Awesome Drawing of Summer as Ravager on Arrow

Comic artist and illustrator Abe Raham created this awesome drawing featuring Summer Glau's debut as Ravager at the end of the latest episode of Arrow, "City of Blood", when a mirakuru-enhanced Isabel Rochev is about to kick John Diggle's ass.
Here's the accompanying comment from the artist:
For todays warm up I tried myself at Speed Painting. This is the result. I did it in about an hour.
I think I didn't know her before, so I think she fits that role pretty good but maybe it's her good acting, though.
Here's the 2 500 x 1 406 drawing:
Speed painting: Summer Glau as Ravager in Arrow 'City of Blood'
Speed painting: Summer Glau as Ravager in a scene from
Arrow 'City of Blood'.
Strange seeing Summer Glau being so deviously villainous on Arrow but oh so enjoyable. You can watch the clip of Summer's first appearance as Ravager in a previous News.
How many of you are tempted to use this drawing as your new wallpaper?
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