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Summer On Set Of Con Man

Added by chrisdvanne on July 01, 2015 | 1 COMMENTS

It's a wrap for the shooting of the first season of Con man and now we have the first image of Summer on set with Skylar Haarsma, who plays Ketheria in Alan Tudyk's comedy web series. This lovely photo has been posted online by Skylar's mother Marisa Grieco (a huge thank you for the photo), who also appears in Con Man (see previous news).
Check out the lovely image below.

Love these girls @skyhaarsma and Summer Glau .. On the set of #conman

Summer Glau and Skylar Haarsma on set of Con Man
Summer Glau and Skylar Haarsma on set of Con Man

Conman will be available for bakers on Vimeo somewhere in September 2015. Don't miss Summer's cameo appearance on the show as a makeup lady.

In Con Man, Summer Glau will make a cameo appearance as a make-up lady
Con Man Spoilers: Summer Glau makes a cameo appearance as a makeup lady.

In Con Man, Summer will make a cameo appearance as...a make-up lady, according to IMDb. As we mentioned previously, the entire Firefly cast is set to appear in Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's new comedy web series, as guest stars or in Where's Waldo? type cameos. It looks like it will be the later for Summer.

UPDATE: First look at Summer on set of Con man

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Summer Glau as elf Christine in Hallmark's Christmas movie Help for the Holidays
Don't miss Summer Glau in Help for the Holidays during Hallmark's Christmas Keepsake event.

What better way can there be to get your mind off the blistering heat of Summer (the season) for a little while than a Hallmark Christmas movie? Hallmark's July Christmas Keepsake Event starts next weekend and, as you may have guessed, Summer's Christmas movie "Help for the Holidays" will be broadcast during the event.

So keep Christmas in your heart all year and celebrate Summer (the season and the actress) by tuning in to Hallmark Channel on Thursday, July 9th at 4PM/3c to see Summer - as the cutest elf ever - help Eva La Rue and her family come to their senses about the meaning of Christmas.

Visit Hallmark Channel for the complete movie schedule.

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Summer Joins Gen Con

Added by chrisdvanne on June 19, 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

Summer Glau to attend Gen Con

Summer will be a Media Guest of Honor at this year's Gen Con, a four days gaming convention taking place in Indianapolis from July 30 - August 2, 2015 at the Indiana Convention Center.  Summer will be there on Friday, July 31 and Saturday, August 1 only and participate in autograph signings and photo ops at the following times in the Autograph Area of the Exhibit Hall (behind the Art Show and Authors' Avenue - here's a map). Autographs and/or photo ops are $40 each.

Autograph and Photo Op Times

  • Friday, July 31, 11 am - 2 pm and 3-6 pm
  • Saturday, August 1, 10:30 am-1:30 pm and 3-6 pm

Want to attend the convention this Summer? Follow this link for more information (pricing are below).

Badge Types and Pricing
Badge Type
Pre-Registration Price Standard Price
4-Day $80 $90
Thursday $45 $55
Friday $45 $55
Saturday $45 $55
Sunday Family Fun $35 $35

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Watch this clip from Summer's Phoenix Comicon panel, in which she shares with us a story about Nathan Fillion, and how one time she had forgotten her line, then she heard Nathan from across the ship yell, “Summer!” After that, he started blaming her for everything that went wrong on set, got other cast members to join in on the joke and also yell “Summer!” anytime something went wrong, and even took it to sets of other shows! Summer said that Nathan was like a big brother to her, and that when he did that, it made her feel loved, and that she hopes he still does it and thinks of her.


Watch HQ images of Summer at her Q&A panel in the Gallery.

A big thanks to LaTanya Curley for releasing this clip from Summer's panel at Phoenix Comicon 2015.

Here's Nathan Fillion version from Phoenix Comicon 2014:

When it was about like oh Quaker weird hippie-dippie stuff it was me and Summer… Sssummmer! We used to blame Summer for everything. So if anybody ever made a mistake we’d just go, 'Uh, Summer! Even when she wasn’t there.'

At the Flavention Burbank Convention 2005, Summer told how she felt being the set scapegoat and she said she thought they did it because she was the "new girl," the acting newbie who didn’t know anything ; not what a mark was or what coverage was, or anything. Morena interrupted and said Summer was wrong, that’s not why they made fun of her ; rather, they blamed her for everything because she was perfect, she did everything perfect. Responding to another question later, about acting, Summer mentioned that she feels that usually her first take is her best.

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