New Joan Allen Photos soon to be released.

New Joan Allen Photos


Photographer Joan Allen announced via her Twitter account that she will soon release new photos of Summer Glau.

Regular visitors knew already that Joan Allen and Summer Glau have had a meeting a few weeks ago to discuss the possibility of releasing new photos; the following tweet confirms the two women have found an agreement.




Much to the delight of the fans, Joan Allen posted recently a higher resolution image of a 2010 photoshoot with Summer Glau (Photo credit : © Joan Allen Photo).

CLD Style House dress - Photoshoot by Joan Allen
CLD Style House dress.


[CLD Style House dress - Photoshoot by Joan Allen]


And now i can't wait to see the new photos!

Please visit Joan Allen website at to discover her remarkable work, including her latest "Americana" portfolio.


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  Message #1 | Alex | 26 Jul 2012, 21:01 GMT [Entry]

I am sure these photographs will be beautiful given the skill of the photographer, the appeal of her subject, and the good working relationship these two seem to have. This is so personal and must require a great deal of trust.

Just speculating but I wonder if these photos will cast Summer in a different light? So far, she has been an object of beauty and I don't see that changing but what sort of setting or other things could Joan Allen add? With few exceptions, her professional photos are solo although there was that one which featured a shirtless man that, while well done, did not really appeal to me. I am just thinking here how beautiful and happy Summer usually looks when she is photographed with her fans. She is definitely "in the moment" and I wonder if Ms.Allen wanted to try and catch that wonderful appeal that Summer has when she is with her fans

I like Ms.Allan's web page; it is a very simple and clean design that is well suited to what she does. I can't say it would work for this site though as there is so much more information and much more frequent updates.

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