Spiderman 2 RiffTrax

Spiderman 2 RiffTrax ("Hilarious commentaries for your favorite movies!") includes a reference to Summer Glau at 21:10 of the original video.

Watch it for yourself in this short video :
Dr Octavius's wife : "So, Peter, do you have a girlfriend?"
Kevin: "Well, my Summer Glau poster and I are pretty serious." :)
Summer Glau is the ultimate geek reference, in a nerdy kind of way; i often quotes examples in the forum thread  'Summer Glau's impact on the Geek Culture'.
Of course, that she's this "poster girl" is in the mind of bloggers above all and i sometimes rants about the short-sighed and uncomplete knowledge they have of Summer Glau's carreer. On the other hand, one cannot deny that Summer Glau has played two of the most iconic characters in recent sci-fi history and that she's sometimes called 'the queen of sci-fi' is something she should be proud of, even if she's seeking other roles now.
Side note : RiffTrax are downloadable audio commentaries featuring comedians Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett heckling (or riffing) films in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000, a TV show in which Nelson was the head writer, and later the host. The RiffTrax are sold online and delivered by digital download.
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