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April 10-12, 2015

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robbo made a comment on: Interview with Firefly Online Voice Director

chrisdvanne made a comment on: Interview with Firefly Online Voice Director

ogy86 made a comment on: Summer and Val Welcome Baby Girl! Congrats To The New Parents!

Thierry made a comment on: Summer and Val Welcome Baby Girl! Congrats To The New Parents!

Frank made a comment on: Summer and Val Welcome Baby Girl! Congrats To The New Parents!

chrisdvanne made a comment on: Summer and Val Welcome Baby Girl! Congrats To The New Parents!

chrisdvanne made a comment on: Summer and Val Welcome Baby Girl! Congrats To The New Parents!

AlexTheAlmostGreat made a comment on: Summer and Val Welcome Baby Girl! Congrats To The New Parents!

robbo made a comment on: Summer and Val Welcome Baby Girl! Congrats To The New Parents!

MattM made a comment on: Summer and Val Welcome Baby Girl! Congrats To The New Parents!

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latest images

Shiny news! Catch a glimpse of Summer during her recording session for her character River Tam for Firefly Online Game. A video interview of Firefly Online voice director Andrea Romano is available in The Cortex, a companion application of the video game, and Summer can be seen briefly at 0:35 of the video.

Watch this interview with Andrea Romano in which she discusses her love of Firefly, as well as her involvement in Firefly Online and working with the cast. 

A few screen captures of Summer as she was doing her Firefly Online voiceover have been added to the gallery.

Summer Glau during her Firefly Online Game voiceoverSummer Glau during her Firefly Online Game voiceover

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Facebook Page Name Is Changing

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON January 28, 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

Following the change of the site name to and in a spirit of consistency and efficiency, the Facebook page associated to the site has also changed. The Facebook fan page won't be the official Facebook anymore; instead, we will be using the Facebook fan page started by chrisdvanne a couple years ago,
But since the "likes" are per page and are non transferable, fans who liked the "old" page are invited to like the "new" page in order to stay connected with us on Facebook and get the latest news on Summer Glau.

Please like the new official Facebook page for by clicking the image below:

Like Facebook page

Thank you to the fans who have helped get us where we are, thank you all for your support through this fan site and thank you for being here with us supporting everything related to Summer! We hope you like the new design of the site as much as we do. We are excited to continue to inform and entertain you as on Facebook.

Here's how you can connect with us on various social networking platforms:


Summer and Val photographed by Joan Allen

We are delighted to inform you that Summer welcomed her first child with husband Val Morrison. The awesome news has been revealed by Summer's mom herself earlier today through an online conversation with our member KevinInEngland, who was kind enough to share it with us.

We would like to congratulate the new mom and dad and their families on the arrival of a healthy baby girl named Milena (thanks to for revealing the name of the little angel). We bet she is a cutie pie. Wishing you all a lifetime of love, health, laughter and happiness together.

Little did we know five years ago when we started this fan site we would be sending Summer congratulations on her new bundle of joy. That is life and Summer will probably spend some well-deserved time enjoying motherhood.
We would like to let her know that we hope to see more of her in the future and that we will still be there for her and her fans when she feels that the time is right for her to return on our screens.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to see Summer and Val's Wedding and 'Celebration of Marriage and Maternity' photo shoots by Joan Allen, of which a sneak peek has already been released.

Summer Glau at MegaCon 2015MegaCon organizers have published the autograph and photo op prices for their media guests, including Summer Glau.
For the record, Summer be attending this year's MegaCon that will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from April 10th-12th, 2015. As usual, she will be appearing Saturday and Sunday only.

Summer Glau Autograph & Photo-Ops fee breakdown for MegaCon 2015 is as follow:

  • Autograph price:  $40
  • Photo Op price:
    • $40 at her table with your own camera
    • $50 for a professional photo op by Celeb Photo Ops (photo op schedule will be made available closer to the show)

Considering Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk are also attending MegaCon 2015, let's hope the organizers will have the good idea of offering a group photo with the three Firefly alumni.

Side note: Please have posters out of the tubes, DVD sleeves out of their cases, items already out of their boxes. As usual, Summer will have a long line, but if everyone takes these small steps, it will make the line go a little faster, but more importantly, let Summer have more time to engage everyone and talk to the fans which she loves to do.

MegaCon 2015 will be Summer's first public appearance after her childbirth and we hope that many of you will come and congratulate the new mom and wish her and her husband happy moments with their little angel.

More informations on Summer Glau's appearance at the convention, as well as photos and reports from con-goers will be posted in the dedicated forum thread (check it regularly).

Summer talks Jeff 100, Her Next Project and Having Her Baby

Summer did an interview with the Nerdist in which she talks about her web series Jeff 1000 for Wired, the logistics and how she got involved with creator Michael Karnow’s six-episode series, how it reflects her own life and learning to act on the set of Firefly. She also reveals: "My next project is having my baby."

Here's an excerpt from Summer interview with the Nerdist and follow the link for the full interview.

Nerdist: Can you say what’s next for you?

