Serenity took seventh place in SFX's 'Best sci-fi film of all time' poll

The poll was conducted for SFX Magazine's special issue 56 "The Top 100 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movies Of All Time", published in july 2012.

SFX's top 10 list is as follows:
1. Blade Runner
2. The Empire Strikes Back
3. Aliens
4. Star Wars
5. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
6. The Matrix
7. Serenity
8. Alien
9. Back to the Future
10. The Dark Knight
I'm glad for Serenity and sad for Forbidden Planet (at 31th place), one if not my favorite sci-fi movie; but one must aknowledge that most people post Baby Boom have never seen it (despite the invention of Blu-ray). Funnily enough, there's a trivia that links the two movies (see the pages, taken from the digital version of the magazine, below to find out).
Here's the two-page article on Serenity :

SFX Collection Issue 56SFX Collection Issue 56

Gallery link:
Magazine Scans > Scans from 2012 > SFX Collection Issue 56


Here are the pages for Forbidden Planet, Terminator 2 and the book cover :

SFX's 'Best sci-fi film of all time' pollSFX's 'Best sci-fi film of all time' pollSFX's 'Best sci-fi film of all time' pollSFX Collection Issue 56

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