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Find below the ramblings of two fans of Summer Glau giving their imagination free rein to propose a blog post that we hope you will find enjoyable.

The photos and videos of the appearance of Summer on Josh Whedon’s arm at the Dizzy Feet gala on July 2012 were wonderful examples of Summer as her usual beautiful self, immaculately turned out, and radiating the kind of beauty that really catches our eye. Reading comments in the fashion press that were almost entirely favourable, we realized that she had this same effect on the people whose business is fashion. The reactions and musings of the Fashion press were generous and complimentary to Summer, her beautiful gown, the gown’s designer, the flawless make up, and the accessories. It also had an unexpected effect on one fan in particular but more about that later.

Summer Glau is photogenic; the camera loves her whether it is production stills from her TV and movie work, her fan photos at conventions, or fashion shoots. And in particular, one professional photographer that has captured Summer’ essence and provided some of the most eye-catching and appealing photos is Joan Allen. But before we explore the appeal of Joan Allen’s photography, we need to step back a bit here and explain something about Summer’s fans.

We are a fairly large group of people, of all ages, and from different backgrounds. We admire and, equally importantly, we respect Summer Glau for her incredible talent, her beauty, and most importantly, just how good-natured a person she is. Where this last aspect is really apparent is in how generous Summer is in making time for her fans, a lot of whom show up at the conventions she attends. Her lineups are usually the longest.  Of the many fans who have had the chance to meet her, get an autograph, and a photo, they routinely say that all of this is accompanied by her kind words, her cheerful smile, and, for the truly lucky, hugs! This devotion that we feel for her is given back to us 110 percent. Summer’s commitment to her fans is without equal. The same sorts of reactions that we fans feel is also what we see in the actors, writers, directors, crews, producers, and photographers who work with Summer.

Summer Glau - Photoshoot by Joan Allen

Photographer Joan Allen in particular considers herself fortunate to know Summer and she considers her friendship a blessing. In the words of Joan Allen, speaking of Summer, “My muse. My friend.” And in the wonderful photos that Joan has taken of Summer, we see Summer at her best whether as a glamorous creature in a long flowing gown, as a prisoner in a lockup, or as a vamp striking a lascivious pose…Joan Allen’s work is not only about Summer. Her poignant and touching photo essay on her mother would surely touch the hearts of anyone who has the bittersweet experience of tending an aging parent. Ms. Allen is able to capture the essence of an idea, a person, a theme, and then portray that essence in truly beautiful images that make the viewer reflect and consider what she shows us.

Earlier in this article, we hinted at an unexpected effect that Summer’s wonderful turnout in her gorgeous gown had. One of the fashion journals, Bride magazine, featured the dress as worn by Summer. One of the readers saw Summer in the dress and decided that she wanted this dress for her wedding. This was perhaps not unexpected but it got us thinking. A wedding needs a photographer, especially for this amazing dress and who better than Joan Allen. In the same way Summer Glau fans dream of her favorite actress one day getting a breakout role in a blockbuster, you can imagine what Joan Allen artistic sense and confident technical mastery would bring to this reader’s wedding.
Well, Joan does a select number of local and destination weddings each year; you can get an overview of her work on her website. I guess that means there’s hope for Summer and we might see her name in capital letters receiving top billing.

In the same way that Summer is an inspiration to Joan Allen as a subject for her photographs, Summer also inspires us at the Summer Glau Wiki to write articles as well as report on news about her and related topics such as possible projects, her former co-stars, and so on. But as much as we enjoy sharing what we think about Summer, we also want to hear what you have to say. Got ideas for an article? Have something you want to say? Get in touch with us by signing up for the website or leaving a comment.

This article was written by our member Alex from an idea by yours truly.

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