Alphas - Season Finale Interviews


As Alphas heads into the home stretch of its second season, several interviews based on the teleconference call with Summer Glau and Alphas executive producer Bruce Miller showed up online.

While each interviewer put on the interview its own finishing touch, and while some may include various content, they basically share the same informations. Here's a list of the articles published online;head over to these web sites and don't hesitate to leave a comment if you're as excited as we are to see Skylar Adams in the Alphas season finale.

  • 'Alphas Q&A: Summer Glau and E.P. Bruce Miller Preview Tonight's Season Finale' by Nighty at TVOvermind.
  • 'Summer Glau and Bruce Miller dish about tonight’s Alphas season finale' by Robin Burks at fangirlconfessions (i'm glad Robin did this interview because she has always been supportive of Alphas in her previous blogposts and she's as passionate as we are)
  • 'Go behind the scenes with Summer Glau for Alphas' season finale' at Blastr
  • 'Summer Glau Talks Alphas' Big Season 2 Finale' by Eric Goldman at IGN
  • 'Alphas Season Finale Q And A' by Tony Tellado at SciFi-Talks
  • 'ALPHAS Interview with Summer Glau and Bruce Miller' by Leah at NiceGirlsTV
  • 'Summer Glau and Executive Producer/Showrunner Bruce Miller Discuss 'Alphas' Second Season' by Alan Danzis at Starpulse
  • 'Summer Glau and Bruce Miller' by Jamie Steinberg at Starry Mag
  • 'Alphas Season 2: Summer Glau and EP Bruce Miller Prepare Audiences For The Season Finale' by Monique Jones at TVequals
Don't miss Alphas second season finale tonight at 8/7c on Syfy. As a bonus, Summer Glau will be live tweeting from @AlphasSyfy.
Side note : this blogpost is updated with the latest interviews as they appear online.
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