Alphas Is Back on French TV

Production still from episode 1.07
Summer Glau and Laura Mennell
in Alphas 1.07 Catch & Release.
French channel NRJ12 is currently broadcasting Alphas, the action-packed superhero drama from writers Zak Penn and Michael Karnow. The first four episodes aired on Saturday, January 3, 2015 in prime time, though NRJ12 will air the next episodes - four episodes in a raw - on Sundays afternoon from now on.
The serie was first broadcast on Syfy France on February 2012 and on NRJ12 on January 2014.
In Alphas, Summer Glau plays Skylar Adams, whose Alpha ability allows her to create technology years beyond our most advanced modern tech - and improvise some very formidable weapons from the most innocuous of objects. Summer guest starred in season 1 episode 7 and as a recurring character in season 2.

Laura Mennell, who plays Nina Theroux – A young woman who is able to mentally "push" people into doing whatever she verbally asks of them - in Alphas, introduces the series for French channel NRJ12.

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