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Firefly 10th Anniversary Book - Behind the Scenes Photos

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Firefly, Titan Publishing has released a book, titled simply 'Firefly: A Celebration'. This Firefly 10th Anniversary book includes never seen before photos, including some with Summer Glau.

Danny Nero, who was Nathan Fillion's stand-in, took behind the scenes photos on set of Firefly; here are HQ scans of the ones with Summer and the accompanying caption when one.
Capturing a moment of history : this moment from 'Heart of Gold' [episode 13] was the last ever shot to be filmed on Firefly.
Firefly Celebration 10th Anniversary Book

Ron Glass says hello during filming for 'The Message' [episode 14].

Firefly Celebration 10th Anniversary Book

Also River Tam : "My food is problematic."

Shooting the opening scene of 'Ariel' [episode 8].

Firefly Celebration 10th Anniversary Book


"No power in the verse can stop me". Filming 'War Stories' [episode 9].

Firefly Celebration 10th Anniversary Book


Firefly Celebration 10th Anniversary Book


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Danny Nero on set of Firefly episode 12 'The Message' with Summer Glau (not in the book).

Firefly on set

Watch more HQ scans from the Firefly 10th Anniversary book in the News page.
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  Message #1 | The1Russter | 08 Oct 2012, 15:02 GMT [Entry]

I'm not a 'huge' fan of Firefly, but I did enjoy watching it. However, seeing those few photos above, really gives you a sense of longing to see the characters again. Especially photo 3 of the kitchen and dining area where so many character interactions took place. And that next to the last shot of Summer just quietly walking along through the fallen leaves, really gives you a sense of emptiness and longing for a show long gone.

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