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The OFFICIAL Summer Glau Appreciation Page!
By chrisdvanne

Misc. News on Pilots and Series
By robbo

Misc. News on Movies and other Tidbits
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Juke Joint!
By robbo

Avengers/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./Agent Carter thread
By robbo

The Fanart Thread
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the Happy Birthday thread
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My suggestion for a revived Firefly series
By robbo

test thread
By KevinInEngland

Cameron Phillips in TSCC - Action Figures
By Plissken

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robbo on: Happy Birthday Summer!!

Guillermo Chan on: Happy Birthday wishes to Summer

Cammy on: Happy Birthday Summer!!

Admirator on: Happy Birthday Summer!!

gabriel colson on: Happy Birthday Summer!!

Thod on: Happy Birthday wishes to Summer

Charley_Dixon on: Happy Birthday wishes to Summer

chrisdvanne on: Happy Birthday wishes to Summer

Stef Caron on: Happy Birthday wishes to Summer

Danny K on: Happy Birthday wishes to Summer

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The New Melbourne Browncoats will be starting their Can't Stop the Serenity event soon and they will be auctioning shiny items signed by the cast and crew.... Read more ▶

Today is Summer's 35th birthday and we want to wish a “Happy Birthday” to the girl who’s smile can heal a sad heart, who’s dancing can sing a song of movement for you to enjoy, and who’s acting tells a story you can’t turn away from or ever forget. ... Read more ▶

Check out a few behind-the-scenes pictures from Hawaii Five-0 3.16 'Kekoa' featuring Summer as Maggie Hoapili as she gets tossed into the fighting ring (actually an empty swimming pool).... Read more ▶

On July 24, Summer Glau will be 35 and we want to give you the chance to make her feel special by saying Happy Birthday and sending your best wishes to Summer and her beautiful family.... Read more ▶

Great news for all fans living in the Atlanta region, Summer will be at Dragon Con 2016!  The convention will be held Labor Day weekend, September 2 - 5, 2016. We don't know yet on which day Summer will be appearing. As usual, she will be signing autographs and taking pictures with fans and most likely she'll have a panel too.... Read more ▶

Summer is gracious and genuine and very appreciative of her fans. And in case you have any doubts, read below the stories of fans who were kind enough to send us their photos and experience meeting Summer at this year's Montreal Comiccon. Enjoy!... Read more ▶

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