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River Tam Axe and Sword from Serenity


Summer Glau and Nathan Fillion - Serenity movie poster

The Reaver sword and axe that River Tam uses at the end of Serenity have been reproduced by various replicas online shop.

Serenity- The River Axe (TOMAHAWK USA version) at Movie Object Reproduction
River Tam axe from Serenity
Serenity- The River Axe.
"This "Reaver's Fighting Axe" was inspired by the science fiction series "Firefly" and the follow up movie "Serenity". River Tam used a similar axe along with the Reaver sword in her wonderful "Dance of Death" scene in the hit movie "Serenity"."
Price : 69.99 Euros

Sci-Fi Serenity Outlaws Long-Bearded Axe at swordsswords
River Tam axe from Serenity
Serenity Outlaws Long-Bearded Axe.
"The Long-bearded Axe is a famous style of axe used for centuries. This perfect collectors Axe is a duplicated version of the Serenity Axe from the Sci-Fi movie and TV series "Firefly”. Not only is it an authentic produced axe, it is fully functional."
Price : $19.99

Serenity Axe Black W/SH 15 1/8" at Cutlery Corner
River Tam axe from Serenity
Serenity Axe Black.
Price : $53.33

Serenity - River Sword & Axe Set W/plaque at Reliks
iaver Sword and Axe Set from Serenity
Serenity - River Sword Axe Set W/plaque.
"Reavers are the most dangerous scum in the known universe and wielding weapons as deadly as these, you can see why! These two pieces were taken by River to defend her companions against this deadly horde.The sword is amazingly well balanced and can be held and used much like a Japanese katana, while the small axe makes a perfect side arm.
This set of high carbon tempered steel weapons comes complete with a full color Serenity wall plaque, which will allow you to display both of these pieces together."
Sword - Overall 40 1/2" Blade 28" long, 2" wide, 3/16" thick Wt.-1 lbs. 12 oz.
Axe - Overall 14 1/2" Wt.-1 lb. 2 oz. Serenity © Universal Studios.
Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. All Rights Reserved.
Price  : $332.99
Availability : Out Of Stock

Museum Replicas Ltd have released two sets of officially licences replica weapons from Serenity : The Operative's Sword which comes complete with an adjustable leather black scabbard retails at $165.00. The other piece is the Reaver Sword and Axe set which comes with a Serenity wall plague for display, this will set you back $295.00.
Unfortunately these items are not sold anymore.
River Sword and Axe Set from Serenity
River Sword and Axe Set from Serenity.
Operative's Sword from Serenitt from Serenity
Operative's Sword from Serenity.

Serenity River Sword at
River Sword and Axe Set from Serenity
River Sword from Serenity.
"Fans of the Fox TV series Firefly or the subsequent movie Serenity will recognize this weapon as a Reaver sword, based on the blade acquired by the young psychic River Tam in one of the story's final scenes......Summer Glau, who played the young sword-wielding psychic River Tam, trained in a system derived from Jeet Kune Do along with techniques gleaned from other styles of kung fu, ballet, and kickboxing."
Price : $67.50
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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 11 Aug 2012, 01:53 GMT [Entry]

I must say, they're very impressive. So you are saying Summer Glau was swishing them around in all directions? Wow, that's dangerous. Did anybody have anything chopped off?
Girls shouldn't be allowed to have dangerous things like that. (I am waiting for a response from Summer now. It's just a silly joke. We all know she looked awesome with her evil stare).

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