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Summer Glau appears in the latest issue of French magazine Series Mag, in a special feature on the women gravitating around Oliver Queen in The CW's hit series Arrow.
The article, titled "Arrow - Women's Business", includes a small photo of Summer Glau as TSCC's Cameron and a snippet on Isabel Rochev, described as "The death-trap?". I have translated the snippet into English for those of you who don't speak French.
Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau) - The Death Trap?
After roles in Firefly or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, actress Summer Glau doesn't have anything left to prove when it comes to physical roles. When someone calls her, it is known in advance that the character will have a degree of dangerousness. This is also the case with Isabel Rochev, disciple of Blood, ally of Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) and recurrent threat that attacks the Queen family on all fronts. Former mistress of Oliver's father, she is the epitome of a father fault that goes well beyond a few financières shenanigans. Even if she also threatens the company owned by the Queen and is ready to swoop on their own empire. Finally, physically, she poses a threat even to the green archer. Only Malcolm Merlyn attacked both on a public and private level. And yet, Merlyn was not trying to put the Queen on the straw. Isabel is the only character who represents a danger on as many levels as possible.
Check out the HQ scans of the three-page article published in the issue #88 of Series Mag, on stands in July/August 2014.

Series Mag Issue 88 - July/August 2014Series Mag Issue 88 - July/August 2014Series Mag Issue 88 - July/August 2014

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  Message #1 | Chris7 | 09 Jul 2014, 13:15 GMT [Entry]

good stuff! it's nice to see summer busy and established after some "slower" years smile

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