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Leather boots are an integral part of the Terminator's look...just ask Cameron phillips or Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Anyone notice the costuming choices as far as female footwear goes in TSCC? Both Lena Headey and Summer Glau wear these multi-strap biker boots - almost constantly. I guess they make her look like a bad ass. 
Take for example the black leather boots that Cameron was wearing in TSCC season 2 (photos below taken from episodes 2.08 'Mr Ferguson is Ill Today', 2.15 'Desert Cantos' and 2.21 'Adam Raised a Cain'); she uses her own sensuality in order to mess with John's attraction for her and kicks major butt wearing distressed leather 'Kate Motorcycle Boots' by high-end Italian brand Golden Goose.

Cameron Boots in TSCCCameron Boots in TSCC

Cameron Boots in TSCC

Golden Goose Kate Motorcycle Boots

Description: Distressed leather taper toe boots with studded shaft, topline and buckle strap at ankle. Leather sole. Available in black.

Golden Goose Kate Motorcycle BootsGolden Goose Kate Motorcycle Boots


Cameron and Sarah seem to wear a lot of militaristic style clothing. For the many fans who really like Sarah and Cameron's footfear, the military boots that Cameron is wearing in TSCC season 1 episodes 1.04 'Heavy Metal' and 1.05 'Queen's Gambit' - when she helped rescue Derek during the prisoner transfer truck - have been identified. Cameron fights terminators Carter and Vick wearing ALTAMA Speedlace Black Jungle boots (based on original Vietnam Issue Jungle boots), adopted by United States military, as well as Special Forces and police departments (you'll notice these two TSCC episodes take place within military and police environments). 

Summer Glau Boots in TSCCSummer Glau Boots in TSCCSummer Glau Boots in TSCC


ALTAMA Speedlace Black Jungle boots

Description: Get the classic tough-as-nails jungle boot sole! If you love the durability of the Army's original jungle boot sole, this is for you. Made by DOD-approved maker Altama, these boots have the Army's original-issue one-piece rubber sole... it just keeps wearing and wearing. Have a look: Full-grain leather and Cordura nylon upper construction is durable yet lightweight plus fast drying; Mil.-spec., vulcanized rubber sole with non-clogging Panama-pattern tread... leather midsole too; Instep drainage vents for faster drying of swamped feet; Removable contoured insole is covered with moisture-wicking Cambrelle; Cool-Max lining pulls moisture off skin to keep socks from getting waterlogged, helps prevent blisters; Stabilizing steel shank; Nylon-coated brass hardware: 5 speedlace / 2 eyelet lacing system; Proudly made in the USA.

ALTAMA Speedlace Black Jungle boots

As an aside, Cameron and Sarah's boots are often accessorized  with gaiters or spats, i.e. garments worn over the shoe and lower pants leg. Gaiters and spats are great ways to easily dress up a pair of footwear and make them look different.
You can see a close up of Sarah's gaiters in a scene from  TSCC 1.07 'The Demon Hand'; during the scene where Sarah confronts and punches Dr. Silverman she kneels over his prone body to pick up the missing hand. You can see the back of her right leg and the sole of her footwear. It's only obvious that they are gaiters when she kneels on her right leg and you can see the bottom of her shoe/boot.

Sarah boots in TSCC

If you're looking for leather boots that would look like the pair Lena Headey wears in Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a pair of Steve Madden boots are similar to Sarah's boots. They're called the Women's Buck Calf Length Buckle Boots (aka BUCK). The brown leather version looks very similar to Sarah's, check out these screen caps and behind-the-scenes images from TSCC 2.01 'Samson & Delilah':

Sarah boots in TSCCSarah boots in TSCC

Steve Madden Women's Buck Calf Length Buckle Boot

Description: 1-1/4' stacked heel. Boot with three adjustable buckle straps. Leather upper. Man-made sole. Round toe

 Steve Madden Women Buck Calf Length Buckle BootSteve Madden Women Buck Calf Length Buckle BootSteve Madden Women Buck Calf Length Buckle Boot

Steve Madden Women Buck Calf Length Buckle BootSteve Madden Women Buck Calf Length Buckle BootSteve Madden Women Buck Calf Length Buckle Boot

Now, can we talk about the untanned cowboy boots Summer Glau wore in the scenes from episode  2.08 'Mr Ferguson is Ill Today' taking place in Mexico. I would not be surprised if those are Summer's personal boots, as they look awfully similar to the cowboy boots Summer wore at several events like Starfury T1 and StarFest convention, or it could be that Summer loved those boots so much that she decided to buy a pair herself.
Check out the screen caps from TSCC showing Cameron wearing these untanned cowboy boots and photos of Summer at public events:

Summer Glau untanned cowboy boots in TSCCSummer Glau untanned cowboy boots Starfury T1Summer Glau untanned cowboy boots StarFest Convention

Summer Glau, being from Texas, is wearing cowboy boots most of the time. On the same topic, you can read a previous blog post: Cowboy Boots are a Summer Essential
In conclusion, there's something really bad ass about a girl in combat boots. They help Summer Glau's Cameron and Lena Headey's Sarah Connor fight Skynet and still look hot while doing it. Overall Cameron has a great taste in clothes! Maybe Skynet do programme the terminators with a good fashion sense after all!
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