5 reasons why Alphas's Skylar Adams is Awesome

Summer Glau as Skylar Adams in Alphas

Alphas is coming back on tv this Summer, starting with the second season premiere on July, 23 at 10pm on Syfy.

The season finale saw Dr Rosen standing against the government and revealing to the public the existence of the Alphas. The second season begin height months later with Dr Rosen in prison and his Alpha team disbanded.

Summer Glau guest starred in episode 1.07 "Catch and Release" and will reprise her role as Skylar Adams for three episodes. I took this opportunity to list five reasons why Summer Glau did the right thing by taking on this role.

Warning : this blog contains spoilers.


1) Played by Summer Glau

Summer Glau

Every role she plays is Emmys material; she is so talented, driven, and engaged that she excels almost immediately in any part she plays. Her subtile and heartbreaking performance are what makes a character believable, and Skylar Adams is no exception.

It's no coincidence that such director as Joss Whedon and Josh Friedman trusted her to play the challenging  roles of River Tam and Cameron Philipps in their respective shows.
Joss Whedon at this year San Diego Comic-Con about Summer :
The amount of vulnerability and strength she can convey is beyond magnetic


2) The Terminator references

Summer Glau in Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Promo Poster

I know, i've said previously that those references can be distracting from the main plot and that their main role is to please the fans from other shows Summer played in. But to be honest, if well done, these small homages to previous roles are funny and fans loves them so...

Here's one :
Nina : A few more tweaks, you could probably turn that into a time machine" 
Skylar : "I'm visiting you from the future"
You can find more Terminator references in the forum : "Easter eggs and other (hidden) messages in movies/tv shows"

3) The tatoos and the hairstyle

Summer Glau in Syfy's Alphas

Summer Glau's look in season one episode "Catch and Release" was a bit of a shock but most fans liked it i guess; i aknowledge that this grungy, edgy look fitted with the rebellious side of Skylar Adams, as shown in the first part of the episode.

What makes Alphas an intelligent show is that Alphas writers underlined Skylar's rebellious side first, but it was in order to create an element of surprise when the viewers discovered that she was a mother and that forcing the Alpha team to stand against the government was the right thing to do.
It looks like that Skylar's look has changed in the second season, according to a glimpse of her in a trailer for upcoming episodes.

4) Exploring the character

Summer Glau in Syfy's Alphas

Here's what Summer Glau said during the Alphas panel at this year San Diego Comic-Con :

She said she was really excited to get to explore what happened to Skylar after she escaped the government at the end of her episode in season one.

She also explained it was the first time she ever played a mother and it's been an endless source of inspiration for her as an actress, exploring her relationship with Skylar and with Zoe.
It's been a wonderful experience working on the show

5) Showcase for Summer Glau's talent

Summer Glau in ABC's Grey's Anatomy

It seems that Summer Glau is trying to expand the range of her roles and explore other genres, as proven by her guest appearance in Grey's Anatomy or the filming of TNT's drama pilot Scent of the Missing for example.

While Alphas anchors Summer's tie with the Sci-fi genre, it has good stories and intelligent writing, which allows to showcase Summer's talent. The fact that Summer is in three episodes of the second season speaks volumes on the high esteem in which she is held by Alphas producers.
More, Summer's episode in the first season was a game-changer, foreshadowing the big revelation of the season finale; I can't wait to see what Alphas writers came up with Skylar in the second season.


As a conclusion, Alphas offers entertainment which is much more family-friendly than many other shows currently on television; viewers looking for a fun, exciting and clean way to fill their Monday evening will find this show to be well worth their time, and i'm glad that Summer Glau has landed the role of Skylar Adams.
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