Arrow Fan Art: Isabel Rochev Looking Adorable And Badass In Lady Deathstroke Costume

You know a TV show character has an impact on the audience when fan art and fan fiction are starting to emerge online. And while Summer Glau's Isabel Rochev in Arrow is a character that you love to hate, the recent debuts of mirakuru-enhanced Isabel in her "Lady Deathstroke" costume has inspired comic artists.
We have put together for you several fan arts or action figures featuring Isabel Rochev as Ravager. Enjoy!
Freelance Illustrator and toy designer Lord Mesa has published several digital art photos of some of the Arrow cast, including a cute Isabel Rochev. Isabel looks both badass and adorable in her "Lady Deathstroke" costume.

Arrow fan art: Isabel Rochev in her Ravager costumeArrow fan art: Isabel Rochev in her Ravager costume

Find below a custom Funko Pop! figure featuring Isabel Rochev in her Ravager costume but without the mask, made by Funko pop! passionate Saber Fire Tiger. I can't decide if Team Deathstroke looks more badass in Arrow or as Funko POP Figures! 

Custom Funko Pop! Isabel Rochev as RavagerTeam Deathstroke Funko Pop! action figures - Isabel Rochev as Ravager

Comic artist and illustrator Abe Raham created this awesome drawing featuring Summer Glau's debut as Ravager at the end of the latest episode of Arrow, "City of Blood", when a mirakuru-enhanced Isabel Rochev is about to kick John Diggle's ass.
Here's the accompanying comment from the artist:
For todays warm up I tried myself at Speed Painting. This is the result. I did it in about an hour.
I think I didn't know her before, so I think she fits that role pretty good but maybe it's her good acting, though.

Arrow fan art: Isabel Rochev in her Ravager costume at the end of 'City of Blood'

Brian Salinas Comic-Art did this piece and will have a limited supply at this years Dallas Comic Con.

Arrow fan art: Isabel Rochev in her Ravager costume


We know Felicity fans want to hit Isabel Rochev with a van — several hundred times -, and yet these artists are so talented and their creations are so cute....

Don't miss the season finale of Arrow with the most sexy battle on tv screen ever, The Canary and Nyssa al Ghul vs. Isabel Rochev as Ravager, as well as a special sneak peek at The Flash this Wednesday, May 14 at 8/7c on The CW.

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