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Entertainment Weekly published in its December 23, 2005 issue (with King Kong on the cover) a review of Joss Whedon sci-fi western Serenity, as well as a snippet on Whedon's next move after his film-directed debut.
The good news is that follow-up film Serenity is as accessible to newbies as it is to hardcore fans. The bad news is that the film's story line — good guys (Nathan Fillion, back as Capt. Malcolm Reynolds; his crew) protect a woman (Summer Glau's ass-kicking psychic River) whom bad guys will do everything in their power to capture lest she reveal a secret diabolical plan that would unmask them as superbad guys — seems taken straight out of a bottom-shelf Schwarzenegger flick (Eraser, for those of you scoring at home). 
Find below HQ scans of the December 23, 2005 issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Entertainment Weekly #355 - December 23, 2005Entertainment Weekly #355 - December 23, 2005Entertainment Weekly #355 - December 23, 2005

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