Star Wars movie and got such a good response that they made the following full blown wallpapers.
Star Wars Wallpaper - Summer Glau as Mara Jade
Star Wars Wallpaper - Summer Glau as Mara Jade
Star Wars Wallpaper - Summer Glau as Mara Jade
Star Wars Wallpaper - Summer Glau as Mara Jade
Star Wars Wallpaper - Summer Glau as Mara Jade
Star Wars Wallpaper - Summer Glau as Mara Jade
Source : Joss Whedon Should Direct Star Wars 7, 8, & 9 on Facebook
No power in the 'verse could stop Summer Glau's version of Mara Jade smiley
(1) Mara Jade Skywalker is a fictional character in Star Wars Expanded Universe books, comic books, and computer games. She is also wife to Luke Skywalker, and mother to Ben Skywalker. Mara Jade was introduced in Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire (1991). Zahn imagined Jade as a strong, complex female character, which he found was lacking in the Star Wars universe. While competent, she also is flawed.
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Total comments: 4

  Message #1 | meanoldmoe | 2012 Nov 04, 14:39 GMT

I'm liking the idea of having Josh W involved with Star Wars in some way shape or form....directing, writing, or even both would be wonderful in injecting some life into that franchise.
The 3 prequels IMHO were a bit on the lame side !!
Summer becoming involved with the franchise in some way shape or form would be a welcome addition smile

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Nov 04, 15:07 GMT

To be honest, the whole point of this is to allow fans to fantasize over this idea, never mind if it's not 100% credible. biggrin

Also it's easier for fans to fantasize by building on existing characters.

  Message #3 | Marcel93 | 2012 Nov 04, 15:14 GMT

wow this is so cool *.*

  Message #4 | Metal | 2013 Mar 11, 01:48 GMT

Omg farscape fan too! 
I loved that show aswell. 

So what was the topic..... 
Ohh yeah... star wars... 
Well I have lost nearly all passion for SW. Been "fan" since I was a child, maybe never a fan as much as I liked it, it was awesome or atleast some parts or chars from it. However the "prequel" sequels sucked balls, especially the 1st part. >_> 

If you ask me I'd prefer Keira Knightley as the Padme princess, but then again dunno. 
I think that the next 3 SW movies would be more like the SW games we see lately, in a matter of characters and stuff. Prlly the gfx would be less realistic than the games tho, still heavily relayed on. That last 1 was a joke in just in case you didn't got it. 

In any case I am more passioned about anything terminator new, let alone tscc series renew, hell even more excited about farscape renew even that I am well aware that prolly never gonna happen while Ben Browder's still in shape to play John Crichton. Prolly they will make a crappy remake 10-20 years later and no will give a damn about it. 

Only reason that SW is still in the news is bcs it once touched the hearts of millions & a dozen of more millions because of it's hard eye candies and uberly commercialism even back in the 70's & 80's. Modern day SW is only the commercial side of it. I must say that I even feel humiliating for Summer to be in anything SW related. Maybe I am not the only one, maybe I am. No doubt it may be good for her career but then again, just being in a SW movie or series grants you nothing. It be better if she gets a spot in the shield or avengers  sequel. Thats just my 2 cents. 
The wallpapers aren't bad, but I'd rather see Summer with glocks in her hands instead of sabers, like in the original pics. Terminator > Jedi any day belive me. smile

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