Exclusive Interview from 2008 at SFX

Back in August 2008, Summer Glau did an interview with SFX UK website, in anticipation of the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It seems this interview passed under the radar of many TSCC fans but TheRosieMac recently unearthed it for our reading pleasure.

Summer Glau and stunt coordinator Joel Kramer on set of TSCC

Summer Glau discusses the challenge of playing a Terminator in the series, her approach of the role, the human aspect of Cameron, her relationship with John and more. While the interview does not include sensational revelations, it makes for some interesting reading and proves once again how thoughtful Summer is about her roles.
Here are a few excerpts:

Summer Glau and Josh Friedman on set of TSCC

You bring that human aspect to the role convincingly. Did your background playing more emotional characters help?
"Summer Glau: I wanted to bring that out but in a very subtle way because I wanted people to accept it and believe it. I didn’t want people to say ‘Well she’s completely letting herself out the hook by behaving human when she’s supposed to be a robot.’ So I wanted there to be moments when she appears so cold and disconnected but then moments you see behind her eyes a little spark of something, something human and I really want people to wish that she was human."
In early episodes, we see a hint that something – possibly romantic – could develop between Cameron and John. Does this develop?
"Summer Glau: I hope so. I don’t know. At this point, we’re moulding and moulding. The story is so complicated and I know people think ‘Well, how are you gonna keep this up?’ There are endless possibilities from our writers, they’re bringing in really rich sub-plots and guest stars. It’s all evolving but I think Cameron feels as close to love for John as a robot could."

Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker on set of TSCC

What about long term goals?
"I’d love to do a movie about dance. With the (writer’s) strike, it’s put everyone’s schedules out, so I don’t when that will happen. I’d love to work with Baz Lurhman too. I love his films."
Read full article at SFX.
Thanks TheRosieMac and The1Russter for the heads up!
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