Summer Glau: My next project is having my baby. [Laughs.] I’m very pregnant. After that, I’m very excited about getting back to work. Right now I’m just doing a lot of mommy preparation. I would love to do more Jeff-1000s. There’s so many more storylines that we have ideas for. I love that we can just put it online and get it out right away. So I want to do more of that and maybe find a new series to work on as well. I’m hardcore nesting right now. [Laughs.]


Photographer Joan Allen shared the first image of Summer Glau and her husband Val Morrison's intimate photo shoot celebrating marriage and maternity. This lovely picture is a perfect illustration of what Joan once said about the newlyweds, "No couple is more in love than Summer and Val". Summer looks amazing wearing luxury lingerie, snuggling in bed with her husband Val.
Stay tuned as Joan mentions in the attached message (reproduced under the image) that more images of the celebration of marriage and maternity photoshoot should be released soon. But for now, enjoy this lovely black and white photo below!
Summer Glau and husband Val Morrison - photoshoot by Joan Allen
Summer Glau and husband Val Morrison -
photoshoot by Joan Allen
Joan Allen's attached message
Sneak peek alert! I couldn't wait any longer to share. Never have I seen her happier and more beautiful. Actress Summer Glau and new husband Val Morrison invited me into their home to help them (and dog Stan) celebrate their marriage and maternity with an intimate photo shoot to help keep their memories forever. Stay tuned for more information about where you can view their wedding images, marriage/maternity celebration images and the behind-the-scenes video where she tells her fans she loves them. A special thank you to @lhcalligraphy for the beautifully painted backdrop filled with her breathtaking calligraphy, @christinaghair for hair styling, Gillian Whitlock for makeup, #clairepettibone for loaning us her gorgeous lingerie from her #heirloom collection through the one and only @cldstylehouse , @nardeepthoughts for behind-the-scenes video and editing and @photoimpactimaging for processing and scanning all of the film and @celadoncelery For the floral crown that you'll see in the images once released. This image and all images are copyrighted. Please respect and credit accordingly. Thank you. @clairepettibone
Gallery link:

Congratulations to Summer and Val on their marriage, and thank you Joan Allen for capturing - and sharing - these moments of happiness.

Want to share this post? Here are some ready-made tweets:

  • Click to tweet: @JoanAllenPhoto shared an image of Summer's intimate photo shoot. #SummerGlau via @Summer_Glau_com
  • Click to tweet: Sneak Peek of Summer's New Photoshoot by Joan Allen. #SummerGlau #Photoshoot 
  • Click to tweet: Lovely image of Summer's marriage and maternity shoot by @JoanAllenPhoto. #SummerGlau

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that we will be performing some simple but necessary maintenance on on Sunday, January 11 at 17:00 GMT-1. As we said a few days ago, the size of our ever-growing photo gallery - almost 60,000 images in 814 albums - required to modify the organization of the gallery server. We will also take this opportunity to replace all links to with links to and other minor fixes;  if we ignore forum posts we have at least 1369 images to be replaced in blog posts, 723 in news, and a little more than a hundred in other places, which would have been impossible manually.
We will need to put the site in read-only mode at 17:00 GMT-1 for about 1 hour during which you will be able to visit and browse through all sections of the site like you do normally, except you won't be able to post messages and comments.
Edit: The last time we did that everyone lost their private messages. So if you keep you PMs for some reason you may want to save the information you need elsewhere.
Thanks in advance for your patience while we are doing some house cleaning and maintenance upgrades to provide you a better experience.

The first images and the behind the scenes video from Summer and Val's Wedding Day and Celebration of Marriage and Maternity photo shoots by Joan Allen should be released soon. Meanwhile, check out these photos featuring a beautiful Summer in a dreamy wedding dress as she filmed a scene of the 2010 Lifetime Movie Network movie "Deadly Honeymoon" in Hawaii.
On the sands of a Hawaiian hideaway, cameras captured a kiss between the made-for-TV bride and her co-star Chris Carmack, before the eyes of her then real-life boyfriend. For your viewing pleasure, we have replaced the previously existing LQ photos with UHQ photos showing the wedding scene.
Here's the caption which accompanies these photos:
Chris Carmack and Summer Glau "get hitched" in Hawaii!
Wednesday September 30, 2009. Summer Glau and Chris Carmack get hitched! Chris swept Summer off her feet as the couple "tied the knot" on a romantic Hawaiian beach as filming got underway for an as-yet-unnamed movie. In between takes, local surfers, fishermen and tourists could be seen going about their business whilst the Hollywood stars worked, Watching the wedding from the wings was Summer's real-life beau, who was quick to pick her up and whisk her away from hunky Carmack when filming was over. Hawaii is a brief visit for the film cast and crew as the main movie scenes are set upon a cruise ship.
Photograph: Ac Will Binns,
Without further ado, check out a sample of the nearly thirty photos of Summer donning a wedding dress for the first time - as she revealed in an interview - and follow the link to the gallery for the rest.
Summer Glau in a Wedding DressSummer Glau in a Wedding DressSummer Glau in a Wedding DressSummer Glau in a Wedding Dress
Summer Glau in a Wedding DressSummer Glau in a Wedding DressSummer Glau in a Wedding DressSummer Glau in a Wedding Dress
Gallery link:
On a related topic, check out a behind-the-scenes video giving you an exclusive look at the visual effects in "Deadly Honeymoon".

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